Hazelnut Honeybrook

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Hazelnut Honeybrook, Icemule Trace mayoral candidate representing the Tavern Burrow

Hazelnut Honeybrook was born and raised in Icemule Trace, but has spent over a decade outside of the boundaries of the town, traveling the world. He studied among the elves of Ta'Loenthra and is a working troubadour of some renown. His decision to seek the Tavern Burrow's nomination was a surprise to many business owners in the area, who say they back Honeybrook because of his business-friendly leanings and strong sense of integrity.

Honeybrook's platform has been difficult to nail down. He has expressed a strong desire to see Icemule Trace look outward to other cultures and make the town more welcoming to all peoples. Conscious of his political inexperience, he has vowed to seek sage advisors and engage in communal efforts to craft Icemule Trace's path forward.

In his own words: "Before Icemule Trace can be great, it has to focus on being good. Be kind to one another."