Gabarm's Walls

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Gabarm's Walls is a Premium Home Wall shop in Zul Logoth. It is located west of Iznori's Windows in Furniture Foyer.

[Gabarm's Walls]
Unadorned, save for a potted luminescent toadstool and a brass-accented table, the room appears surprisingly spacious. A massive book lies open on the table, displaying available materials and finishes for walls. You also see Gabarm and an etched pale slate sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   90000  a textured grey marble wall
2.)  125000  a silver-swept white marble wall
3.)   45000  a gleaming dark invar wall
4.)   85000  a golden sandstone wall
5.)  125000  a silver-swept black marble wall
6.)   35000  a smooth rose quartz wall
7.)   40000  a glossy checkered stone wall
8.)   75000  a speckled granite wall