Hurl Boulder (510)

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Hurl Boulder (510)
Duration Instantaneous
Attack Magic  
Subtype Bolt 
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Major Elemental Spells
Sleep (501) Attack
Chromatic Circle (502) Attack
Thurfel's Ward (503) Defensive
Slow (504) Attack
Hand of Tonis (505) Attack
Celerity (506) Utility
Elemental Deflection (507) Defensive
Elemental Bias (508) Defensive
Strength (509) Offensive
Hurl Boulder (510) Attack
Floating Disk (511) Utility
Cold Snap (512) Attack
Elemental Focus (513) Offensive
Stone Fist (514) Attack
Rapid Fire (515) Utility
Mana Leech (516) Utility
Charge Item (517) Utility
Cone of Elements (518) Attack
Immolation (519) Attack
Mage Armor (520) Defensive
Meteor Swarm (525) Attack
Elemental Disjunction (530) Attack
Haste (535) Utility
Temporal Reversion (540) Defensive
Time Stop (550) Utility

With the Hurl Boulder spell, a small boulder is shot from the palm of the caster and slams into an opponent with devastating force. This is an elemental attack spell and uses the Spell Aiming skill.

Alchemy Recipes

a faceted topaz wand
  1. Add crystalline solution
  2. Add powdered smoky topaz
  3. Simmer
  4. Add 2 doses of bear hide from black bears
  5. Boil
  6. Add coarse glittering earth
  7. Infuse mana
  8. Add s'ayanad crystal
  9. Chant Hurl Boulder (510)
  10. Seal

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