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The year 5116 (2016) marked the 11th anniversary of the Wehnimer's Landing Frontier Days Festival.

Week 1 Schedule

WEEK 1 - 9/6/16 to 9/13/16

All times Eastern

Date Time Group Title Description
06-Sept Tue 10:00 pm The Obsidian Tower The History of Torture Please join the Obsidian Tower for their lecture on The History of Torture. This discussion will review cultural and religious applications, devices, and locations where such implements can be found. Look for the obsidian tent just north of the Landing, in the Hearthstone Courtyard. Those of a more sensitive demeanor need not attend.
07-Sept Wed 9:00 pm The Gypsy Troupe Divination and Discussion of Scrying The Gypsy Troupe will be present to provide visitors with their own personal scrying session with a Gypsy of their choice using their prefered method. Look for the tent setup in the Garden Niche west of Small Park.
08-Sept Thurs 8:00 pm Order of the Silver Gryphon Dame Wanton Matches Join us in honoring the memory of Dame Wanton and Sir Yarx in the fighting pit of Helden Hall.
08-Sept Thurs 9:30 pm The Black Hand Trading Company A Night of Toxins, Venoms, and Beautiful Flowers Botanist Lunaryna Talviel provides an introduction into Elanthia’s dangerous flora and fauna that will both aid and hinder your journeys through the lands. Join The Black Hand Trading Company in this fascinating discussion on how you can use the environment to your advantage and keep yourself out of harm, or cause a little yourself. We'll be gathering inside the huge black tent outside the East tower.
08-Sept Thurs 10:00 pm The Faendryl Enclave Faendryl and the Arkati Join the Faendryl Enclave during Frontier Days as we join together to discuss perspectives on the Arkati. Topics under consideration include: the prevalent atheistic overtones within the culture, Amasalen, and an invitation to other Faendryl who worship or have alternative relationships to the Arkati.
09-Sept Fri 8:30 pm House Onoir An Enchanted Evening Everywhere you look, the world is filled with magic. Tonight it's my pleasure to share this Enchanted Evening with you by presenting a workshop about the enchanting process hosted by House Daingneach Onoir. Learn how magic is used to enhance items, and have a chance to win a free enchant of an item from 4x to 5x. Meet at North Gate.
10-Sept Sat 3:00 pm Paupers, Twilight, Sovyn, BEA, Gypsy Troupe, Fenog's Regulars Carnival! House of Paupers, Twilight Hall, House Sovyn, Beautifully Awkward Elanthians, The Gypsy Troupe, and Fentog's Regulars will be holding a carnival on the festival grounds in Wehnimer's Landing on Saturday the 10th from 3pm-5pm. We will have a kissing booth, face painting, rat fights, games, and card reading.
10-Sept Sat 7:00 pm Beacon Hall Archive Ki-lin Hunt Join us for a tale of the The Broken Lands followed by a venture into The Monastery in search of the mythical ki-lin! We will meet in the Beacon Hall Annex Park near the Kobold Village.
10-Sept Sat 8:30 pm House Onoir A Fishing Night To Remember Join House Daingneach Onoir for a fishing tournament like no other! There will be prizes galore which include coins, a Rhimer Chest, etc , and all the fish ye can eat, as well as lots of fun. Meet at North Gate if ye dont know the way to our fortress.
10-Sept Sat 9:00 pm Fenog's Regulars Wheel of Prizes and Raffle! Come try your hand at the Fenog's Regulars Prize Wheel where you'll have an opportunity to win five tiers of great prizes! Meet us in front of Moot Hall at 9:00 PM for game time. At 9:55 we will be drawing for our special Frontier Days raffle! You won't want to miss out!
11-Sept Sun 2:00 pm Elanthian Elegance The Art of Accessorising Following on from the success of Fashion Week 5116, Elanthian Elegance present another lecture in the series, this time on accessories and how to use them. Gather early in the Landing Hall, Auditorium for coffee, cake, and a front seat. The Meeting Hall is east of the Moot Hall and Officers will be on hand with guest passes to grant entry, should you need them. OOC: Please note that this will be an IC discussion on how to make the best use of “accessories” such as enhancives, premium transporter items, perfume and amulet jewelry, and many more. All OOC questions should be kept to group whispers wherever possible please.
11-Sept Sun 4:00 pm House Sylvanfair Turnleaf Greedy Gremlins As part of the Frontier Days festivities and to celebrate the turning of the leaves on the Sylvanfair tree, House Sylvanfair are holding a special edition of the popular game, Greedy Gremlins. Come and join the fun and see if you can win a special prize!
11-Sept Sun 7:00 pm Order of the Azure Sun All Urnon A game of intrigue and murder (all pretend, of course!) where your fellow players may be an innocent, or an urnon golem in disguise seeking to murder everyone else in the night. But how will you know for sure? Will they suspect that you might be a golem yourself? And what if they're right?
11-Sept Sun 8:30 pm House Onoir Herbs Galore the What and Where Do ye know what herbs will heal ye if no empath is about? Do ye know where to find them if they are not on a bench someplace. Join House Daingneach Onoir to learn the what and where of herbs. No Alchemy just the what and where. Meet at N.Gate
11-Sept Sun 9:30 pm Landing Defense Irregulars Wild Summer Nights Come dressed in your wildest, most unusual clothing to the banquet hall of the LDI barracks. Enjoy food, drinks and dance the summer night away! Prizes for the most ridiculous outfit will be awarded before the evenings end.
12-Sept Mon 9:00 pm House Aspis Landing Hook & Cook Fish Derby Bring a friend and join forces to win the fish derby! Catch a fish at the town docks, run with it to another location and filet it, and then on to a third location to cook it! When you're back, it's your partner's turn! Locations to be determined soon!
13-Sept Tues 9:30 pm House Arcane Back to Our Roots Come celebrate Frontier Days with House of the Arcane Masters as we tell you the history of our prestigious house and how we came to be. From there we will lead groups and set off on a house hunt. We will gather in the tent outside our gate. Head all the way east along North Ring Road to join us at Bay's Watch West.

Week 2 Schedule

WEEK 2 - 9/14/16 to 9/17/16

Shops, merchants, raffles! TBA!

Participating Groups

1. The Black Hand Trading Company
2. House of the Arcane Masters
3. Fenog's Regulars
4. Beacon Hall
5. House of Paupers
6. Beautifully Awkward Elanthians
7. House Aspis
8. House Sylvanfair
9. Elanthian Elegance
10. Order of the Silver Gryphons
11. The Gypsy Troupe
12. The Faendryl Enclave
13. Twilight Hall
14. Landing Defense Irregulars
15. The Obsidian Tower
16. House Onoir
17. Order of the Azure Sun
18. House Arcane