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a feras longsword

Feras weapons can be found as treasure on creatures or sold at various merchant events. Feras weapons all possess lightning flares and flare on every swing except when the flares downgrade. A "fresh" feras weapon can be very deadly in anyone's hands, provided one can obtain the offensive strength to land even a small hit on the target.


Named so after the mage who invented the process, Ulithian Feras, feras weapons can be extremely devastating when freshly made. They, like their drake counterparts, are mostly plain steel weapons imbued with a specific element, though feras contains the element of lightning, a very strong and unpredictable magical force.

The process involves several sessions with a mage who is knowledgeable in the ways of lightning, as a continuous channeling would cause the weapon to break under the extreme energies. Because of the intense power of this magical undertaking, any weapon which is forged using the feras technique will be quite deadly upon first coming out of smith's hands, as its energy will be very high. It will release this energy everytime a foe is hit, unlike drake weapons and other naturally magical metals, though this power will drain over time as it is used and not regenerate naturally.

The power inside a feras weapon is so deeply bound into its form that when all of its energy is drained, the weapon shall shatter, unable to exist without the magical force that kept it whole. Because of this, weapons made under the feras technique are not useful for long-term use, but are perfect for a surprise attack on a foe or for an invading force of creatures, who are known to carry these types of weapons on occasion.


Feras weapons are known to be very deadly, albeit, temporary weapons. Nearly any strike from a feras weapon results in a blast of lightning with severe injury or possible instant death to the target. They are favored weapons of assassins, as not only will the weapon damage the target normally, a fresh weapon has a very high possibility of killing or severely wounding the target. A flare from a fresh feras weapon can do up to 70 damage.


  • The feras dagger suddenly hisses and crackles as small fingers of lightning escape from the metal! - The weapon does not flare. The weapon, instead, degrades its flares.
  • As the blow lands, the feras weapon unleashes a severe smiting of lightning! - powerful flares
  • As the blow lands, the feras weapon unleashes a damaging blast of lightning! - moderate to powerful flares
  • As the blow lands, the feras weapon unleashes a heavy surge of lightning! - moderate flares
  • As the blow lands, the feras weapon unleashes a moderate discharge of lightning! - weak to moderate flares
  • As the blow lands, the feras weapon unleashes a small shock of lightning! - weak flares
  • With a brilliant flash, the feras weapon crumbles into worthless fragments! - The feras weapon no longer exists.


Player1 leaps from hiding to attack!
Player1 slashes with a feras tiger-claw at Player2!
  AS: +358 vs DS: +186 with AvD: -31 + d100 roll: +11 = +152
  ... and hits for 1 point of damage!
   Flashy swing!
   Player2 is lucky that it only bopped his nose.
*** As the blow lands, the feras tiger-claw unleashes a severe smiting of lightning!
  ... 50 points of damage!
   Powerful blast reduces Player2 to a smoldering pile of ash!

 * Player2 drops dead at your feet!

* Player2 was just vaporized!