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All the shops, locations, and information to the items during the Frontier Days festival! Big thanks goes to Picler, Septimius and Spert for item information and Septimius for getting this posted! Thanks! - Keiiko

Also, if you find any info about the items and it ISN'T on this list, please let me know and I'll get it added ASAP! (My AIM is magiceatsyou)

Blooms, Strings, and Things

a fabric-walled wood frame stall, [North Ring Road], Lich #287

[Blooms, Strings, and Things]
The fabric walls of this small stall are only loosely tied to its wooden frame, the vibrantly hued material rustling with even the slightest breeze. A short, three-legged table sits in the middle of this area, with a small tin bucket atop it, and a tall willow flower basket sits directly beside it. You also see a BIG sign.
Obvious exits: east, out

In the Common language, it reads:

Welcome and enjoy my weaveables!

In the tin bucket: [100 silver]
A stem of soft coral dianthus
A pink-tinged snow white windflower
A long stalk of deep red sourweed
A sprig of pale pink honeysuckle
A stalk of dark purple statice
A tiny purple-stroked iris
A buttery yellow primrose
A dusky blush cosmos
A twig of mauve wax flower
A twig of silverbell flowers
A sprig of white star jasmine

In the flower basket: [100 silver]
An ivory-swept dark peach peony
A white gold-throated plumeria
A purple-tinged powder blue bellflower
A short-stemmed dark blue cornflower
A velvety wood violet
A stalk of fuschia hyacinth
A vibrant pink hollyhock
A delicate blue-violet larkspur
A dark lavender lisianthus blossom
A stalk of mountain laurel
A wispy red sweet pea


[Blooms, Strings, and Things]
This section of the stall is completely enclosed in brightly hued fabric save the passage that leads to the front of the shop. Along the back wall, a narrow counter occupies the space between two wooden supports, and a squat clear glass jar and a smooth clear glass dish share the display area.
Obvious exits: west

In the clear glass jar: [100 silver]
Some deep sea blue cotton string
Some thick bronzed copper string
Some vibrant lime green string
Some pastel multi-hued string
Some silky autumnal-hued string
Some sand-hued twisted linen string
Some stiff tobacco brown string
Some twisted ruby and gold string
Some fuzzy swan white string
Some red-violet cotton string
A pale zephyr blue silk ribbon
A lagoon teal silk ribbon
A sunset-hued satin ribbon
A celestial violet cotton ribbon
An eclipse black velvet ribbon
A silver-swept clover green ribbon
A cranberry watered silk ribbon
A bourbon-hued marbrinus ribbon
A cobalt-edged pale ivory silk ribbon
A bright aurora green satin ribbon

In the clear glass dish: [100 silver]
A tiny yellow sapphire bee
A tiny crimson blazestar heart
A tiny violet feystone butterfly
A tiny green amber leaf
A thin tigereye disc
A tiny ivory dagger
A tiny smoky quartz dove
A tiny lapis crescent
A tiny obsidian star
A tiny blue sapphire orb
A tiny white opal cube
A tiny dark garnet sphere
A tiny golden citrine firefly
A tiny green chrysoprase dragonfly

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Bootleggers and Lagers

a wide silver canvas tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #281

[Bootleggers and Lagers]
The size of a small building, the canvas walls of the tent are stretched taut, and dyed a rich silvery hue. Metal racks hang from the apex, a number of flagons and mugs dangling from their polished hooks. Positioned in a corner is a curved ebony bar, topped with a slab of dark green marble. A number of customers peruse and sample the drinks along the bar's counter top. You also see a gilt-trimmed oak sign.
Obvious exits: out

In the Common language, it reads:

All of my flagons on the bar will hold your favorite brew. In addition, enjoy my selection of boots along the metal racks. You will find them more fashionable than a gold ring, and just as useful if you RUB and TAP them.

I will also be offering my services on occassion to sell off my supply of magical flagons, that will refill themselves once a day.

-Councilman Stephos.

On the metal racks: [20,000 silver]
Some polished black leather boots
Some slouched silver-trimmed boots
A pair of rolton fleece boots
A pair of blue leather boots
A pair of dusty white boots
A pair of dark brown boots
A pair of gold-trimmed boots
A pair of brass-buckled boots
A pair of skull-buckled boots
A pair of slim red leather boots
A pair of dark grey leather boots
A pair of simple tan boots
A pair of simple black boots
A pair of brown toeless boots
A pair of black silver-toed boots

On the ebony bar: [2,500 silver]
A rune-etched deep golden flagon
A gold and crimson steel flagon
A garnet-inset sleek black flagon
A wide-lipped dark green flagon
A silver and white steel flagon
A hammered dark steel flagon
A stamped dark red steel flagon
A lapis-inset dark silvery flagon
A gold-brimmed emerald green flagon
A slender suede-wrapped flagon

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Brumas' Toy Wagon

a small red and gold wagon, [Bay's Watch West], Lich #249

[Brumas' Toy Wagon]
The wagon is rather small and could only house a handful of occupants, at least comfortably. One corner of the floor is covered in colorful stuffing as if it were the aftermath of a toy onslaught, while a tiny music box rests upon a stand and fills the wagon with a soft melody. You also see a large toy castle with numerous dolls and toys within and a sturdy wooden rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: out

In the toy castle: [Zested: Hug] [10,000 silver]
An adorable tiny kitten toy
A small shaggy mutt toy
A battered Baron Hochstib doll
A large tattered Helga doll
A ruby-eyed grey toy wyvern
A tiny furry brown toy squirrel
A small stuffed toy treehouse
A round shaggy toy rolton
A scrawny dark brown toy kobold
A golden brown toy acorn
An onyx-eyed ashen toy ghost
A sleepy-eyed toy guard
An old grizzled toy warrior
A collared toy war rat
A skinny toy gypsy fortuneteller.

On the wooden rack: [25,000 silver]
A small blue leather satchel embroidered with golden teddy bears
A wool-covered brown carrier decorated with tiny orange squirrels
A large shell inlaid toy chest

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Caravan Consignments

a tiny cedar-plank house lofted on four golden wheels, [North Ring Road], Lich #267

[Caravan Consignments]
Natural pine encloses this compact space, from vaulted ceiling to rough polished floor. A row of paned windows, set above a long brushed steel counter, makes up the full length of one wall. Opposite the counter stands a small table, with two benches placed on either side affording a comfortable place to sit. A narrow red door, flanked by a pair of tall cubbyholes, leads back to the world outside, while a golden oak arch on the other side of the room beckons customers to a small alcove in the back. You also see a sturdy steel-rung pine ladder.
Obvious exits: none

On the brushed steel counter:
A cream linen pouch traced with copper thread (10,000 silver)
A hammered bronze and beveled glass display case

In the glass display case: [Go in hair description, PUSH gem into head gear]
A chain-draped gilt and patina circlet [50,000 silver]
A layered tonal ivory filigree headband [50,000 silver]
A dark wire and silver cresent diadem [50,000 silver]
A snow and pale ice blue sapphire [5,000 silver]
A faceted black cherry garnet [5,000 silver]
A vert-banded mint green malachite [5,000 silver]
An ivory-veined sanguine red sardonyx [5,000 silver]
A thorn of grey-coiled jet [5,000 silver]
A reflective night blue feystone [5,000 silver]
An oval wine-haloed amethyst [5,000 silver]
A teardrop of smooth honey amber [5,000 silver]

In the tall cubbyholes: [Scripted: Tap, Wave, Point]
A bone white faewood runestaff capped with an onyx orb [100,000 silver]
A blackened steel lance with a bone white faewood haft [75,000 silver]
A bone white faewood quarter staff banded with polished onyx [50,000 silver]
A golden kakore runestaff capped with a polished drakar orb [Fire flares, 350,000 silver]
A red-flecked drakar lance with a golden kakore haft [200,000 silver]
A golden kakore quarter staff banded with red-flecked drakar [100,000 silver]
A pallid mossbark runestaff capped with a pitted faenor orb [Acid flares, 350,000 silver]
A verdigris faenor lance with a pallid mossbark haft [200,000 silver]
A pallid mossbark quarter staff banded with verdigris faenor [100,000 silver]
A pale rowan runestaff capped with a perforated mithglin orb [Lightning flares, 350,000 silver]
An ebon-veined mithglin lance with a pale rowan haft [200,000 silver]
A pale rowan quarter staff banded with ebon-veined mithglin [100,000 silver]
A silvered orase runestaff capped with a frosted rhimar orb [Ice flares, 350,000 silver]
An ice blue rhimar lance with a silvered orase haft [200,000 silver]
A silvered orase quarter staff banded with ice blue rhimar [100,000 silver]

On the small table you see a powdered sugar dusted confection, a jam-filled shortbread tartlet, a salmon and cream cheese canape and a thick wedge of rustic herbed bread.

[Caravan Consignments, Alcove]
Serving a dual purpose, this little alcove offers a small amount of respite from the flurry of activity in the main room. Tucked in one corner, a porcelain washbasin perched on a gold pedestal rests near a white cotton cloth on a small, brushed steel hook and a cedar waste bin. Hung above the basin, a vaalin-framed oval mirror allows for a moment of vanity. Reflected in the mirror's polished surface is a tall closet that stands just inside the golden oak arch framing the view of the room outside.
Obvious exits: none

In the tall closet: A columnar honeycomb ivory linen bag [25,000 silver]
A blackworked mint green silk pouch [15,000 silver]
A black-on-white floral patterned damask satchel [25,000 silver]
A muted blue velvet prayer rug with vaalin-stitched edges [25,000 silver]
A silk meditation mat of concentric black and silver squares [25,000 silver]
An octagonal ebon tourmaline wand with faintly incised runes [9000 silver] [Phase]
A large pristine white vial of pure potion [36,000 silver] [20 sips]

[Caravan Consignments, Loft]
Here, in the quiet space above the main room, the vaulted ceiling forms sloping walls that cradle the small loft in a comforting embrace. A thick bedroll, with a pile of pillows shoved against a row of overturned crates that serves as a makeshift headboard on one end and a mass of rumpled blankets on the other, lies nestled in this cozy nook. Running the length of the platform's outside edge, interrupted only by a gap for a sturdy steel-rung ladder, a low wooden railing protects against unwanted tumbles.
Obvious exits: none

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Consumption Junction

a dark grey canvas pavilion, [North Ring Road], Lich #280

[Consumption Junction]
Wisps of green, yellow and orange smoke drift lazily about the pavilion, all eventually rising to seep through a small opening in the top of the tent. Two grey canvas walls are nearly concealed by thick wooden shelves, each one sporting a variety of colorful bottles and smoking vials. In a corner of the tent sits a twitchy-eyed halfling alchemist, coughing and wheezing as he mixes the contents of glowing beakers. You also see an acid-stained bright orange sign.
Obvious exits: out

In the Common language, it reads:

Allo Lords and Ladies!

Welcome to the Consumption Junction! Below you will find which colorful drink contains which magical effect! NO REFUNDS!

Pale Blue Ale is Spirit Warding I

Dark Blue Ale is Spirit Warding II

Thick Grey Brew is Undisease

Slimy Green Mead is Unpoison

Swirling White Wine is Spirit Strike

Murky Black Mead is Unpresence

Bright Golden Ale is Bravery

Pale Green Ale is Elemental Defense I

Light Red Mead is Lockpick Enhancement

Dark Crimson Mead is Disarm Enhancement

Dark Green Ale is Elemental Defense II

Azure Ale is Elemental Wave

Silvery-Green Ale is Elemental Defense III

Greyish-white Brew is Thurfel s Ward

Dirt Brown Ale is Strength

Bubbling Yellow Ale is Disk

Cream-hued Wine is Natural Colors

Swirling Silver Ale is Mass Colors

Foggy White Mead is Mass Blur

Opaque Ale is Invisibility

-The Ale-chemist-

On the wooden shelves:
A goblet of opaque ale [15,000 silver]
A mug of foggy white mead [12,000 silver]
A mug of swirling silver ale [18,000 silver]
A snifter of cream-hued wine [3,000 silver]
A mug of bubbling yellow ale [10,000 silver]
A flask of dirty brown ale [13,120 silver]
A mug of greyish-white brew [5,000 silver]
A mug of silvery-green ale [9,500 silver]
A flagon of azure ale [9,370 silver]
A mug of dark green ale [5,500 silver]
A goblet of dark crimsen mead [5,620 silver]
A goblet of bright red mead [5,000 silver]
A mug of pale green ale [3,000 silver]
A mug of bright golden ale [20,000 silver]
A flask of murky black mead [5,620 silver]
A glass of swirling white wine [11,730 silver]
A cup of slimy green mead [6,330 silver]
A flagon of thick grey brew [6,000 silver]
A mug of dark blue ale [6,000 silver]
A mug of pale blue ale [4,000 silver]

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Felthrop's Wagon

a rustic wooden plank wagon with a gently peaked slate-shingled roof, [North Ring Road], Lich #281

[Felthrop's Wagon]
Roughly hewn wooden walls encapsulate the room, their surfaces chipped and scratched from countless impacts with the weapons hanging from the hooks in the sloped ceiling. A curtain of faded red velvet serves to separate the shop from the backroom, its matted surface hanging all the way to the floor. Resting beside the door leading back outside is a low oak table, while a dented footlocker stands opposite.
Obvious exits: none

On the metal hooks:
A flame red steel chakram studded with chips of fire opal [1,200 silver]
A razor-edged grey steel chakram etched with lightning bolts [1,200 silver]
A viridian imflass morning star etched with a scrawny tree [52,000 silver]
An ebon-hued vultite morning star etched with crescent moons [160,000 silver]
A circular sienna steel chakram incised with dwarven runes [1,200 silver]
A blued steel chakram inlaid with water sapphires [1,200 silver]

On the oak table:
A green villswood short bow inlaid with delicate malachite vines [25,00 silver]
A polished dark orase runestaff wrapped with shredded black ribbons [125,000 silver]
A twisted golden mesille runestaff inlaid with veins of obsidian [70,000 silver]
A gnarled villswood runestaff inlaid with jade leaves [110,000 silver]
A darkly varnished mossbark long bow with carved finger-grooves [25,000 silver]
A feather-carved ruic long bow with a taut catgut string [40,000 silver]
A long silvery faewood runestaff capped with a diamond orb [125,000 silver]
A feather-carved ruic long bow with a taut catgut string [40,000 silver]

In the metal footlocker:
A stylized vultite yierka-spur with needle-sharp tips [45,000 silver]
A heavy leather blackjack studded with imflass shards [30,000 silver]
A hunter green ora troll-claw with pale yellow blades [23,000 silver]
A sunny yellow vultite troll-claw edged with gold [65,000 silver]


[Felthrop's Wagon, Backroom]
The only light in this room emanates from a weak oil lantern resting on a three-legged table near the back corner. The scent of leather, oil, and dust fills the room, along with thousands of dimly illuminated dust motes that hang suspended in the stagnant air, only moving when a breeze sweeps through the room from the faded red velvet curtain that leads back outside. A bedroll rests on the floor to one side, its rumpled surface testament to its frequent use.
Obvious exits: none

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The Imbed Shed

a broad red wooden shed, [North Ring Road], Lich #265

[The Imbed Shed]
The walls of the shed are formed of uneven wooden planks, all similarly painted a bright red shade. Small metal shavings and frayed strings are spread out along the floor in cluttered pockets. A large, circular oak table rises up from the center of the shed, a number of trinkets covering its surface.
Obvious exits: out

On the circular oak table: [5,500 silver]
A sleek dark green goblin pin
A gleaming silver coin pin
A golden sword-shaped pin
A brilliant red fireball pin
A red-bladed waraxe pin
A white-grey shaggy rolton pin
A gold-eyed brown kobold pin
A jagged blue shard-shaped pin
A dark-winged red vathor pin
An ashen-hued skull pin
A ruby-inset lockpick pin
A lustrous tiny black scarab pin
A silvery-blue cutlass pin
A glistening white snowflake pin
A dark grey tombstone pin
A bright white lightning bolt pin
A gleaming blue eyeball pin
A green-tinted silver arrow pin
A brimming silver ale mug pin
A fiery meteor-shaped pin
A deep red trident pin
A polished black warship pin
A tiny halfling swashbuckler pin
A snarling krolvin pirate pin
A bright green orb pin
A dark blue wavecrest pin

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The Innate Element

a rune-etched fiery red tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #266

Automated flare adding

[The Innate Element]
The walls of the tent are comprised of thick, black canvas and hold a few patches in many areas, the fabric rugged yet secure. Near the center of the area, sits a bubbling cauldron, a blackened firepit and a pile of stones. A small countertop rises in between a block of ice and a lightning rod. You also see a frost-edged blackened sign and a silver-eyed dwarven wizard.
Obvious exits: out

In the Common language, it reads:

Welcome to the Innate Element!

Would you like your weapon imbued with the power of the elements? Or perhaps you've grown tired of the one your weapon already has?

Just ASK me about fire, earth, acid, cold, or lightning to begin!

>ask wiz about fire

"Ah, fire: purifying, cleansing, redeeming fire," the wizard says softly, its voice taking on an almost sing-song rhythm and a strange light gleaming in its eyes. It gazes into the nearby firepit, lost in thought for a moment, before continuing. "I can imbue a weapon with the spirit of fire so you may cleanse the impurities of your foes."

You remove a ritual dagger from in your black pouch. (Standard sanctified dagger, 0x.)
>ask wiz about fire

"Fire, is it? The cleansing fire, sweeping across the field of battle!" says the wizard in mock grandeur, as he sweeps your dagger through the air in great arcs. "Yes, I think this ritual dagger would be most suitable, most suitable indeed, provided you are willing to pay me 1800 silvers. Just ask again, and we will begin."

>ask wiz about fire (Denial on +22 fireleaf runestaff, possibly with scroll charms on it.)

The wizard moves to accept your fireleaf runestaff, but as it reaches for it a bolt of red sparks flies off from the weapon, burning it. "Curses upon you!" it exclaims, "for visiting such a powerful weapon upon me. Take it from my sight!"

You remove a gold-capped witchwood runestaff from in your knapsack. (Plain +17 runestaff))
>ask wiz about fire

"Fire, is it? The cleansing fire, sweeping across the field of battle!" says the wizard in mock grandeur, as he sweeps your runestaff through the air in great arcs. "Yes, I think this witchwood runestaff would be most suitable, most suitable indeed, provided you are willing to pay me 117500 silvers. Just ask again, and we will begin."

You remove a gnarled and twisted orase runestave from in your knapsack. (Plain +20 runestaff)
>ask wiz about fire

"Fire, is it? The cleansing fire, sweeping across the field of battle!" says the wizard in mock grandeur, as he sweeps your runestave through the air in great arcs. "Yes, I think this twisted orase runestave would be most suitable, most suitable indeed, provided you are willing to pay me 166900 silvers. Just ask again, and we will begin."

>ask wiz about lightning

"Electricity, is it? You will truly shock your enemies!" says the wizard, cackling at its attempt at humor as it turns your runestave over in its hands. "This twisted orase runestave would be most suitable, most suitable indeed, provided you are willing to pay me 264900 silvers. Just ask again, and we will begin."
>ask wiz about cold

"Cold, is it? Why, your enemies' blood will run with ice!" says the wizard, cackling at its attempt at humor as it turns your runestave over in its hands. "This twisted orase runestave would be most suitable, most suitable indeed, provided you are willing to pay me 166900 silvers. Just ask again, and we will begin."

>ask wiz about acid

"Acid, is it? Why, your enemies will dissolve in fear!" says the wizard, cackling at its attempt at humor as it turns your runestave over in its hands. "This twisted orase runestave would be most suitable, most suitable indeed, provided you are willing to pay me 264900 silvers. Just ask again, and we will begin."

>ask wiz about acid

The wizard claps his hands together and says, "Acid it will be!" It seizes your runestave and stalks off towards a bubbling cauldron.
The wizard plunges the runestave deep within the bubbling cauldron, which begins to bubble and froth alarmingly...

A billowing column of green-hued smoke explodes up from the bubbling cauldron, filling the air within the tent with an acrid stench!

The viridan brew within the bubbling cauldron settles to a rolling boil, bathing the twisted orase runestave on all sides.
A spray of acid erupts out from the bubbling cauldron at Bibulous.
... 15 points of damage!
Burn to cheek. Not a pretty sight.
He is stunned!
A silver-eyed dwarven wizard accepts your note and hands you a new one.
The wizard hands you back your twisted orase runestave, on which you notice a faint sheen.
Speaking hoarsely to Bibulous, you say, "Sorry about that."
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The Lapidary

a massive mahogany wagon with a violet and red-striped side canopy, [North Ring Road], Lich #280

[The Lapidary]
The wagon's interior walls bear a high gloss resultant of meticulous polishing and attentive care. Luminous brass lanterns hang from the heavy struts overhead, shedding a warm amber light perfumed with vanilla in pools across the area. Opposite the entry, a tall chest sits, and one of its drawers has been left open, with a small parchment note hanging from its golden pull. Against a side wall is a rack that stands across from a full-length brass-framed mirror, and between the two is a door leading out.
Obvious exits: north

In the Common language, it reads:

All of the jewelry in this wagon is imbeddable.

In the pale oak drawer: [15,000 silver]
Some kelyn-linked armbands of slender onyx discs
A pair of silver-linked armbands with an interlocking feystone clasp
A sinuous onyx and kelyn band accented by scarlet despanals.
A latticed silverwork band set with alexandrite chips

[10,000 silver]
A slender sanguine leather case with a kelyn latch, MA
A soot-whorled lavender marbrinus case with a silver latch, MA

On the ashwood rack [15,000 silver]
An ebon-on violet brocade satchel with a dark feystone clasp, MA
A rich oxblood suede satchel with raised black embroidery, MA

[20,000 silver]
An inky-hued crushed velvet cloak edged with lilac blossoms, VLA
An ebon damask cloak trimmed with whorls of crimson filament, VLA


[The Lapidary]
A pair of lanterns with cut crystal shades hang directly over a delicately carved jewelry stand, the pristine light dancing over every reflective surface under its touch. Further into the area, a doorless golden oak armoire stands off to the side - a hulking piece of furniture itself, it is dwarfed by the high ceilings of wagon. Near the armoire, sits a tiered shoe rack, and just a few steps away, a drawn ivory marbrinus curtain leads into another section of the shop.
Obvious exits: south

On the carved jewelry stand: [10,000 silver]
A thin silver lariat necklace set with a flawless feystone
A black ribbon necklace dangling a rough-cut despanal
Some triple-strand onyx-beaded earrings tipped with despanals

In the golden oak armoire: [10,000 silver]
An ebon-hazed crimson satin bodice wit hblack ribbon lacing
A jet velvet bodice inset with floral violet satin
A full-length roseate chemise with ebon lace-banded sleeves
A full-length silver-threaded chemise with bell sleeves

On the shoe rack: [5,000 silver]
Some ink-hued satin slippers with metallic lavender embroidery
A pair of ebon velvet slippers with subtle scarlet threading
Some lavender watered silk slippers with ebonwood wedge heels
A pair of cerise marbrinus slippers with onyx-beaded toes


[The Lapidary, Workshop]
The oversized scale of the wagon persists even in this section of the wagon, clearly the front most compartment set just beneath the driver's bench. Scalloped swags of beaded silk fringe decorate the step-cut ceiling at the far end, while a profusion of brass lanterns hang overhead to provide copious amounts of light. Along the outer edge of the space, several small sofas and chairs have been placed, while an oval table occupies the heart of the area. You also see a pale gold parchment sign.
Obvious exits: none

In the Common language, it reads:

~ * Thank you for shopping at The Lapidary * ~

Here in my workshop I can customize jewelry of all sorts, as well as clothing. I'm sorry, but I do not work on weaponry or armor.

On the oval table you see a velvet-lined display box.

In the display box you see a variety of gemstones.

This small collection of gemstones contains nearly every color and cut imaginable: from the deepest violet to the brightest yellow, in cuts as simple as a cabochon to as complex as a trillion. Exquisite examples of feystone, blue diamond, and alexandrite rest near the top edge of the display, while smaller, though still as remarkable, pieces of sapphire, peridot, and garnet sit near the bottom.

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Locks and Luck

a dice-etched sky blue wagon, [North Ring Road], Lich #224

[Locks and Luck]
Shimmering beads of a variety of gemstones hang from the ceiling of this wagon, their surfaces capturing the light from nearby candles that line the walls. A makeshift dart board has been drawn onto a patch of canvas that droops over an iron-banded coffer, partially concealing it. Two featureless dwarf mannequins stand on either side of a polished glass display case.
Obvious exits: out

In the iron-banded coffer:
[15,000 silver]
Some gold and navy blue darts
Some sharp violet-hued darts
Some painted bright orange darts
Some etched indigo ora darts
Some shiny moss green darts
Some stamped dark cherry darts
Some engraved mithril darts
Some carved ebony darts
Some slender vivid yellow darts
Some slim black-whorled darts
Some glossy blue vultite darts
Some polished red vultite darts

[5,000 silver]
A pair of ruby dice
A pair of carve kakore dice
A pair of tiny veniom dice
A pair of kelyn dice
A pair of polished faenor dice
A pair of bone dice
Some blue-piped ivory dice
A pair of smooth obsidian dice
Some scratched copper dice
A pair of wood dice

On the dwarven mannequins:
A slender silver dice tube [3,500 silver]
A small silver dart-shaped medal [4,000 silver]
A copper dart-shaped pin [3,000 silver]
A narrow glass lockpick case [5,000 silver]
A sleek black steel lockpick case [6,000 silver]
A polished lockpick case [6,000 silver]
A slim red dice case [2,000 silver]
A spherical black dice case [2,000 silver]
A tiny glass dice case [2,000 silver]
A lacquered rosewood dart case [3,000 silver]
A varnished ironwood dart case [3,000 silver]
A scratched mithril dart case [3,000 silver]
A silver-hinged black dart case [3,000 silver]
A narrow black lockpick wrist sheath [5,000 silver]
An oiled brown leather dice neckpouch [5,000 silver]
A stained grey cloth lockpick pouch [5,000 silver]
A folded brown lockpick pouch [5,000 silver]
A light grey cloth dice pouch [3,000 silver]
A coin-clasped blue dice pouch [3,000 silver]
A coin-clapsed green dice pouch [3,000 silver]
A brown cotton dice pouch [3,000 silver]
A small crimson dart pouch [3,000 silver]
A tiny black dart-clasped pouch [3,000 silver]
A rugged brown leather dart pouch [3,000 silver]
A smooth black spidersilk dart pouch [3,000 silver]

In the glass display case:
A large golden dart-shaped trophy [5,000 silver]
A sharp alum lockpick [23,000 silver]
A crimson vultite lockpick [30,000 silver]
A dark blue rolaren lockpick [36,000 silver]
A scratched veniom lockpick [50,000 silver]
A thin kelyn lockpick [62,000 silver]
A slender dark invar lockpick [75,000 silver]
A twisted golvern lockpick [95,000 silver]
A sleek black vaalin lockpick [125,000 silver]

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Parlay's Parlour

a battered umber-shrouded ship, [North Dock], Lich #250

[Parlay's Parlour]
The wooden ceiling slopes somewhat here, causing the room to shrink slightly towards a long wooden counter. Positioned around the room are a number of mannequins, many of them displaying old cuts or having crooked limbs. A series of rusted hooks jut out from a wall, and a small cigar stand rests near the arched doorway.
Obvious exits: none

On the wooden counter you see:

a chipped silver coin 8,000
a salt-stained gold coin 8,000
a stamped bright red coin 8,000
a blue-grey toy krolvin pirate 6,000
a snarling toy arctic hound 6,000
a smiling toy halfling swashbuckler 6,000
a red-shrouded black toy warship 6,000
an umber-hued toy pirate ship 6,000
a huge blue-grey toy crab 6,000
a silver-haired toy Nalfein rogue 6,000

On the mannequins you see:

a tri-cornered dark blue hat 2,000
a tri-cornered deep black hat 2,000
a tri-cornered dark brown hat 2,000
a tri-cornered blood red hat 2,000
a ruby-studded black eyepatch 6,000
an opal-studded black eyepatch 6,000
a frayed black cotton eyepatch 6,000
an old blood-staned eyepatch 6,000
a bright red toy parrot 5,000
a one-eyed green toy parrot 5,000
a silver and white toy parrot 5,000
a gaunt toy zombie parrot 5,000

On the rusted hooks you see:

some fancy navy blue suspenders 10,000
some bright yellow cotton suspenders 10,000
some thin red leather suspenders 10,000
some thick black suspenders 10,000

On the cigar stand you see:

a thick storm grey cigar 2,000
a fat brown cigar 2,000
a small silvery cigar 2,000
a stout reddish-orange cigar 2,000
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Pinata Palace

a massive bright blue wagon, [North Ring Road], Lich #287

[Pinata Palace]
The interior walls of this massive wagon have been colorfully painted to depict the landscape of a rolling hillside with a bright blue sky above. Wooden shelves and tiny parapets have been setup along the sides to come together and form the walls of a miniature palace. A steel bin full of sticks rests under a long wooden table.
Obvious exits: out

On the wooden shelves: [5,000 silver]
A round Helga pinata
A red-robed summoner pinata
A cute flower girl pinata
A green-eyed mayor pinata
A First Elanith Bank-shaped pinata
A russet treehouse pinata
An Imperial ship-shaped pinata
A silver keg-shaped pinata
A black dragon-shaped pinata
A golden moon-shaped pinata
A silver half krolvin-shaped pinata
A pink aelotoi-shaped pinata
A red gnome-shaped pinata
A grey giantman-shaped pinata
A brown dwarf-shaped pinata
A white halfling-shaped pinata
A blue human-shaped pinata
A black elf-shaped pinata
A green elf-shaped pinata
A yellow elf-shaped pinata
A grey-blue krolvin pinata
A blood red vathor pinata
A dark grey gargoyle pinata
A silvery steel golem pinata
An icy blue frost giant pinata
A black arachnid pinata
A menacing red orc pinata
A dark green troll pinata
A shaggy white rolton pinata
A ruddy brown kobold pinata

In the steel bin: [100 silver]
A smooth dark stick
A gnarled red stick
A polished wooden stick
A long maoral stick
A dark leather-wrapped stick

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Shifting Wand game

North Ring Road [Lich ID:267]

You also see an old driftwood crate with a shifting wand on it.

At first glance, this seems to be nothing more than an ordinary wand, but as you look closer it seems that its shape and color are constantly changing. Who knows what you'll end up with if you buy one! [25,000 silver]

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Skin Deep

a colorful modwir wagon, [North Ring Road], Lich #267

[Skin Deep]
The modwir walls of the wagon are stained with an assortment of colored inks. Splashes of red and blue mix with greens and other hues to form a colorful mess. Dozens of glass-paned lanterns hang from ceiling beams and hooks on the walls, providing an ample amount of light within the wagon. You also see a portly bearded tattoo artist, a braided blue leather curtain, a shiny red mithril sign, a large brilliant blue notice, a rectangular steel-framed mirror and a modwir-framed tattoo display.
Obvious exits: out

In the Common language, it reads:

Stock tattoos: 25,000 silvers.

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Smoke and Mirrors

a tall grey leather tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #268

[Smoke and Mirrors]
The tent's ceiling is high enough to accommodate the average giantman, yet the area's counter and shelves are just the right height for a gnome. A thin cloud of smoke haze lingers near the apex, its vapors infused with mixed scents of blackberry and vanilla. You also see a large tent flap, a small velvet stand with some stuff on it, a carved wooden sign and a large cigar flavor chart.
Obvious paths: none

In the Common language, it reads:

Be careful when you're grabbing my cigars! If you want to know the flavors, check out the chart! No refunds! Enjoy the smokes!

- Kelcer

In the Common language, it reads:

Slender dark - Apple Thick cigar - Cherry Chocolated-hued cigar - Chocolate

Golden brown - Honey Dark orange - Mango Petite tan - Peach Rolled ashen - Vanilla

Long white - Vanilla Slim black - Blackberry Light brown - Caramel Reddish-brown - Cinnamon

Slender strawberry - Strawberry Green - Tropical Yellow - Butterscotch Greyish-brown - Clove

Pale white - Coconut Dark grey - Rum and chicory Dark mauve - Plum Russet brown - Almond Vanilla

On the oak counter: [2,000 silver]
A tightly rolled russet cigar
A rolled dark mauve cigar
A thick dark grey cigar
A slim pale white cigar
A thin greyish-brown cigar
A fat light yellow cigar
A sweet smelling green cigar
A slender strawberry cigar
A short reddish-brown cigar
A skinny light brown cigar
A slim black cigar
A long white cigar
A rolled ashen cigar
A fat leaf-wrapped cigar
A petite tan cigar
A long dark orange cigar
A golden brown cigar
A long chocolate-hued cigar
A thick cherry cigar
A slender dark cigar

[1,000 silver]
Some vanilla pipe tobacco
Some cherry pipe tobacco
Some blueberry pipe tobacco
Some blackberry pipe tobacco
Some hazelnut pipe tobacco
Some rum pipe tobacco
Some caramel pipe tobacco
Some apple pipe tobacco
Some strawberry pipe tobacco
Some chocolate pipe tobacco

On the wooden shelves: [10,000 silver]
A slim silver cigar box
A small oak cigar box
A slender black cigar box
A polished gold cigar box

[300 silver]
A small black matchbox
A painted blue matchbox
A tiny wooden matchbox
A small red matchbox

[20,000 silver]
A thick oak pipe
A slender soapstone pipe
A rough bogwood pipe
A carved maple pipe
A lacquered maple pipe
A polished cherrywood pipe
A varnished corncob pipe
A smooth white clay pipe
A golden brown meerschaum pipe
A dark brown briar pipe

On the velvet stand: [2,500 silver]
A tiny silver mirror
A small oak-framed mirror
A highly polished gold mirror
A slender antique mirror

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The Smoking Arrow

a tall amber-hued tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #286

[The Smoking Arrow]
A thick haze of smoke forms rings near the apex of the tent and a strong mix of scented aromas permeate in the area. A row of wax-stained tables form a large circle in the center of the tent, each setup with a number of candles or incense. Along the walls of the tent runs a line of curved wooden shelves. A narrow slit in the tent's ceiling allows some of the fragrant smog to leak out.
Obvious exits: out

On the wax-stained tables: [3,000 silver]
A tiny green candle
A tiny blue candle
A tiny red candle
A tiny black candle
A tiny white candle
A circular white candle
A wide black candle
A slender dark red candle
A tall deep green candle
A twisted dark blue candle
A white skeleton-shaped candle
A brown kobold-shaped candle
A yellow gnome-shaped candle
An orange dwarf-shaped candle
A blue krolvin-shaped candle
A brown giantman-shaped candle
An ashen elf-shaped candle
A green elf-shaped candle
A red human-shaped candle
A white halfling-shaped candle
A pale diamond-shaped candle
A yellow sunburst-shaped candle
A red flame-shaped candle
A silver eye-shaped candle
A black shield-shaped candle
A grey sword-shaped candle
A green tree-shaped candle
A white fist-shaped candle
A blue wave-shaped candle
A red rose-shaped candle
Some red cherry incense
Some red cedar incense
Some dark pine incense
Some white chocolate incense
Some pale jasmine incense
Some golden lemon incense
Some red spice incense
Some pale lavender incense
Some pink rose incense
Some grey clove incense
Some light vanilla incense
Some dark nutmeg incense
Some green cypress incense
Some brown cinnamon incense
Some tan sandalwood incense

On the wooden shelves: 0x Flared
A bundle of blunt-tipped arrows [10,000 silver]
A bundle of feras-tipped arrows [20,000 silver]
A bundle of drakar-tipped arrows [10,000 silver]
A bundle of acid-pitted arrows [10,000 silver]
A bundle of slender black arrows [20,000 silver]
A bundle of frost-tipped arrows [10,000 silver]

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Stiletto's Stash

a tall dark green canvas tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #225

[Stiletto's Stash, Entry]
Tall sturdy posts raise the ceiling high above the tallest giantman while wide stretches of canvas make up the walls of this tent. A short weapon rack rests near a series of crude wooden stools which face a low glass-topped counter. The slight aroma of smoked boar drifts through a dark green curtain.
Obvious exits: out

On the glass-topped counter:
A slim gold-traced beheading sword [104,000 silver]
A scuffed hoarbeam siege crossbow [41,000 silver]
A chipped silvery vultite skull-crusher [51,500 silver]
A stout grey mithril spikestar [5,700 silver]
A razor-sharp drakar limb-cleaver [6,000 silver]
A blood red vultite executioner's axe [51,500 silver]
A blood-stained mithril chest-ripper [8,700 silver]
A dark whorled blue vultite knee-breaker [52,000 silver]

On the weapon rack:
A gnarled leather wrapped villswood crook [106,000 silver]
A bright white zorchar talon sword [8,300 silver]
A troll bone-hilted imflass dirk [3,000 silver]
A sleek black mithglin warsword [45,000 silver]
A gleaming rhimar-edged pit knife [3,000 silver]
A notched dark green mesille bow [15,250 silver]
A leather-wrapped dark imflass harpoon [5,000 silver]


[Stiletto's Stash, Workshop]
Multi-colored bins occupy an entire corner of this backroom, each container filled to the brim with various wooden handles and weapon adornments. A small wooden table rests in the middle of the room, its surface covered with metal shavings and old paint stains. A gnarled oak stand holds a number of questionable refreshments. You also see a dark green curtain.
Obvious exits: none

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Taste of Turamzzyr

A rectangular wood-framed tall oilskin tent emblazoned with Turamzzyrian crests, [West Ring Road], Lich #293

[Taste of Turamzzyr, Entrance]
Sturdy wooden poles, bound with lengths of thick rope, provide a robust frame for the many layers of oilskin that form the walls and canopy of this rectangular showroom. The din of the festival is heard beyond an arched entryway leading out to the north, while a more humble atmosphere to the south is complimented by the delicate sound of clinking glasses. A multitude of robust spices and herbs dominates the otherwise woody scent of the tent. Near a painted wooden sign, a stained ash pallet is stacked high with wooden cases. You also see a long mistwood box and a carved ash drink list.
Obvious exits: south

In the Common language, it reads:

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ** * ~ * ~ * ~ *


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ** * ~ * ~ * ~ *

* ~ * Ales and Wines * ~ *

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ** * ~ * ~ * ~ *


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

pale wooden case - pale ale from Torre

stained wooden case - brown ale from Mestanir

golden wooden case - honey mead from Mestanir

scorched wooden case - strong ale from the Frontier

dark wooden case - bitter ale from Selanthia

black wooden case - stout from Selanthia

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

On the stained ash pallet: [15,000 silver]
A stained wooden case chiseled with the crest of Mestanir
A golden wooden case chiseled with the crest of Mestanir
A pale wooden case chiseled with the crest of Torre
A dark wooden case chiseled with the crest of Selanthia
A black wooden case chiseled with the crest of Selanthia
A scorched wooden case chiseled with a coiled dragon

In the mistwood box: [3,500 silver]
A tall light blue candle with an elegant white stork.
A tall silvery candle stamped with a golden sheaf of grain
A tall black and white candle stamped with a golden ram's head
A tall blue candle stamped with a charging white horse
A tall multihued blue candle stamped with a golden hawk's head
A tall dark blue candle stamped with a soaring white seagull
A tall deep blue candle stamped with a fiery red eagle
A tall red candle stamped with a pale golden crown
A tall golden candle stamped with a crimson sunburst
A tall emerald-hued candle stamped with a graceful ivory swan


[Taste of Turamzzyr]
Pine cases are stacked on pallets along either side of the tent's interior, leaving a moderate amount of walking space between them. North leads to the tent's entryway, where the muted sounds of the festival can be heard, and south leads to the rear of the tent, where yet another grouping of pallets reside. Positioned in the middle of the walkway, a carved pine wine list fitted with a wrought silver candle plate offers enough light to clearly see in either direction. You also see a pale pine pallet with some stuff on it and a dark pine pallet with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, south

In the Common language, it reads:

dark pine case - chardonnay from Vornavis

carved pine case - marsanne from Selanthia

elegant pine case - chardonnay from Selanthia

rosy pine case - blush from Oire

light pink pine case - blush from Chastonia

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

stained pine case - white wine from Torre

knotty pine case - muscat wine from Allace

bleached pine case - white wine from Allace

pale pine case - pale riesling from Aldora

golden pine case - golden riesling from Aldora

On the pale pine pallet: [15,000 silver]
A knotty pine case branded with the crest of Allace
A stained pine case branded with the crest of Torre
A golden pine case branded with the crest of Aldora
A bleached pine case branded with the crest of Allace
A pale pine case branded with the crest of Aldora

On a dark pine pallet: [15,000 silver]
A dark pine case branded with the crest of Vornavis
A carved pine case branded with the crest of Selanthia
An elegant pine case branded with the crest of Selanthia
A rosy pine case branded with the crest of Oire
A light pink pine case branded with the crest of Chastonia


[Taste of Turamzzyr]
Mounted to the backmost wall of the tent, a carved oak wine list is prominently displayed over a reinforced sturdy wooden counter. Dimly glowing lanterns, mounted on a thick wooden beam overhead, offer a comfortable measure of visibility, the flames within flickering indifferently as patrons walk by. A multitude of cases are stacked on pallets in the corners and along either side. The scent of spices and herbs mingles harmoniously with that of freshly cut wood. You also see a red oak pallet with some stuff on it and a blackened oak pallet with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north

In the Common language, it reads:

knotty oak case - mourvedre from Vornavis

striped oak case - ruby port from Oire

stained oak case - grenache from Oire

blackened oak case - spiced syrah from Allace

dark oak case - dark syrah from Allace

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

golden oak case - spiced Tehir wine from Seareach

red oak case - merlot from Selanthia

warped oak case - cherry wine from the Frontier

burgundy oak case - burgundy wine from Estoria

pale oak case - claret from Chastonia

On the sturdy wooden counter: [Free]
a bunch of tiny red grapes
some plump sugar-coated strawberries
a thin slice of green tomato pie
a roasted anchovy-stuffed tomato
a scallop and mushroom skewer
some olive and tomato garlic bread
a mint and herb lamb kabob
a piece of smoked goat jerky
a thin butter cracker
a flute of lemon spring water

On the red oak pallet: [15,000 silver]
A burgundy oak case painted with the crest of Estoria
A golden oak case painted with the crest of Seareach
A red oak case painted with the crest of Selanthia
A pale oak case painted with the crest of Chastonia
A warped oak case painted with a pair of large red cherries

On the blackened oak pallet: [15,000 silver]
A striped oak case painted with the crest of Oire.
A stained oak case painted with the crest of Oire.
A knotty oak case painted with the crest of Vornavis.
A blackened oak case painted with the crest of Allace.
A dark oak case painted with the crest of Allace.

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Twiddley's Things

a patchwork tent, [North Ring Road], Lich #224

[Twiddley's Things, Showroom]
The smell of earth and loam pervades the interior of the patched canvas tent. In the middle of the leaf-strewn dirt floor rests a cloth-covered crate. Deep shadows fill the corners of the room, cast by the feeble light of melting candles sitting atop a makeshift wooden counter that spans the back of the area. A rough wool blanket partitions off the rest of the tent.
Obvious exits: out

On the cloth-covered crate: [Lockpicks]
A mithril spoon with a sharpened handle [6,000 silver]
A broken ora fork [7,500 silver]
A bent glaes butter knife [10,000 silver]

Behind the cloth-covered crate you see a pile of branches.

In the pile of branches: [Lockpicks]
A notched rowan stick [100,000 silver]
A whittled modwir sprig [75,000 silver]
A hoarbeam twig [125,000 silver]

On the wooden counter: [Pocketed]
A rough leather wrist cuff, VSA [7,500 silver]
A scuffed leather knapsack, MA [10,000 silver]
A studded black cuff, VSA [7,500 silver]
A strong black coffee [4,500 silver] (Haste when Purified)


[Twiddley's Things, Workroom]
This small area is comfortably warm and well lit by two lanterns hung directly above a small rocking chair padded with overstuffed cushions. Various tools lie scattered at the feet of the chair and a small bedroll takes up the far corner.
Obvious exits: out

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Zanthie's Wagon

a holly-strewn rickety pale green oak wagon, [North Ring Road], Lich #265

[Zanthie's Wagon]
The interior of the pale green wagon is haphazardly decorated with swathes of multicolored fabric to cover the otherwise bare walls. A set of rickety old oak racks stand in the middle of the room holding a selection of wares. In the corner of the room a makeshift fire pit has been built, a pile of applewood logs crackling within it. The ceiling has been festooned with holly, giving the wagon a festive ambiance. A large oak-framed sign leans against one of the walls. You also see a raffle table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out


In the Common language, it reads:
Hello lovelies!
As you can tell, my wagon is rickety.
I've managed to borrow the wagon from a friend, in the hopes that we will find a permanent wagon soon.
All donations for our new wagon gratefully received!
I have managed to get enough information from Lady Bremonce to re-create her excellent work on some of my own creations.
She has also taught me how to work on her most excellent jackets from her boutique, Engaged in Elegance. She seemed very friendly for a ghost!
See you soon,

On the long oak rack: [10,000 silver]
A neatly pleated thyme green cotton skirt
A red silk skirt set with a layer of decorative reticella
A plain thistle-hued silk skirt overlaid with fine green lace
A waist-clasped mauve velvet skirt with ebon underskirts
A sepia-hued silk taffeta skirt with bronze buttons
A plum dupioni silk skirt split over dark ebon lace
A side-less ebon skirt over layers of crimson chiffon
An artfully crinkled skirt of flowing bronze organza

On the thin oak rack: [10,000 silver]
A flared russet taffeta dress with many-layered underskirts
A tailored mulberry velvet gown
A jacinth faille gown with copper leaves trailing down the back
A narrow-waisted twilight grey batiste gown
A sleek cloth-of-gold gown descending into a fishtail train
A demure fern green cotton gown with square mistwood buttons
A full-skirted indigo batiste dress with a heavily boned corset
A tailored aubergine silk gown with layered underskirts
A slender garnet-hued gown beaded with creamy pearls
A blush silk gown with trailing ivory roses

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