High Plateau

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The High Plateau was a region of bad lands found north of Danjirland, south of the Lysierian Hills, and west of Glatoph in the Wehnimer's Landing region. It was the source of granite used to construct The Graveyard of the Etrevion family, and was the location of the ruined city of Quellburn in the I.C.E. Age history. It marked the windward edge of the West Country, the fiefdom of Kestrel Etrevion.

The Colossus is found on the High Plateau. While it was part of the Vvrael saga, it may allude to Ugus Fost backstory with the Shards.

Behind The Scenes

Quellburn was changed to "Elanith", as was the term Quellbourne. The "Kingdom of Elanith" was moved south, serving as backstory for River's Rest. They were both ruled by a council of mages that was destroyed from within, collapsing alongside an invasion of trolls and krolvin. Unlike the I.C.E. Age version, there is no known link with the Council of Light, or servants of the Unlife such as Zenon.