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The following code should be used to start a new Bloodriven Village shop page:

<!-- __TOC__ -->
==Current Inventory==
<section begin=current /><includeonly>
=={Shop Name}==
<!-- Insert shop description and current contents here -->
<section end=current />

<!-- ==Archived Inventory== -->
<section begin=archive /><includeonly>
=={Shop Name}==
<!-- Insert archived contents here -->
<section end=archive />

[[Category: Bloodriven Village Shops|<!-- first LETTER of shop name to sort in category (remove this note) -->]]

Replace {Shop Name} with the shop name in both places. Avoid beginning a name with "The" unless the name doesn't make sense without it.

When an archive is added, the <!-- and --> can be removed from around the table of contents and Archived Inventory header.

Contents should be gathered with the festshop script.