Geniselle Anaya Faendryl

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Geniselle Anaya Faendryl was the thirteenth Faendryl Patriarch, and the first "Matriarch". Having grown up in a political family, she learned a great deal about politics, and with a small force of troops, usurped the throne. She knew that tradition stated that a male led the elves, and therefore she knew that she could not rule indefinitely. Instead, she held the throne until her son Yshryth Silvius Faendryl could take it. Yshryth's first change as Patriarch was the illegalization of assassination of the Patriarch, and as such, he immediately sentenced Geniselle to death by beheading for taking the throne in the first place.

Patriarch of the House of Faendryl
Preceded by: Succeeded by:
Unknown (Eventually Xethlin Baelras Faendryl) Yshryth Silvius Faendryl

Faendryl Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
None known Yshryth Silvius Faendryl (Son)

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