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Feature concealing masks allow the wearer to hide some of their features, namely age, nose and face.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This swathe is a garment that covers the bottom half of the face.  When worn, it will prevent others from seeing certain facial attributes and expressions.  You could EAT, EXHALE, LICK, FLIP, PULL, RUB, and STARE at the swathe.


Style First Third
WEAR You carefully put on a bloodstained silk swathe, concealing your face. XXX carefully puts on a bloodstained silk swathe, concealing her face.
REMOVE You remove a bloodstained silk swathe, revealing your face. XXX removes a bloodstained silk swathe, revealing her face.
EAT You chew a bit on the inside of your silk swathe. XXX appears to be chewing on the inside of her silk swathe. She must be hungry.
You pull your silk swathe aside.
You take a bite of your gingerbread cookie. The cookie tastes rather delicious.
XXX pulls her silk swathe aside.
She takes a bite of her gingerbread cookie.
EXHALE You exhale softly on the inside of your silk swathe, trying to get a whiff of your own breath. It doesn't work any better than using your hand would have. XXX's brow creases in momentary disappointment.
FLIP You pull your silk swathe down and readjust it, momentarily exposing your face. XXX pulls her silk swathe down and readjusts it, momentarily exposing her face.
LICK You stick out your tongue, which no one sees behind your silk swathe. N/A
PULL You reach back to make sure your silk swathe is secured tightly. XXX reaches back to make sure her silk swathe is secured tightly.
RUB You rub at your face vigorously through your silk swathe. Itchy? XXX rubs vigorously at her face through her silk swathe. It must be itchy under there.
STARE Your eyes cross as you try to get a good look at your silk swathe. XXX's eyes cross as she tries to get a good look at her silk swathe.

Additional Information


He is taller than average.  He has bright-haloed sandy gold eyes and desaturated grey-brown skin.  He has short, choppy ash blond hair that sticks out in a chaotic myriad of directions.
His face is concealed by a bloodstained silk swathe.

Hidden Expressions

While wearing the mask, certain verbs will be hidden, targeted or not. FROWN, GAWK, GRIN, GRIMACE, LICK, POUT, PUCKER, SMILE, SMIRK, SMOOCH, and YAWN will all return first person messaging only, indicating that you perform the action but that no one can see it. KISS and a targeted SMOOCH will return only that it would be awkward to do that while wearing the mask.

See Also

Feature concealing mask Information
Type Fluff
Feature altering
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Mask
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Feature(s) Altered Age (hides)
Face (hides)
Nose (hides)
Dmark (hides)