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The fusion system allows players to extract enhancive properties from enhancive items found in the treasure system, creating fusion orbs which can be placed into specialized fusion gear. This allows players to build customized enhancive items.

Fusion Gear

Fusion items have been released as a part of special merchant events and festivals and are not available for purchase from standard NPC merchants. So far, only weapons and armor have been released. Fusion items may have multiple fusion orb slots (standard items have two slots while special raffle and auction items may have more) and can be recognized by their spherical depressions which appear in their show description. Examples are provided below:

Some double leather armor with two empty fusion slots:

Two spherical depressions adorn the black double leathers, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. All of the gem chambers are currently empty.

Some metal breastplate armor with one empty and one full fusion slot:

Two spherical depressions adorn the white mithglin breastplate, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. The chambers currently hold a shining hoarfrost white orb.

A runestaff with two full fusion slots:

Two spherical depressions adorn the thick rowan runestaff, approximately the size and shape of a small gem. The chambers currently hold a globe-marked dark indigo orb, and a key-marked hoarfrost white orb.


A typical fusion item is sold with a +20 bonus (4x enchant) but may be enchanted further to a 7x enchantment by players (or higher through the premium point system). Unlike traditional weapons and armor, fusion items require the use of an additional pre-tempering potion. Enchanting fusion items is also substantially more difficult than typical gear (difficulty is increased further by occupied orb slots).

Other Enhancements

Fusion armor can be padded or given flares with the premium point system. An enhancive item surcharge applies to any premium point costs for such enhancements.

Fusion Orbs

Fusion orbs are created by extracting properties from enhancive items. Fusion orbs may be loresung for their enhancive information and that information will carry into the playershop system, similar to that for normal enhancives. Characters may also DRAW things ON fusion orbs to tell them apart. There are approximately 70+ different things to draw upon a fusion orb at this time. Type DRAW ON MY ORB to see a list of the possibilities.

Creating Orbs

Currently, fusion orbs can only be created by the fusion shaman NPC which is only available at special merchant events and festivals. Creating a fusion orb in this way destroys the original item. Only one enhancive property may be extracted at a time. Only specific properties may be extracted: Edible, drinkable and spell knowledge enhancives may not be extracted, as well as enhancives with certain scripts and certain restrictions. Crumbly enhancives may be extracted. As the creation of a fusion orb destroys the original item, only one trait may be extracted from any one item. Enhancives with ‘global’ and ‘local’ restrictions may not be extracted, but this limit does not affect most items currently in the game. Global restrictions are those which affect the item as a whole and all of its enhancements, while local restrictions affect single traits.

Adding and Removing Orbs

Once the orb is created, it may be PUT into the selected fusion armament. The armament then becomes an enhancive bearing the enhancive bonus carried by the fusion orb.

When the charges are depleted, a careful PRY may remove the fusion orb from the armament. RUB the armament to change which fusion orb will be manipulated if it is necessary to do so. There is a very slim chance that removing an orb may damage it, which causes 1 bonus point to be lost from the enhancive it carries. Once the enhancive trait reaches 0 bonus, the orb will shatter. Orbs will not degrade or shatter in any other circumstance. If an orb is left in its setting for an extended period of time, prying it out will not degrade it. When an orb has been in the armament long enough, it will appear to be loose in its setting when the piece is LOOKed at.

Some metal breastplate armor with a loose fusion orb:

The chamber surrounding a shining hoarfrost white orb is alive with steady radiance. It appears to have come a bit loose in its depression, and could easily be pried free without causing any damage.


When an orb is first inserted, the armament has no enhancive charges, but the enhancive may be charged in the Adventurer’s Guild or by a merchant. Armaments hold a maximum of 20 enhancive charges that are used like normal enhancive charges.

Orbs may only be switched when the armament has no enhancive charges. Characters may EXHALE twice on the armament to prematurely drain its charges. Any type of gem may be placed in any armament that can accept fusion gems, with one exception: two gems enhancing the same trait may not be placed in the same piece, but one each may be placed into two different pieces (for these purposes, a bonus to a statistic and a bonus to a statistic bonus are considered different traits).

Fusion orbs in themselves do not enhance anything and do not hold charges. They are only used to impart the specific bonus to the fusion weapon or armor and have no effect on their own. The restrictions placed on the original enhancive trait are carried with the fusion orb and will be present when placed in a fusion armament.


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