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Wiki Moderation and Management 9/2017

Category: Help for Players
Topic: WIKI Discussions
Message #: 177
Date: 09/04/2017 11:47 PM EDT
Subject: Wiki Moderation and Management

I wanted to take a moment to address some concerns about the wiki.

When Simutronics acquired the Krakiipedia, the wiki became an official source of documentation. While the wiki will remain player-driven, our GameMasters will also continue to correct outdated and erroneous information. This has been a work in progress, and we still need to make it more clear which articles are considered official.

During the transition from the Krakiipedia to the GS Wiki, a number of players stood out and helped us with the overwhelming tasks of formatting and correcting the wiki. Many of these players became our first moderators of the wiki. These are the key people who helped shape the wiki for us and pushed for a style guide that we strive to use.

Our lead moderator is currently Allereli. She has put in a vast number of hours and continues to uphold to the standards that were set forth. If you look at her contributions, you can quickly see the huge investment of her time and heavy amount of edits she has performed.

I do realize everyone puts in a lot of effort into the wiki, especially when you spend a lot of time formatting and adding information. It is not a slight to anyone if one of our moderator steps in to either inform you of some needed formatting changes or to lock down a page until things get clarified. This is what they were set to uphold when they became a moderator for our wiki.

One of the concerns that recently came up are when a moderator locks a page or reverts some information. Again we realize a lot of effort goes into these edits. Be mindful that if something is official documentation or an article was edited by a GameMaster, it's something that should get signed off on before making an edit. Using the Village Pump or the Discussion Tab at the top of each article is the best way to communicate an edit.

We appreciate everything everyone does for our wiki. You all help make the GemStone IV community informed and keep documentation more easily to find.

Wyrom, PM

Category: Help for Players
Topic: WIKI Discussions
Message #: 180
Date: 09/05/2017 01:15 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Wiki Moderation and Management

>>Honestly, this should have been a priority from the beginning. I know I'd be awfully put off and hesitant to continue contributing if I spent hours editing a page only to have it reverted and be addressed in the manner I've seen happen to a couple others.

Our priority was to get the wiki fully converted over to GSWiki, make sure the MediaWiki software updates were complete concerning security issues with using outdated 1.13 software, integrated with your account, allowing new editors to have access since this dried up for quite awhile, and bring about a standardize style guide.

How to Become a Moderator 6/2017

Category: Help for Players
Topic: WIKI Discussions
Message #: 132
Date: 06/18/2017 05:50 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Player Wiki Admins

As I said in the Delirium Manor topic, we have set some players as moderators to the wiki. We currently have one lead moderator that has put in 60 hours a month consistently since our transition.

If you're interested in becoming a moderator, please make sure you can set aside 10 hours a month and have made a significant number of contributions to the wiki as whole (not just in a single area). Just shoot me an email.

Kaikala and myself will review everything to see if you'd be a good fit. While I realize some people might think the one single thing they want to work on is a big deal, we'd need you to be able to look at 5000+ pages on our wiki as a whole and be able to help out with formatting.

Wyrom, PM

Move to 1/2015

Category: Help for Players
Topic: Finding GemStone information on the Web
Message #: 71
Date: 01/05/2015 07:48 PM EST
Subject: The GemStone IV Wiki

To the GemStone IV Community, we apologize that there hasn't been much in terms of information about the Krakiipedia moving to its new location. We were caught by surprise to learn that the was experiencing some issues. Moving forward, GS Wiki will be the new home to the Krakiipedia. We are still in the process of getting things settled here. We understand some areas of the wiki need to be improved upon, as well as certain wiki links to be updated. As a GemStone IV subscriber, you are able to log in using your account. Feel free to jump in and give us a hand, if you've any experience working with the wiki! You are welcome to edit here, just as you did on the former wiki.

We appreciate your patience during this transition, and apologize that your old bookmarked urls are not forwarding. Spread the word that is the official wiki for GemStone IV.

~Wyrom, APM

Krakiipedia Suggestion 11/2005

Category: Wizards
Topic: Wizard General Discussion
Message #: 5177
Author: GS4-NAOS
Date: 11/11/2005 11:55:27 AM
Subject: Re: Elemental Mana Control (2x vs. 1x training)

<< I'm not Krakii, but I've flipped thru a few Krakiipedia volumes recently. >>

We need to set up a Wiki and call it Krakiipedia and let him fill it with his boundless GemStone (and other) knowledge. :)

-- Naos