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:an infinite charge 606 ([[Phoen's Strength]]) item.
:an infinite charge 606 ([[Phoen's Strength]]) item.
a tiny black hand
[[coin hand|a tiny black hand]]
:a [[coin hand]]
====Dagger Collection====
====Dagger Collection====

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Glimmin Goodhand
Glimmin Goodhand, Premier Grandmaster of the Rogue Guild
Race Halfling
Class Rogue
Profession Master Locksmith
Religion Oleani
Disposition Chaotic Good
Demeanor grumpy
Habits grumbles

Glimmin Goodhand was a halfling rogue and Premier Grandmaster of the Rogue Guild, being among the first rogues to complete Lock Mastery. He was active in Solhaven, especially during the Griffin Sword Saga. After many years of adventuring, he retired to Teras Isle for the pleasant climate and to help administer the Rogue Guild.


You see Glimmin Goodhand the Master Locksmith.
He appears to be a Halfling.
He is short. He appears to be old. He has brooding, crow-footed brown eyes and tanned skin. He has balding, greasy black hair that has retreated to two small tufts above his ears. He has a shadow of stubble covering the lower half of his face, a flaring nose and large feet. He has a gold tooth in the upper right corner of his mouth.
He is wearing a thin black cotton mask, a midnight black cloak clasped with a tiny shadowglass orb, a black leather dagger bandolier, some silenced black halfling chainmail, a pair of black lockpicking gloves, a pouch-laden utility belt, a black cotton loot bag, and some simple black cotton pants.

Notable Treasures

a golden sum emblem

A radiant sunburst of pure gold explodes outward from a circular turquoise disk. Set into the center of the symbol is a perfectly round yellow sunstone.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
Light fuels the inner fire.
an infinite charge 606 (Phoen's Strength) item.

a tiny black hand

Dagger Collection

a misty grey coraesine dagger

Veniom swoops and curls into a filigreed hilt whose seemingly wild arabesques spiral together to form a many-layered cross-guard. Sky blue at the pommel, the veniom pales into misty grey as it nears the blade before merging almost seamlessly into the coraesine that forms the dagger itself. Shards of opalescent thunderstone set into the cross-guard form a sweeping script that spell out the word "Zephyr."
5x impure coraesine, air flares, double strike flares, morph ball, wind’s whisper, thorns of the wind
purchased at Commencement of Coraesine Forest 2018.

an ebony-hilted dark steel dagger

The darkened steel of the blade is sharp, but pitted in several places. The ebony hilt of the weapon bears carved bone animal skulls on either side, both adorned with faceted ruby eyes. Underneath one of the skulls is the word, "Shadow."
5x somewhat crit weighted (6 points),
won in a story-telling contest at Ebon Gate.

a scorched black drakar dagger

The ebony hilt of the dagger has been carved into the shape of a black dragon whose wings fold outward to form the cross-guard and whose head reaches up to breathe out the crimson flames etched all along the scorched metal blade. Tiny reticulated rubies form the eyes of the drake and underneath one of its wings is the word, "Hellfire."
5x fire flares
won in a raffle at the Spitfire.

a frosty white rhimar dagger

The gradual curve of the ivory-hued hilt hints at its origins as a sabre-tooth tiger's incisor. An oblong disc of platinum interrupts the tooth before it narrows to its natural razor-sharp point, protecting the wielder from harm. Set within the platinum pommel, a cabochon frost opal glitters with the same blue-white hue as the chilly rhimar blade. Etched in a flowing script at the base of the blade is the word, "Frostbite."
5x cold flares
won in a raffle at the Spitfire.

an earthen brown gornar dagger

The small gornar weapon appears to have been carved straight from solid stone. Gradually shifting shades of brown and ochre slide along the blade as if scratched from eons of rock grinding against rock. Sitting un-mined in the earthen pommel is an uncut diamond. Chiseled beneath the cross-guard in rectangular letters is the word, "Tremor."
5x vibe flares
won in a raffle at the Spitfire.

a corroded grey rolaren dagger

Two grooves twist along the blade from cupped hilt to wicked point, following the jagged turns of the serrated edges. A faint liquid sheen clings to the inside of the grooves, suggesting that they have formed naturally from the constant caress of some corrosive fluid. Beneath the single nugget of waxy grey caederine that caps the pommel, the metal of the hilt has been eaten away to form the moniker, "Defiler."
5x acid flares

a sinuous green vultite dagger

The blade of this narrow dagger curves slightly, like a long fang from some vicious beast. Composed of green tinged vultite, the blade flows into a scale-textured cross-guard shaped like a coiling snake that grasps the ivory handle in its open mouth. The pale ivory widens at the pommel to encompass a deep green dragonfire emerald. Scratched into the opposite side of the hilt is the word, "Venom."
A small stud is imbedded into the base of the green vultite dagger. The green vultite dagger is covered in foul-smelling murky umber oil.
5x poison flares
won poison adding service at Ebon Gate.

a dark serrated bone-hilted dagger

The long, curved handle of stark white bone contrasts sharply with the dark polished steel of the blade of this dagger. Worn smooth by years of use, faint runes are barely noticeable as rises in the bone now and are combined with the shard of onyx imbedded into where the pommel would be. The blade itself is marred by small blemishes along its length and constantly appears to be on the verge of condensation, causing a wavering effect. Carved faintly at the top of the hilt are the words, "Traitor's Death."
4x steam flares
won in a raffle at Ebon Gate.