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March 2023 · April 2023 · Full List
  • April 22, 7pm EST

Automated Auction:

a sugar-dusted stained recipe card Fluff: Custom Confection Creator 9,000,000
a wreath-etched ebon property voucher Property: Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 115,000,000
a seven-gemmed silver ring Combat: Element Eater 176,000,000
a stylized rosewood feather wound with ivory suede cords Enhancive: +10 to Spell Aiming, +10 EL: Fire Bonus
Familiar talisman - T4
Custom - a colorful flame-wreathed kestrel
Unique ambients
a faceted scarlet despanal ball glimmering with spidery gold veins OSA: Port Sphere - Tier 4 41,000,000
an icy blue gown-shaped card Fluff: Custom Icy Gown 330,000,000
a columnar cholla wood fetish impaled by a slender fulgurite shard Enhancive: +10 to Spell Aiming, +5 to EL: Water Bonus, +5 to EL: Air Bonus
Familiar talisman - T4
Custom - a gold-throated antelope jackrabbit
Unique ambients
a copper-geared nail press Fluff: Nail Press 130,000,000
an Eye-of-Koar talisman Combat: Supercharger 385,000,000
a moon-embossed dark purple property voucher Property: Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 110,000,000
a sinuous runestaff of white-veined spiraling glowbark Weapon: 160,000,000
an ancient leather grimoire Teleporation: Unique 525,000,000
a pearlescent web-worked bracer Combat: Spider Bracer 340,000,000
a delicate faenor ring cradling a perfect sphere of emerald vaelfyren Enhancive: +3 Spirit Recovery, +2 Max Spirit 245,000,000
a fragile shimmering egg Fluff: Custom Lovable Lizard 81,000,000
an enruned leather-bound book Enhancive: +40 MIU Bonus 32,000,000
a coconut mask-etched orange property voucher Property: Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 110,250,000
some toughened monster flesh Combat: MonstrFlesh +5 Crit Padding 250,000,000
an effervescent absinthe green tincture Boost Potion: +2000 Enchanting 50,000,000
some pale green sea urchin shell brigandine with amaranthine stippling Armor: Shell Armor 120,000,000
a sugar-dusted stained recipe card Fluff: Custom Confection Creator 29,500,000
a small snakeskin sack Weapon: Two Parasitic short swords 85,000,000
an ornamental faewood amulet Magical: Amulet of the Arkati - Greater 360,000,000
an enruned eahnor scarab Enhancive: Regen Bug (Tilaok) 500,000,000
some flame-hued eahnor haubergeon Armor: Elven Armor - Tier 4 180,000,000
a rune-carved black vaalin medallion Teleportation: 12-setting 385,000,000
a swirled deep cobalt and violet duskjewel brooch Combat: +17 DB item 400,000,000
an enruned black ora scarab Enhancive: Regen Bug (Lornon) 460,000,000
some calloused monster flesh Combat: MonstrFlesh +5 Damage Padding 230,000,000
a turtle-embossed canary yellow property voucher Property: Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 110,250,000
a caramel brushed suede cloak Enhancive: +10 to Strength Base + scripted noun change 80,000,000
some fibrous monster flesh Combat: MonstrFlesh +5 Thrown Weapons Bonus 250,000,000
a giant boot Teleportation: [Kobold Village, Wehnimer's Landing] 300,000,000
some ensigiled augmeneted chain Armor: Mana-infused Armor - Tier 5 123,000,000
a seafoam green property voucher Property: Bayview Manor - Vornavis 595,000,000
a hollow soulstone wand Magical: Soulstone Wand 410,000,000
a temporal warpike Weapon: One Hundred Seconds
Enchant from +1 to +100 and flares determined by timestamp when CLENCHED
a lacquered ebony instrument case Container: Busker's case 125,000,000
some ensigiled cuirbouilli leathers Armor: Mana-infused Armor - Tier 5 80,000,000
a feather-embossed sky blue property voucher Property: Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 80,000,000
an intricate aranthium mesh wand harness inscribed with astral runes Combat: Wandolier 380,000,000
a fish-etched green property voucher Property: Nereid's Cradle Bungalow 91,507,500
a spiraling vor'taz horn chisel Magical: Gem Chisel 95,000,000
a polished silver weapons case with scrollworked onyx accents Weapon: Greater Somnis UCS set 290,000,000
an ancient silver-rimmed mirror Magical: Dorian Gray Mirror 100,000,000
a pearlescent purple philter Boost Potion: +2000 Ensorcell 80,000,000
a suit of jagged-edged black alloy armor Armor: Cursed Armor - Tier 4 180,000,000
an articulated eonake appendage Combat: Fully Unlocked Eonak Arm 250,000,000
a ripped talisman picture Magical: Custom Familiar w/ SK 920 440,000,000
some shadowy black shadarl armor banded with kelyn Armor: Shadarl
Martial Knowledge 5: Burst of Swiftness
an enormous eonake gauntlet Magical: Eonake Gauntlet 350,000,000
an enruned leather-bound book Enhancive: +40 AS Bonus 40,000,000
a dusk blue tome Combat: Thaumaturge Tome - Tier 5 1,000,000,000
a silver-spined dextral conch shell cross-bound by leather cords Fluff: Full Illusion 35,000,000
a hooded rose brocade cassock lined with pale silk Enhancive: +10 to Logic Base + scripted noun change 50,000,000
a leaf-bladed enruned golvern katar Weapon: Blink Katar 260,000,000
a shining urnon pie box painted with dancing kobolds Fluff: Pie Box
1x/hour remote pie-to-the-face
Generates pies or allows pre-loading
some ensigiled half plate Armor: Mana-infused Armor - Tier 5 68,250,000
a water-filled jelly opal egg encapsulating multicolored inclusions OSA: Weather Orb 61,000,000
a cracked faewood amulet Magical: Amulet of the Arkati - Lesser 157,000,000
a tightly woven leather harness Combat: Gnomish Recon Corps Harness
2/100 front-worn T4 pirate harness-equivalent
Allows 2s flight (height-matching) with 5s cooldown
NOT an unlock for pirate harnesses, just parallel fluff
an inscribed heavy granite contraption ringed with basalt Teleportation: 2x per 2 weeks Cross-Realm Group 320,000,000
a pair of ebon leather gloves with mattle kelyn knuckles Weapon: MK Ki Focus and Knockout flares 131,250,000
a pale ice blue linen mantle Enhancive: +10 to Dexterity Base + scripted noun change 65,000,000
a temporal warsword Weapon: One Hundred Seconds
Enchant from +1 to +100 and flares determined by timestamp when CLENCHED
a cylindrical wyrmscale herb kit Fluff: Fully Unlocked Survivalist's Kit 120,000,000
some ensigiled leather hunts Armor: Mana-infused Armor - Tier 5 170,000,000
an ancient yellowed tome Magical: 1x/day 1750 + Scripted 137,550,000
a polished lasimor case inlaid with dark green vaelfyren vines Weapon: Briar Naginata and Accessory Set 100,000,000
an eonake-edged indigo ghezyte katana etched with scintillating chromatic runes Weapon: +25, fully sanctified, ghezyte, rotating flares (heat, cold, vacuum) 120,000,000
a nacre panel-inset box Fluff: AQ Dreamfire set 90,000,000
a sigil-carved glowbark runestaff Weapon: Sigil Staff - Tier 5 + 6x Acuity Flares 220,000,000
a dusky gray silk jacket secured with a cluster of jewels Enhancive: +10 to Agility Base + scripted noun choice 44,000,000
an odd-looking plant Fluff: 126,000,000
a silver-strung helix of entwined fel and grey spruce Enhancive: +10 to Spell Aiming, +10 to EL: Air Bonus
Familiar talisman - T4
Custom - a smoke-swirled hooded crow
Unique ambients
an ornate blood red jewel Magical: Alchemist's Stone 300,000,000
an effervescent white elixir Boost Potion: +2000 Sanctify 75,000,000
a crimson watered silk cloak stitched with angular runic shapes Container: Dramatic Drapery - Tier 5 200,000,000
a blue-spined brown leather tome Magical: 3x/2 days 1750 - Fash'lo'Nae's Forbidden book 127,000,000
a golvern targe displaying concentric rings of crimson and navy Shield: Captain Elanthia buckler
Martial Knowledge 5 - Shield Bash
some brass and sterling silver goggles Combat: Sharpshooter Specs 1,570,000,000
- - 18,272,557,500