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Some fine sanguine flakes
Some fine sanguine flakes
Add powder solution<br>
#Add powder solution<br>
Add 2 doses of kobold skin from kobolds<br>
#Add 2 doses of kobold skin from kobolds<br>
[[ALCHEMY BOIL (verb)|Alchemy Boil]]<br>
#[[ALCHEMY BOIL (verb)|Alchemy Boil]]<br>
Add powdered dark red-green bloodstone<br>
#Add powdered dark red-green bloodstone<br>
[[ALCHEMY SIMMER (verb)|Alchemy Simmer]]<br>
#[[ALCHEMY SIMMER (verb)|Alchemy Simmer]]<br>
Add ayanad crystal<br>
#Add ayanad crystal<br>
[[ALCHEMY CHANT(verb)|Alchemy Chant]] [[Heal/Harm (1101)]]<br>
#[[ALCHEMY CHANT(verb)|Alchemy Chant]] [[Heal/Harm (1101)]]<br>
[[ALCHEMY SEAL (verb)|Alchemy Seal]]
#[[ALCHEMY SEAL (verb)|Alchemy Seal]]

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Some fine sanguine flakes

  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add 2 doses of kobold skin from kobolds
  3. Alchemy Boil
  4. Add powdered dark red-green bloodstone
  5. Alchemy Simmer
  6. Add ayanad crystal
  7. Alchemy Chant Heal/Harm (1101)
  8. Alchemy Seal