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The grantris is a demon archetype which originates from the Lorae'tyr valence. It is not known to have any subtypes. It is classified as a minor demon, and as such, can be summoned through the use of Minor Summoning (725).

Physical Description

The grantris is a centipede like creature, a little smaller than a small dog. They do not have a carapace, and instead have a soft skinned body, which is covered by small hairs that twitch in response to sound, movement, or touch. The grantris bears hundreds of thousands of legs, which are used not only for movement, but to balance things upon their backs. As with many other insects, the grantis is able to rub its legs together to make sound. It possesses an exceptional ability to mimic noises heard, as well as create its own sound in complex variations. Their skin is often found in dull colors, such as brown or grey. Their eyes are often more vibrant, found ranging from fiery reds to silvers.

Society and Behavior

The grantris does not seem capable of sentient thought, therefore any complex society seems unlikely. However, given its ability to communicate with its legs, it is very likely that it does and is capable of communicating with others of its own kind, perhaps for courtship or to warn others of threats.

The grantris is an extremely nervous being, constantly circling around searching for a place of safety, usually under something. When forced to come out, a grantris will simply circle incessantly until it is allowed a new place to hide. When particularly frightened, the hairs on its body will twitch more than usual, and the grantris will circle even faster. It has been recorded that in some extreme circumstances, a grantris will become so frightened that its fear will cause a backlash which severs the bond between it and its summoner.

Mechanical Benefits and Flaws

The grantris is capable of holding more items than any other demon, a total of four. It is also rather fast. Its base mana capacity for mana holding is extremely low. While the rest of its abilities are rather average in their scale, it has a particular limitation on its ability to deliver messages, in that it can only mimic elven based languages. As such, it is only able to deliver messages in elven, sylvan, and dark elven.