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Storyline Flight of the Manticore
The Uncertain Times
Gender male
Race Burghal Gnome
Status Alive
Relationship(s) Hauptwhistle

Fiddlestix is one of two gnomes claiming to have built the Ravager, a titanic winged manticore.


You see Fiddlestix the Alchemist.
He appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
He is average height.  He appears to be very young.  He has blue eyes and alabaster skin.  He has a bald head.  He has a round face, an upturned nose and a sharp black goatee.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a blackened steel wrench in his right hand.
He is wearing a stitched leather skullcap with an undone chip strap, an overstuffed red canvas backpack bursting at the seams, a dingy white cotton aketon with threadbare elbows, some grey tweed pants, and some black leather shoes.