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The Fortuneers were an organization dedicated to the recovery of lost historical artifacts and treasure.

The Fortuneers were from somewhere in the Dragonspine Mountains and were formed primarily of halflings and dwarves. The Fortuneers worked partly to restore valuable historical items to their rightful owners, but also to make themselves wealthy. The organization is hirarchical with members being ordered from the highest rank of one to an indefinite number limited to the number of members. After a successful mission, the profits of the venture were divided according to one's position in this hiarachy. The greater the number, the greater the share.

The last visible mission undertaken by the Fortuneers involved searching for the treasure that had been taken by Keelagh the Scarbeard, an infamous Krolvin pirate of the past. In the process, the Fortuneers became entangled with a Krolvin occupation of Teras Isle and River's Rest. Specifically, the fate of the mission rested in the role of Sankir the Bloodfist, whom the Fortuneers trapped in an elaborate snare in River's Rest in the midst of their search for the treasure. Ultimately, the Fortuneers led an expedition to Sankir's island in the Great Western Sea aboard the Gilded Lily, which resulted in Sankir's death and the recovery of the sought after treasure.

The last known leader of the Fortuneers was Tempton, one of the sole survivors of the expedition. Tempton replaced his father, Drivel, as Grand Inspector, of the Fortuneers. Many of the Fortuneers in the expedition were killed in Solhaven while preparations were underway for the mission to Sankir's island as a result of Tempton's second in command, Jillers being under the control of Sankir.

Fortuneers of the Keelagh Mission

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