Gem-eating runestaff

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Gem-eating runestaff is a category of runestaff that will change special abilities depending on what gem is inset in its socket.

Existing Items

Six runestaves were released at the Great Auction of 2016. They price range was between 20,000,000 and 100,000,00 silvers.

Description Show
Without gem a deep blue lor runestaff Coraesine runes spiral about the length of the runestaff to the empty socket that caps it. Atop the lor runestaff is an empty socket that looks ready to have a gem pushed into it.
With gem a deep blue lor runestaff capped by <gem>. Coraesine runes spiral about the length of the runestaff to the <gem> that caps it. It appears that a firm pull would unseat the gem..

Special Abilities

The flares are:

  • Lightning: opal (exception: fire opal)
  • Fire: fire opal, sapphires (exception: blue sapphire)
  • Cold: blue sapphire, gem (example: aquamarine gem, golden beryl gem)
  • Impact: stone (example: turquoise stone, green malachite stone)
  • Vacuum: unknown
  • Mana: dreamstone
  • Acuity: unknown

Verb Traps

PUSH Gem in hand: You push your <gem> into the empty socket on your runestaff, and it clicks into place. <Person> pushes her <gem> into an empty socket on her runestaff, and it clicks into place.
No gem in hand: You push the heel of your empty hand against the vacant socket on your lor runestaff. As you examine the shallow indentations that the sharp prongs have left, you think that it might work better with a gem in your hand. <Person> pushes the heel of her empty hand against her lor runestaff.
Gem in Runestaff: You brush your palm across your lor runestaff and notice that there's already a <gem> within the runestaff. Did you want to pull the sapphire out? <Person > passes her hand over the <gem> adorning her lor runestaff.
PULL No gem: You trace your fingers along the empty gem socket on your lor runestaff, but there is not a gem within. <Person> absently traces her finger along the empty gem socket on her lor runestaff.


The first thing that strikes you about the runestaff is the weight, which is about 3 pounds. You also feel it's quite valuable.

An aura of magic surrounds the runestaff as if it is an item of considerable power. You also sense that its ability is transient, and that its power originates from the socket that caps it.

Gem: A strong aura of magic radiates from the socket atop the runestaff. Nestled within the socket, an aquamarine gem glows as you sing, as if it is the source of the runestaff's ability and power. The harmonics generated tell you that it has been blessed by a <type> elemental.

No gem: A dim aura of magic radiates from the the empty socket atop the runestaff. You sense that it has something to do with the runestaff's power, and that the lack of a gem renders the runestaff somehow incomplete.

Shavings and curled chips of wood lie scattered about the feet of a tunic-clad lass of fair complexion, angular features, and flaxen hair. Looking up from the runestaff, she brushes free the last loose bits of wood and smiles over her shoulder at a grey-haired weaponsmith who nods approvingly. With a slight smile he lifts a gleaming, eight-pronged socket of cast gold and slips it gently into place on the runestaff's head. His lips move in obvious praise as he removes the socket. The vision slowly fades...

Smoke slowly wafts skyward from the forge as the burly, grey-haired weaponsmith carefully places the runestaff on a golden anvil. Turning the runestaff as he works, he drives each of socket's six tines into the side of the shaft, forever joining socket with runestaff. Kneeling in a circle around the smith, nine brown-robed monks chant continuously in prayer. The weaponsmith slowly lifts his head and smiles as he gazes upon the fully assembled weapon. A young acolyte carrying a brown velvet pillow runs up to the smith and kneels before him. Lifting a gem from the pillow, the burly man raises it skyward. The chanting grows in volume as he takes hold of the runestaff and presses the gem into its socket. The vision slowly fades...

You feel as though you have reached the end of the runestaff's song.

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