Grapple critical table (UCS)

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Grapple critical table (UCS):

This table lists the critical messaging and status effects associated with the Unarmed Combat System's Grapple attacks.

Attack Type AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Damage Type
Grapple DF .250 .200 .160 .120 .100 4 Grapple

Important note: This table is not to be confused with the Grapple critical table which contains messaging for ensnare type attacks associated with AS/DS combat mechanics.


  • A - Amputation (limb loss)
  • F - Fatal (death critical)
  • Fv - Favors limb
  • K w/ksp - Knockdown (Kk kneeling),(Kp prone),(Ks sitting)
  • R - Injury level (rank 1, 2 or 3)
  • S - Stun w/number of rounds
  • Sil - Silence
  • Slo - Slow effect
  • Slp - Sleep (unconscious state)
  • x - Unknown stun round


Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Good form, but only managed to catch the nose, barely tweaking it. None None
1 3 Grab to head falls short, and fingers find no purchase. None None
2 6 Brief ear hold yanks the [target]'s head to the side! None R1
3 9 Grab to the [target]'s face digs deep, producing bloody gouges. S2 R1
4 12 Forehead slam to nose results in dislocation! S3 R1
5 16 Well timed elbow to the jaw causes the [target]'s mouth to suddenly snap shut, catching the tongue! S4 R2
6 20 Head gripped and pulled down violently. Face collides with incoming knee, smashing nose to pieces! S6 Slo R2
7 24 Fast grab-and-slam to head smashes the wraith's teeth to pieces! You talkin' to me? S8 Sil R2
8 28 Repeated blows to both sides of the head dizzies foe! Sx Sil Slo R3
9 36 The [target]'s head crushed between legs in a leaping takedown! Skull doesn't stand a chance! F R3
10 36 Powerful grip twists head around until it faces backwards, giving the [target] a new perspective on life! F R3
11 40 Awesome grapple pulls head from body! F R3 head R2 neck
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Grab to the head just tweaks the neck. None None
1 3 Grabbed from behind. Whiplash! ? None
2 6 Weak grip. Fingernails leave bloody scratches as foe pulls away. None R1
3 9 Arms wrap around neck. Headlock! Sil S2 R1
4 12 Fingers sink deep into soft neck tissue. S4 R1
5 15 Arm snakes in under the [target]'s chin, cutting off the air supply. S4 Sil R2
6 18 Sharp blow to throat, impacting larynx. Actions speak louder than words! S5 Sil R2
7 21 Sharp twist to neck leaves head dangling to the side! S6 Sil R2
8 24 Hands wrap around neck, reducing blood flow to the brain. That's the stuff dreams are made of! S8 Sil Slp R3
9 28 Sudden twist rewarded by a wet *POP!* in the neck. ? R3
10 32 A sharp vicious twist snaps the [target]'s neck! F R3
11 36 Powerful grip twists head around until it faces backwards, giving the [target] a new perspective on life! F R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Attempted eye gouge falls just short! None None
1 3 Sudden lunge at eye catches the eyebrow instead! None ?
2 6 Forehead slam causes the [target]'s right/left eye to roll in its socket! S2 R1
3 9 Head squeeze compresses right/left eye from the outside! S2 R1
4 12 Elbow to right eye dazes him. S3 R1
5 16 Quick clench to right/left eye makes the [target] see the light! S4 Slo R1
6 20 Sudden slam to right/left eye causes swelling. It's a study in scarlet! ? R2
7 24 Eye socket provides a convenient fingerhold! S8 R3
8 28 Lightning-fast gouge to right/left socket brings the eye along when it withdraws! S9 R3
9 32 Strong gouge turns right/left eye into jelly! Sx R3
10 36 Awesome slam to front of skull drives bone shards into both eyes... from the inside! F R3 eye R2 head
11 40 Double gouge puts both eyeballs as the first thing in the [target]'s mind! F R3 eye R2 head
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Attempted slam to chest, but you just bounce off. None None
1 4 Strong push to chest, but it only rocks the [target] back a pace. None None
2 8 Slam to chest forces a grunt from the [target]! None R1
3 12 Sudden charge to chest knocks the [target] backwards! Ks R1
4 16 Well-executed grapple pins and leaves the [target] short of breath! S1 Slo R1
5 20 Sudden balance shift throws the [target] forward! Kp S2 R1
6 24 Leaping scissor takedown puts the squeeze on the [target]! S3 Kp R2
7 28 The [target] pinned in a crushing grip! Sx Slo R2
8 32 Powerful charge catches the [target] by surprise, forcing air from its lungs! S4 Slo R2
9 36 Crushing hug punctures both lungs with its own ribs! S8 R3
10 40 Magnificent grapple exposes ribcage to air in several areas! The [target] wheezes heavily. S8 Slo R3
11 44 Solid blow to chest smashes through ribcage! F R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Awkward grasp slaps the [target] across the belly! None None
1 4 Solid squeeze on abdomen makes life uncomfortable. None None
2 8 Sudden elbow to the gut causes the [target] to exhale suddenly. Ks Slo R1
3 12 Well-placed knee to stomach drives the breath from the [target] with a *WHOOSH!* S1 Slo R1
4 16 Grapple to stomach pins the [target] neatly! S4 Slo R1
5 20 Strong strike to the stomach leaves the [target] sucking for wind! S4 Slo R1
6 24 Repeated blows to the abdomen put the [target] incredibly off-balance! Sx Slo R2
7 28 Good blow to gut disturbs last night's dinner! The [target] suddenly looks pale! S6 Slo R2
8 32 Powerful grasp squeezes abdominal muscles! The [target] won't be doing sit-ups anytime soon! S8 Slo R2
9 36 Forceful squeeze compresses digestive system! S10 R2
10 40 Incredibly clench abruptly gives the [target] a wasp-waist figure! Sx R3
11 44 The [target] is nearly torn into two pieces as the abdomen is compressed back toward the spine! Sx F? R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Sudden dive at the [target] just catches the back, but does no real harm. None None
1 4 Attempted throw does little more than bruise the back. None None
2 8 Powerful shove to the shoulder blades staggers foe! None R1
3 12 Abrupt charge impacts the back, throwing the [target] forward! Kk R1
4 16 Sudden pressure on spine causes the [target] to sit up and pay attention! Sx? R1
5 20 Repeated blows to spine forces the [target] to double over in agony! That's okay, pain is only weakness leaving the body! Kk S4 Slo R1
6 24 Hard blow dislocates shoulder! S5 R2
7 28 Double strike to the upper and lower back! S6 R2
8 32 Firm grasp from behind! The [target]'s vertebrae begin to break! S7 Kk R2
9 36 Grapple to center spine adds curves never intended by nature! S8 Kk R3
10 40 Strong clench to back bends foe far over! That may be the [target]'s last bow! F R3
11 44 Spine snaps like a dry twig! F R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 The [target] shakes off a weak arm grab. None None
1 3 Right/Left arm bent into an awkward position, but there's no force behind it. None None
2 6 Right/Left arm twisted behind back, throwing the [target] off-balance. Fv R1
3 9 Right/Left arm grabbed and twisted behind back. Bones begin to crack. Fv no stun R1
4 12 Grabbed at elbow! Right/Left arm snapped to side, leaving the bone protruding. S2 Fv R2
5 15 Firm grip and weight shift dislocates right/left arm. Perfect form! S4 Fv R2
6 18 Strong yank to right/left arm forces the [target] into an awkward off-balance tumble. S4 K Fv R2
7 21 Fast grab-and-twist forces right/left elbow to bend the wrong way S5 Fv R2
8 24 The [target] is flipped head-over-heels, landing badly on right/left arm S6 Kp Fv R2
9 27 Right/Left arm yanked out of socket as a strong grapple sends foe sprawling! S7 Kp R2
10 30 Right/Left arm torn out at the shoulder! S8 A R3
11 33 Amazing throw sends the [target] in one direction, but right/left arm stays behind! S10 Kp A R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Weak grip is ineffective. Pinky hold! None None
1 2 Right/Left hand grasped for a moment before grip is lost. Barely more than a handshake. None None
2 4 Hard finger wrench, but the [target] quickly recovers. None R1
3 6 Fast yank sends foe tumbling sideways, landing awkwardly on the right/left hand! Kp Fv R1
4 8 Sudden twist to right/left wrist! S1 R1
5 10 Several fingers badly wrenched! Fine motor control impacted. S2 Fv R2
6 12 Fingers smashed on right/left hand! S4 R2
7 15 Hard grip breaks thumb in three places! S4 Fv R2
8 18 Strong grasp to right/left hand! Wrist stretches like taffy! S5 Fv R2
9 21 Firm wrist lock! Right/Left hand snapped back over on itself. Ouch! S6 R2
10 24 Amazingly strong handclasp tugs at the right/left wrist, hard! I wanna hold your hand... S8 R2
11 27 Amazing twist-and-pull pulls right/left hand off like a cork! S10 A R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Attempt to grapple right/left leg fails as the [target] moves aside. None None
1 3 Ineffective partial throw as the [target] hops back on right/left leg. None None
2 6 Grab to right/left ankle briefly pulls the [target] off-balance. None R1
3 9 Quick move yanks right/left leg out from under the [target] Kp R1
4 12 Well-executed reap leaves the [target] stumbling to maintain balance! No stun Fv R2
5 15 Powerful grab twists right/left knee. The [target] will be moving stiffly for a while! S2 Fv R2
6 18 Sliding takedown buckles right/left leg! S3? Kp R2
7 21 Right/Left knee cracks loudly as it gets wrenched out of position! S4 Fv R2
8 24 Right/Left ankle snapped sideways resulting in a clean break! S5 Kp Fv R2
9 27 Lightning-fast move sends ankle in one direction and knee in the other! *SNAP!* S6 A Kp R3
10 30 Crushing grasp pulps upper right thigh into uselessness! S7 A Kp R3
11 33 Powerful tug pulls right/left hip, and leg, free of the socket! S8 A R3
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