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To understand hybrid professions, one must understand that there are three different spheres of magic: Spiritual, Elemental and Mental. Professions are either aligned with one or two spheres. Those that combine magic from two different spheres are referred to as hybrids.

Hybrid professions are characterized and easily recognized by an equal and least expensive training point cost for the two mana control and lore skills associated with their magic spheres.

Hybrid Professions

Pure Hybrid Professions

  • Sorcerers are spiritual and elemental hybrids.
  • Empaths are spiritual and mental hybrids. However, different from sorcerers, empaths do not have their own specific lores; the Empath Base circle is affected by both mental and spiritual lores, while they have access to both the Minor and Major Spiritual circles, instead of the Minor Spiritual and Minor Mental circles.

Semi Hybrid Professions

  • Bards are elemental and mental hybrids.

Square Hybrid Professions

  • Monks are mental and spiritual hybrids.
  • Rogues are elemental and spiritual hybrids.
  • Warriors are elemental and spiritual hybrids.

Non-hybrid Professions

Pure Non-hybrid Professions

  • Clerics are spiritualists.
  • Wizards are elementalists.
  • Savants (not yet implemented) are expected to be mentalists.

Semi Non-hybrid Professions