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HUM causes a character to hum a tune. The type of tune is based on the character's demeanor. Bards will hum more skillfully than other characters.

Messaging for HUM (no target or style)
Demeanor Bard Non-bard
Cold You skillfully hum an old funeral dirge. You hum a disjointed, angry little tune.
Reserved You hum a stately melody. You hum quietly to yourself.
Neutral You hum a little tune, making it up along the way. You hum a random, wandering tune.
Friendly You hum a happy tune, skillfully expressing your friendly mood. You attempt to hum a merry little tune.
Warm You hum a jaunty melody, masterfully exploring the cheerful notes. You do your best at humming a joyful tune.
>hum help

    HUM           - Hum to yourself, based on demeanor
    HUM {style}   - Hum to yourself in a particular style
    HUM {target}  - Hum at someone or something

Where {style} is one of the following:
    HAPPY      SAD    ANGRY
    SURPRISE   LORE*   SKILLFUL* (*Bard only)

>hum HAPPY
You hum happily to yourself.

>hum SAD
You hum a sad little tune.

>hum ANGRY
You hum angrily to yourself.

You give a short little hum of surprise.

>hum LORE
You hum an old {character's race} tune.

You hum a masterful melody, embellishing each note as only a bard can.