Glamour crystal

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Glamour crystals are neckworn feature and inventory hiding concealers. They do not hide a character's name when entering or leaving a room or other activities, only when you LOOK at the character. This glamour does not affect the character looking in mirrors, and the old style robe and knight crystals only show the persons height and weight. A newer version was released during Duskruin Arena "MoonShard Hunter," which also shows one's deity, but only has one color.

LOOK CHARACTER: You see a tall, fairly slender figure with features hidden by a deeply hooded, austere sable robe.

LOOK CRYSTAL: Looking into the crystal you see the distorted image of a figure dressed in an austere sable robe.

Known crystals

a dark crystal: dark, black, brown, sable, ebon, grey (deeply hooded, austere <color> robes)

a shimmering golden crystal: copper-hued, opalescent, iridescent, golden, silver, white (deeply hooded, radiant <color> robes)

a shining silvery crystal: mithril, steel, golden, silver, white (shining <color> knight)


RUB: As person rubs his dark crystal the air around him seems to flicker slightly and then a robed figure is standing in his place.

REMOVE: As the robed figure removes a dark crystal pendant from around its neck the air around it seems to waver oddly as person is revealed in its place.

TOUCH 1st person: As you stroke your fingers along the faceted sides of your dark crystal it flickers momentarily and the color of the glamour surrounding you shifts. (changes colors)

TOUCH 3rd person: As the robed figure touches its dark crystal it flickers momentarily as the color of the figure's robe shifts.