Flight of the Griffins

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Each year, when the grifflets hatch, the adult griffins fly out over the land looking for the extra food they will need. The griffins have been known to pick up cows, dogs, and even an unsuspecting adventurer.

In 5118, the Flight of the Griffins began affecting local residents of Ta'Illistim and her environs. Soldiers sent to check the nests have reported that the griffin eggs are hatching.

Those who hunt the wilds around Ta'Illistim should be aware of the extra dangers and stay alert.

If you are picked up and dropped into a nest, defeat the grifflets! Who knows, maybe you will have a moment to search around the nest and see what you can GET from the piles of bones before climbing out.

Items recovered

A variety of items can be found in the bones by GETting them, such as:

  • a pitted vaalin bracelet set with cracked pieces of jade
  • a pair of torn sapphire silk slippers dotted with rust-hued stains
  • a slender faenor necklace set with cracked clear glimaerstones


Slowly the world fades away, morphing into a dark mountain peak.  A freezing wind wraps around you causing bumps to rise on your skin and your teeth to chatter uncontrollably.  Looking about you see yourself standing inside a massive tangle of trees, shrubs, armor, and weapons.  Bits of bone and bloody flesh are scattered about.  With the loud keen from a creature flying above, the scene disappears.

The bramble once again comes into view.  You make out the shape of a giant nest of sorts.  Large feathers, tufts of fur, leaves, torn clothing, and other items line the bottom.  Centered in the space are several giant eggs, their spotted shells covered with a sheen of frost.  The howling wind barely drowns out the sound of wings and a shrill shriek as darkness surrounds you.

A frosty mist clears revealing a giant griffin, its tawny fur shimmering in the icy sunlight.  The creature perches on the side of the nest, opens her sharp golden bill and shrieks loudly!  As if in response to the sound, one of the large eggs begins to crack, the others quickly following suit.  Soon the nest is filled with the shrill cooing and shrieking of newly hatched grifflets.  The larger griffin takes to the sky and flies about, encircling the nest as the scene fades away.

Whistling about, the freezing wind swirls flakes of snow through the air as the nest fades into view.  The griffin continues circling as a second creature appears, a man clutched in its talons.  It lands in the aerie and drops its prize.  Quickly the grifflets swarm their prey and tear him to shreds ignoring the screams as their roost is stained crimson.  As they finish their meal, the younglings raise their beaks and let loose a shriek. The snow begins to fall in a thick curtain obscuring your view.