Holy symbol creation

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Holy symbol creation takes an existing, wearable, appropriate item and makes it work with Symbol of the Proselyte (340).

  • A symbol will only be set to a deity that clearly matches its description. "A bloodstone impaled heart symbol" would never be set to Lorminstra, when that's clearly a symbol of Mularos. If the symbol is not obvious which deity it is dedicated to, the merchant won't convert it. Symbols dedicated to "other" are the exception.
  • Only items that can be worn can be holy symbols. No weapons, armors, or shields (even though some of those are wearable).
  • Any item can be a holy symbol regardless of its properties (scripted, etc.). A good and acceptable use of this is if there is a Lorminstra cleric who has altered their Premium teleportation jewelry into a key ring. Even though the item has other uses, it is still a symbol of Lorminstra and can be converted (thus will also work with Symbol of the Proselyte).
  • When a symbol is converted, nothing changes about it other than the fact that it is now recognized as a holy symbol.