First Turamzzyrian-Nalfein War

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The First Turamzzyrian-Nalfein War, known as the First Elven War to humans and the First Nalfein-Turamzzyrian War in the Elven Nations, was fought from 4605 to 4610 between the human Turamzzyrian Empire under Emperor Krellove Chandrennin and the elven House of Nalfein. The war ended in a declared victory for the humans, though this is disputed by the elves. Years later, Krellove's successor Toscus was discovered to have secretly communicated with the Nalfein. Toscus was assassinated and tensions rose again along the border, but further conflict was interrupted by the Witch Winter.

See also: Elven Wars, an essay from an elven perspective.


By 4459, the elves of the Wyrdeep had made their settlements and rebuilt their lives as expatriates, enough to begin furtive trading with the humans to the west. Via sympathetic intermediaries, the elves sent lumber, furs, and other goods into the Empire. Although they were technically in violation of Chaston's Edict, the impenetrable and ill-omened forest encouraged the Empire to ignore the elves that called it home.

However, in 4599, a minor lord, Gallard Wilke, decided it was time that the elves paid imperial taxes and sent in a group of collectors. Unfortunately, the elves took umbrage at the notion and slew the man. Lord Wilke, a proud man, could not allow this in lands that he claimed as part of his barony and sent a garrison of men to raze a small village on the fringes of the forest.

This act led, of course, to the First Elven War. Shortly after the skirmishes began, the Empire learned that the Elven Nations were providing support to the rebels in the Wyrdeep, and Emperor Krellove Chandrennin ordered a full-scale war as a result, and the banners from all over the Empire were called. The great General Vaycero of Idolone led his forces to many victories, including the decisive win at Barrett's Gorge where General Sykka, a bastard son of House Hammarskal of Highmount, assisted by flanking and shattering the line of elven archers.

Despite these advances, however, the war was not an easy one. The supply chain supporting General Vaycero suffered from frequent barbarian attacks, and eventually, he was forced to build and garrison a fortress to hold the area and send the rest of his troops back to their own lords. Vaycero began preparations for another campaign in early 4610, but in Phoenatos of the same year, Emperor Krellove died, leaving the Sun Throne to his heir, Toscus the Fat. Toscus was well-known to have preferred court life and court feasts to military conquests and ordered Vaycero to stand down, ending the First Elven War.


Excerpted from History of the Turamzzyrian Empire:

Year Events
4599 A fringe Elven community slays a tax collector sent by the lord whose land includes the Wyrdeep Forest. Lord Gallard Wilke's forces respond, destroying the small village.
4600 Other Elven communities within the Wyrdeep rebel, turning back any non-Elves that try to enter the forest. Emperor Krellove Chandrennin vows to deal harshly with the rebellion and sends a small force of imperial troops into the territory to aid Wilke. Just barely into the forest, the imperial forces are repelled by a combined Elven effort that is surprisingly well trained.
4602 The Elven rebels give a little ground, falling back deeper into the Wyrdeep Forest. The foul beasts of the forest and the thick arboreal terrain prevent the imperial army from having the success that it expected. Rumors of aid for the rebels from the Elven Nations appear to have merit.
4605 The small army that has been fighting in the Wyrdeep builds the stronghold of Gallardshold on the edge of the forest. Emperor Krellove continues to send groups of soldiers into the forest after the Elves. Elven communities deep within the forest struggle to survive against the terrible forest creatures, but still remain independent.

General Vaycero, Lord of Idolone, leads a great army eastward, pushing into the neutral territory that provided a buffer from the Elven Nations.

4607 Vaycero's army finds little organized resistance as it rumbles through the eastern territory, easily beating the humanoids and scattered Elven bands that it finds. The emperor gains confidence as word reaches Tamzyrr of Vaycero's victories, but the truth of the matter is that his army is on the distant frontier of the Elven Nations, and the bands that it is defeating are only small frontier guard posts.

Late in the year, Vaycero splits his army into three groups, each headed by a field general, and advances in a triple-pronged assault on the Nalfein borders. Generals Sykka and Rostelhoff engage small Elven armies and achieve minor victories.

4608 Imperial forces meet an organized Elven army near what is now known as Barrett's Gorge. General Vaycero's forces win a decisive battle when General Sykka's army surprises the main Elven archer contingent, and the survivors of the Elven army retreat.

Vaycero's army is forced to halt its conquest as the supply trains that support it are having difficulty staying with the army. Barbarian tribes from the southern DragonSpine pillage two supply caravans and orcish raiders decimate another. The general has his army build a fortress to guard the gorge and a contingent of troops is left to guard the fortress while the rest of the army returns to western Turamzzyr.

4610 General Vaycero prepares another army for a continued expansion into the Elven frontier. Many aristocratic leaders oppose further campaigns, as the war is forcing them to train their own troops for the protection of their lands while the main force of the imperial army is on a distant conquest. A sickly, aging Krellove refuses to listen and orders the army to proceed. Emperor Krellove dies before Vaycero begins his march, however, and Toscus the Fat opts against a continued campaign.

This marks the effective end of the First Elven War.

4622 A Nalfein messenger is captured after leaving Tamzyrr with a message from Emperor Toscus. A great scandal erupts and a member of the imperial guard assassinates Toscus.