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1. Simutronics has the right to revert or delete any edit it deems objectionable or that is not in Simutronics' best interest.

2. Edit respectfully and civilly. All edits should be focused on content of the page and not directed at any editor(s). Any edits which are deemed abusive and made in bad faith will be deleted.

3. Any edits which falsely present the words or actions of a staff member or wiki moderator are expressly prohibited.

4. No advertisements. This includes notices that you are selling any type of item for real money, or characters for any type of currency (real or game currency).

5. All answers to in-game puzzles must be accompanied by a spoiler banner at the top of the relevant page or section or that answer will be deleted.

6. Consider good grammar and punctuation. One purpose of the wiki is to be a useful source for information and poorly written edits can stand in the way of others understanding.

7. No "spamming." "Spamming" is the term used to describe posting the same message or substantially the same message in serveral places at the same time time. Bots, if used, must be monitored to insure no intentional or accidental spamming of inappropriate pages or messaging. If you are unsure what the proper page would be to add the information you want to contribute, post on the forums or contact a fellow editor.

8. No vulgarity or obscenity in edits. This includes "masked" vulgarity where you substitute symbols for letters (such as $ for S); however, if the word you intended to use is still obvious to all, it is a violation. Sometimes it's hard to determine which words are considered "vulgar." If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother or in a job interview, don't say it here.