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The tables were named in a manner that might reflect an adventurer's hunting progression from a novice to the possible attainment of the Lord or Lady title. Old Frith seems to be quite proud of these names and does not hesitate to compare them with the names that his business rival Raging Thrak chose for his Inn. Chances are that Thrak feels likewise about his own tables.

Table Description
Rampant Rat Table On the wall hangs a painted wooden crest depicting a rat rampant. Teeth bared, the rat balances precariously on its hind legs. Hanging slightly askew, the crest is surely meant as a jest.
Drooling Rolton Table
Sneaky Kobold Table On the wall hangs a painting of a kobold lying in ambush behind a tree stump. A short sword firmly clenched in his fist, the kobold scouts for easy victims.
Soaring Blood Eagle Table A copper tablet hangs next to the table. On the tablet is etched a huge blood eagle soaring high in the sky. In its claws dangles a rather energetic halfling.
Striking Cobra Table On the table stands a brass statue of a coiled cobra. The cobra looks like it's ready to strike at any moment. Yellowish fluid drips slowly from its mouth.
Ghastly Revenant Table This is a very nice and quiet table, placed over in a far corner. Strange that people seem to stay away from it. Stranger still is the creepy feeling that someone is standing next to you, occasionally touching you.
Tenacious Wolverine Table Someone with an artistic bent has carved a wolverine and an attacking fighter into the table. The wolverine has bitten into the fighter's sword and doesn't seem to have any plans of letting go.
Charmed Cockatrice Table Someone has left their gorgeous feathered boa draped over a chair. One of the serving wenches casts furtive glances at it, seemingly quite enticed by the elegant fashion statement it makes.
Naughty Monkey Table In the corner next to the wall stands a stuffed monkey. Its brown fur is a bit on the mangy side, and its paw is stretched pleadingly towards you. The effect is ruined somewhat by the monkey's frozen, mischievous grin.
Hissing Basilisk Table On the table is a yellowed and sooty basilisk skull turned upside down. A beeswax candle hisses cheerfully inside the skull, casting a warm glow on the nearby patrons.
Spinning Spider Table The black-stained yew table is carved into the shape of a giant spider. On the wall and part of the ceiling hang old fishing nets, no doubt meant to mimic spiderwebs. A small figurine is bolted into the floor next to the table.
Rival Thrak Table On the wall hangs a framed rendering of a fat warrior panting over a slain thrak. The sweating, big-nosed warrior is all but hanging on his sword.
Smelly Manticore Table From the ceiling hangs a small cluster of dried and shrunken manticore heads. Smoke drifts lazily up from some incense sticks stuck into a sand-filled bowl. The incense does help a bit.
Stunning Grey Orc Table A very lifelike portrait hangs on the wall here. The portrait shows an old, leering grey orc leaning on a gnarled thanot staff. Above the orc's head hangs a radiant gas cloud.
Hungry Ghost Wolf Table A well-made charcoal drawing of a ghost wolf is tacked to the wall. Through the wolf you can see the crumbling remains of a once stout tower.
Ugly Cave Troll Table The wall next to the table is covered by a tapestry. The muted scenario shows a group of Faendryl elves being attacked by cave trolls. The trolls look quite happy to have found some good grub.
Pouncing Puma Table The chairs next to the table are draped with golden puma hide. The soft hide is tastefully embossed with small circular shapes in various sizes. The edges of the table are beautifully carved into the shape of hemlock leaves.
Raiding Krolvin Table On the table stands a small, wooden model of a serpentine krolvin ship. An intricately carved dragon's head sneers from the ship's bow.
Beautiful Vereri Table A heavy, grey marble tablet hangs on the wall. In bas-relief is carved the image of a hauntingly beautiful woman clad in tattered robes. A large temple looms in the background.
Savage Warcat Table On the wall hangs a large, exquisite warcat hide. The soft, black fur is complemented by tapering, grey stripes. In a crystal vase on the table stands a single, black rose.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Main Saloon (through the door after one enters the Inn) is a Super Node.
[Frith's Inn, Main Saloon]
Drawn by the aroma of good food and strong drink, you enter the main saloon. The innkeeper presides merrily, ensuring everyone gets a share of attention from the pretty serving wenches and the handsome lad behind the bar. Long benches and rectangular tables seat high-spirited patrons. You also see some swinging doors and a cozy booth.
The saloon area, with its cozy booth, predates the rest of this area of the building - including the tables.
  • This is one of the Inns where one can CHECK IN. This can be done at the Front Desk, right by the entry to the Inn. Once upon a time adventurers would need to check into such an Inn every time they wanted to train to achieve another level. These days this function is mainly pertinent when one have recently started adventuring (the character has played 30 days, or less.) Such an adventurer has the opportunity to change aspects of their persona up to five times during that period.
Additionally one can gain some information regarding ones Redux status after one has CHECKed IN.
  • Adventurers can not order food or beverage at Frith's Inn. One would think that this might cut heavily into the owner's profit, but old Frith seems to be doing okay.
  • Note: tables are not considered 'public' places (anymore) and as such all activities at a table are private.

Some table details

Rampant Rat Table
Note: The rats in the sewers were the first aggressive creatures that many adventurers encountered. Perhaps it's only fitting that the nearest table to the entry is named with them in mind.

Drooling Rolton Table

Sneaky Kobold Table
Note: The name may well reflect someone named Stump and his purported acquaintance with kobolds.

Soaring Blood Eagle Table
Look tablet: Various foods are dropping out of the halfling's pockets and knapsack. It makes one wonder if his vigorous exertion is an attempt to save some of the food, or a concern about becoming just that.

Striking Cobra Table
Look statue: As you look closer at the statue you see that the yellowish fluid is spittle. Someone must have missed the spittoon in the corner.

Ghastly Revenant Table

Tenacious Wolverine Table
Look at table: One of the table legs has been gnawed down to less than half the original size. Next to the chewed leg the floor is stained a rusty brown. The serving wench seems to get awfully busy everytime someone looks like they might question her about the table leg and the stain. Hmmm...

Charmed Cockatrice Table

Naughty Monkey Table
Look at monkey: Is that fleas you see on the stuffed monkey? Perhaps it's best to move away from it a bit more.

Hissing Basilisk Table
Look skull: In the skull you see a lit beeswax candle.

Spinning Spider Table
Look figurine: A small yew figurine of a small female hunter skulks by one of the spider's legs. The fearsome huntress looks like she's desperately searching for a place to hide

Rival Thrak Table
Read rendering: On a small, brass sign on the frame you see engraved: "Raging Thrak the warrior when he was young".
Note: Seems to be a rather strong and graphical statement of what Frith thinks of his main competition. Ouch?

Smelly Manticore Table

Stunning Grey Orc Table

Hungry Ghost Wolf Table

Ugly Cave Troll Table

Pouncing Puma Table

Raiding Krolvin Table

Beautiful Vereri Table

Savage Warcat Table
Look vase: The vase is made of the finest lead crystal, and expertly cut. Chances are that it's quite valuable. In fact, it's rather surprising that no one has snatched it yet.

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