Frontier Days 2019

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CHE/MHO Event Schedule


All times Eastern

Date Time Group Title Description
Mon, 11/4 10pm TownCrier Lauding the Landing Kick off Frontier Days with Lady Luxelle, Miss Leafi, and the TownCrier Team in the Wehnimer's Landing Treehouse. Everyone is invited to attend and share your thoughts on what the Landing and its people mean to you at this open mic. Luxelle will perform The Ballad Of The Landing to honor the first characters and milestone events of the Landing.
Mon, 11/4 10:30pm House Aspis Deftly Darting Digits Aspis will host a friendly dart game for FD this year
Thurs, 11/7 8pm Onoir, Willow Hall, Black Wolves Fish with Us Each person who catches a fish will get a 10k note per fish caught. We also give each player a chrism and other prizes are given. If ye catch an Eel ye get 20k.
Thurs, 11/7 9pm Faendryl Enclave Scavenger Hunt Put your wily searching skills to good use! Join the Faendryl Enclave for a Frontier Days Scavenger Hunt. Teams or individuals are invited to join our scavenger hunt to collect common, uncommon and rare items of interest across Wehnimer's Landing. Sign up in person with a Faendryl Enclave member on the steps of Hearthstone Manor. The event will begin at 9 pm elven, the hunt itself will start at 9:30 elven, and the hunt ending promptly at 10:30 pm elven on the 7th of Eoantos (November 7th). A list of items will be provided. You must compete and finish the challenge first to win! Prizes will be awarded to teams or individuals up to 3rd place. Come join in some light-hearted fun. All are welcome!
Sat, 11/9 2-3pm Caeruil Atelier Art Auction and Live Caricatures Desc
Sat, 11/9 6pm Elanthan Elegance A Showcase of Frontier Fashion Elanthian Elegance invite the residents of Wehnimer’s Landing to showcase their idea of Frontier Fashion for all festival goers, whether that’s your working day attire or fanciest finery. There will be prizes and refreshments!
Sun, 11/10 2pm House Sylvanfair Trivia Dice House Sylvanfair are holding a game of Trivia Dice. Test your knowledge of Elanthian Lore in a number-related trivia quiz and see if you can win a prize!
Sun, 11/10 9pm Silver Gryphons, Helden Hall Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament Desc
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Category: Cities, Towns, and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 14176
Date: 10/09/2019
Subject: Frontier Days! Sign up now!

The 14th Annual Frontier Days will be November 4th through November 10th!

If you are a CHE or MHO who would like to sign up to run an event on any of those days, at a specific time, please email me ASAP with:

Name of Group: Date/Time: Name of Event:

I'll get a calendar up on the Gemstone Wiki this week to organize it all!

-GM Kenstrom- Waylayer of Wehnimer's Landing Human Guru