Heist of the Dawn Rose

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Heist of the Dawn Rose! on 07/15/2016 07:56 PM CDT

The Dawn Rose signified a new peak in modern engineering. Product of a union between Chronomage spells and ingenuity, it is the fastest airship ever built. And it has been stolen.

Taken by the mysterious criminal Vagrance, the ship vanished at ludicrous speeds on the 15th Day of Koaratos. For several days prior to the theft, the cunning human tried to foment support for his heist among the people of Ta'Vaalor. Posing as a diviner, he claimed that his aims were altruistic: that the ship would explode catastrophically if he was not allowed to shut it down. When the citizenry resisted his siren call, he took matters into his own hands and drugged White Wyvern commander Zison Cromell. Authorities among the Crimson Legion were unable to determine the exact poison used, but some have raised the possibility that it was the highly regulated substance Hag's Bane. The poison left a fine powder on the commander's forearms and neck that was quickly absorbed into his skin. Vagrance absconded with the craft's ignition key before stealing the ship itself.

The city is awash in concerns: was Vagrance acting alone? Did he have the support of the Turamzzyrian Empire in the theft of the innovative craft? Where is the criminal now, and what are his plans now that he has his hands on the most advanced piece of technology the Elven Nations have ever seen?

The White Wyverns are taking immediate steps. They have held a meeting and are taking urgent steps to warn all other towns, with Ta'Illistim already contacted about the heist.

One thing is clear: the other nations must be warned. Vagrance is out there, and we have no idea what he will do next.

Auchand Captain of the Firebird