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Feywrot Mire is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Feywrot Mire was once called Liabo's Cradle, but that was long ago, well before the many wars of mortals, well before the Miasmic Verge spread out to encompass the Mire in her death grip. All that marks the area's origins are the limestone cliffs at its northern edge.

Situated northeast of New Ta'Faendryl and southeast of the base of the southern edge of the DragonSpine, a massive maze of muck and mire stretches out toward the sea. The Miasmic Verge. Here, the swamps and the bogs have taken over, covering the land with inky black waters and filling the air with roiling mist. Here, sludge can turn into a pit of death, swamp goblins boldly steal newborn babes, spirits of the long-dead creep past in every other shadow, and the trees from a soiled land trap you in their spindly limbs and boughs so that they might devour you. Here, the land, what little there is, seems to constantly move, and many a soul has lost his way, never to be seen again.

The Merchant Consortium opened the Feywrot Mire once a year from 5112 to 5116 for an Eve of the Reunion celebration. It is here, on an old mining stake, that a carnival troupe set its flashy charms to work, bringing but a speck of light to the dim murk of the Mire. All around, abandoned buildings and mining equipment plague the land, which is riddled with old tunnels and watery graves and beasts -- poisonous serpents, gators, bog wights, swamp trolls, witches, and goblins -- that plague such places, each its own fodder for stories with which parents might terrorize their children.

Ebon Gate Festival Artwork 5112-5116






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