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Garnets are crystalline gems that typically have a rhombic dodecahedron or deltoidal icositetrahedron structure. Garnets can be of many different materials, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese, aluminum, chromium, and more. The name, "garnet" comes from the latin word for grain (granatus), possibly from the plant, pomegranate, which has red seeds that are similar in size, shape, and color to some garnets.[1]

Garnets can be of many colors, just as their materials. They are most commonly red, but are also found orange, green, brown, black, clear, yellow, and purple. There are also blue garnets, but they are incredibly rare, and not found in GemStone IV's treasure system. The only colors of garnets available are red, orange, violet-red, and green.

A carbuncle is another name for an almandite garnet.

List of Garnets

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.

Rarity: Common
Average value:

an almandine garnet

Description:   This rounded garnet crystal is reminiscent of a pomegranate seed. It is a deep, dark red with just a tinge of purple and has a waxy luster.
Note: Almandine is often spelled almandite.

Rarity: Infrequent
Average value: 480
Location: Icemule Trace

a blood red garnet

Description:   So deep a violet-red as to appear almost black, several garnet crystals combine to form a complex, multifaceted crystal. A few inclusions deep within add a mysterious depth.

Average value:
Location: Isle of the Four Winds

a dark purple sunset garnet

Description:   Flecks of metallic magenta and orange flicker beneath the smooth contours of the stone, highlighting the rich purple curves. When light strikes the unfaceted jewel, it glistens in a tiny, refulgent imitation of the sky at sunset.

Average value: 750
Location: Hinterwilds

a deep red-violet garnet

Description:   Though small, the garnet is a striking display of vivid hue and shine. Though predominantly possessed of a lush incarnadine color, the gem shades toward a blushed violet at its core, the colors clashing in a way that is both beautiful and strange.

Rarity: Infrequent
Average value: 700

a green garnet

Description:   Although small, this cubic garnet crystal has such perfect natural facets that it appears to be already cut. It is a transparent apple green, with the pure luster of clean glass.

Rarity: Infrequent
Average value: 700
Location: Elven Nations

an orange spessartine garnet

Description:   Tiny inclusions at the heart of the brilliant orange garnet shine like sparks dancing up from a campfire. The stream-polished stone is smooth, marred by only a few chips and roughened spots, and it shimmers brilliantly as light falls across its surface.

Rarity: Very rare
Average value: 1500-2000
Location: The Rift

a sanguine wyrm's-eye garnet

Description:   The garnet's blood red tone, deep and luxurious, is mottled with a pattern that resembles a reptilian eye. Faint streaks create the rims and a fleck located precisely where a reflection of light might fall gives the illusion a disquieting sense that something is staring back at you.