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This article is about the concept of health points. For the verb, see HEALTH (verb).

Health, measured in Health Points (HP), is one of the main indicators of a character or creature's physical well-being. It is independent of any wounds someone may have. HP can be lost by being hit in combat, or gradually when bleeding, diseased, or poisoned. Loss of HP is commonly referred to as "blood loss" regardless of the actual source. Characters with substantial HP loss will suffer reduced effectiveness in combat, and if someone's HP drops to 0, they will die. It is possible to die even with positive HP if suffering a sufficiently severe critical injury or from spirit loss.

HP is generally shown in clients as a red bar, and can be checked with the HEALTH verb.

The natural rate of health regeneration is very slow. To recover lost health, characters should seek out an empath or use a healing herb such as acantha leaf.

Maximum HP

A level 0 character will have around 10 HP, which increases with training in Physical Fitness by around 1 to 10 HP per rank until reaching the maximum attainable by the character's race. Constitution bonus adds directly to maximum HP. For example, Dark Elves have a natural maximum of 120 HP, so a Dark Elf character with a Constitution bonus of +15 would have a maximum health value of 135.

Maximum hitpoints based on Race (second value is with maximum constitution bonus)
Aelotoi Burghal Gnome Dark Elf Dwarf Elf Erithian Forest Gnome Giantman Half-Elf Half- Krolvin Halfling Human Sylvan- kind

The maximum HP attainable from enhancive items, spells, or combat maneuver training is the racial maximum + 50. For example, Dark Elves can have up to 170 HP (120 racial max + 50 bonus) from enhancing their HP or Constitution.

HEALTH (verb)

The HEALTH verb will display the character's wounds and scars, maximum health points, remaining health points, maximum spirit points, remaining spirit points, maximum stamina, and remaining stamina. It will also display any bleeding, including the location and rate of health loss per round, as well as poisons and diseases that affect the character, and if the character is overexerted.

When a character is bleeding, the display will show the health lost per round, whether the injury is TENDed, whether the character has the First Aid ability to tend it, and the character's time to tend it.

You have the following injuries: deep gashes and serious bleeding from your chest.
You have the following scars: old battle scars on your right leg and old battle scars on your left leg.

Area         Health per Round         Bandaged         Can Tend?         Tend Time
Chest                6                   No               Yes                3s   

    Maximum Health Points: 152
  Remaining Health Points: 152

    Maximum Spirit Points: 9
  Remaining Spirit Points: 9

    Maximum Stamina Points: 103
  Remaining Stamina Points: 103
[The overexerted condition would be displayed here.]

Poisoned!  Taking 65 damage per round.  Dissipating 5 per round.
[Diseases would be displayed here.]

Behind the scenes

While GemStone IV generally uses the term "health points" as a measure of health, some older documentation may instead use the ICE terms "hit points" or "concussion hits".

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