Flavian's Firemongers

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Flavian's Firemongers is a Premium Home Fireplace shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located two west of the main entrance to the Teras premium furniture emporium. (RNUM: 12426)

[Flavian's Firemongers] RNUM: 12426
This spacious showroom glows with the heat and warmth rising from several sample firepits, the red coals and burning embers within them popping and crackling occasionally. The rich aroma of burning pine logs floats lazily in the air, enveloping Flavian and his customers in a homely bluish haze. You also see a variety of fireplaces and stoves and Flavian.


      Price  Item
1.)  400000  a carved cedar fireplace
2.)  920000  an enruned gold fireplace
3.) 1120000  an oak-trimmed marble fireplace
4.) 1000000  an elven enruned oak fireplace
5.)  230000  a decorative copper kiln
6.)  960000  a huge rainbow glaes kiln
7.)  560000  a polished silver kiln
8.)  350000  a gold plated stove
9.)  250000  a silvery imflass stove
10.) 150000  a sturdy iron stove
11.) 185000  a large glaes stove
12.) 350000  a large invar brazier
13.) 320000  a blackened glaes brazier
14.) 320000  a shiny brass brazier
15.) 560000  a sparkling diamond-dusted brazier
16.) 240000  a polished golden firepit
17.) 140000  a large brick firepit
18.) 340000  an ora-trimmed marble firepit
19.) 102000  a smooth stone firepit

West Room

[Flavian's Firemongers West] RNUM: 12427
Despite wide-open windows, the room air is dry, smoky and hot. It is enough to make anyone wonder why the shopkeeper did not see fit to simply display the wares instead of demonstrating them. You also see numerous styles of fireplaces and Flavian's assistant.
      Price  Item
1.)   53000  an iron banded fireplace
2.)   45000  a carved modwir fireplace
3.)   25000  an old rusted kiln
4.)   48000  an polished glaes kiln
5.)  260000  a fanciful vultite stove
6.)  210000  a decorated brass stove
7.)  210000  an emerald green enamel stove
8.)  235000  a colorfully painted imflass stove
9.)   96000  a small oak-trimmed fireplace
10.)  84000  a cracked marble fireplace
11.)  32000  a cozy sandstone fireplace
12.) 103000  a large brass firepit
13.) 112000  a gleaming bronze firepit
14.) 100000  a silvery steel firepit
15.)  72000  a cast iron brazier
16.)  98000  a polished silvery brazier 
17.)  48000  a dented steel brazier 
18.)  52000  an iron cast firepit
19.)  42000  a chipped stone firepit
20.)  42000  a small brick firepit