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A gemshop is a common shop where adventurers can sell gems and jewelry (such as necklaces, goblets, and statuettes) found in the treasure system.

When used in a gemshop, the APPRAISE verb will give the exact value of a gem or piece of jewelry. Gems may be sold in bulk by placing them in a container and using the command "SELL {container}". Jewelry must be sold separately. Each gemshop has an upper limit on the price it is willing to pay for a single item (somewhere between 25,000 to 50,000 silvers), and may completely refuse to take exceptionally valuable jewelry (typically magical or enhancive).

Similar to pawnshops, each gemshop has a backroom where recently sold jewelry (but not gems) can be repurchased. Jewelry may be sold at pawnshops as well, but gemshops usually pay much more for the same item.

The sale value of gems may be improved by Bards with Purification Song (1004). Orb gems are especially useful as magical foci.