Hervina's Baubles

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Hervina's Baubles is the jewelry shop in Zul Logoth. It is found in the Crystalline Cavern, just west of the local node and can be entered through a bejeweled stone arch. (Note: this is not where gems are sold.)

[Hervina's Baubles]
Numerous small coffers and chests rest upon many carved stone shelves in the shop. The soft white light cast from potted toadstools illuminates the sparkling wares for sale here. Occasionally, gems will fall from a large hole in the back wall, accumulating in an iron-reinforced cart. The jeweler carefully sorts them by type, color and quality into the surrounding containers, from which she harvests only the choicest jewels for her bauble creations.


  1. a tangerine quartz-inset ring         10. a shiny black sphene bat pendant
  2. a thick azurite-inlaid band           11. a tiny white sphene scorpion pendant
  3. a simple silver miner pin             12. a yellow sphene cave lizard pendant
  4. a tiny gold axe clasp                 13. a smooth green sphene veaba pendant
  5. a bejeweled invar hammer pin          14. a rough brown sphene krynch pendant
  6. a foamy mithril stein pin             15. a twisted azurite circlet
  7. a corestone toadstool clasp           16. a dwarf-cut blue eostone necklace
  8. a carved ametrine snail necklace      17. a braided cloud agate-set circlet
  9. an anvil-shaped boulder opal brooch