Icemule's Winterberry Ale

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The Nightowl Pub

Located just south of West Road in the Tavern Burrow, on Pilsner Avenue, The Nightowl Pub offered an array of refreshments and snacks. The menu once included a long standing order of winterberry ale.
Though some claimed that the ale was an "impostor ale" of the one available in River's Rest, the oddity of "a golden pickle" originating from River's Rest and an apparent failure of The Nightowl's proprietress to renew supposed trade relations, resulted in the Pub no longer being able to "import" the beverage from River's Rest.
Despite there being little evidence to winterberries ever legally being imported from Icemule to River's Rest for the making of their "famed" Winterberry Ale, the favored drink was exchanged for a cold brew of tkaro blossom ale. This was likely due to irrational disagreement that only River's Rest should be allowed to have winterberry ale.
Considering the indigenous nature of the winterberry growing in the northern region, and the Halfling's well known love of not just food, but a good drink (illustrated by the multitude of pubs and local brewers that have always been found around Icemule Trace), this was not well received by the citizens of Icemule Trace.

White Haven's Winterberry Ale: A Tradition Reborn

One of the Greater Houses of Elanthia, White Haven, happens to call Icemule Trace home. Finding the lack of winterberry ale an unnecessary tragedy, White Haven sought to remedy the situation.
Since winterberries were abundant in the north, they were easily grown and tended to on White Haven's grounds, and a new, much improved upon winterberry red ale was returned to the people of Icemule Trace.

White Haven, Ice Garden

Fresh winterberries can be found being tended to in the Green House within House White Haven, and enjoyed in the Ice Garden (RM# 25992) east of White Haven's Ice Pond (RM# 15698).
Along the eastern border of the garden, creeping vines have forced their way through a snow-laden wall, the frozen tendrils not quite reaching a series of winterberry bushes glistening in a sheen of hoarfrost. A maze of crystalline ice sculptures and dark shrubbery is embraced overhead by delicate crystal arches draped with curtains of iceblossoms and snow pansies. Cutting through, a winding cobblestone pathway leads to a raised center dominated by a large bonfire encircled by cedar log benches. You also see an ice blue glass chest.
a winterberry bush
A smattering of plump, red winterberries peek out through the delicate sheen of hoarfrost upon the darkened leaves. Indigenous to the northern region, these winterberries are perfectly ripe for the picking.
Something rustles in a winterberry bush.
a plump red winterberry.
You gobble down your red winterberry in one enormous bite. Just a hint of tartness makes the sweetness even more welcome and delicious.
a crystal arch
Suspended by a delicate framework of crystal, this hanging garden encloses the area in the aromatic comfort of northern flora. Amid the velvety white petals of snow pansies, the fragile iceblossoms create a myriad haze of translucent colors.
a cedar log bench
Arranged in a wide circle, the logs provide a suitable place to rest.

White Haven, Locksmith Den

The beloved winterberry red ale can be found and enjoyed in the Locksmith's Den (RM# 25995) through the arch of White Haven's Grand Courtyard (RM# 3410).
A series of blast marks and acid scars decorate the reinforced walls of this small building, and the door has been carefully positioned to keep explosions within the room. Three glaes workbenches are bolted to the floor near a wood-burning stove that keeps the room warm enough for delicate work. A plaque fashioned from the blade of a drake falchion hangs on one wall, some sturdy iron-banded chairs nearby. You also see a small glaes table with a winterberry red ale on it, a large refuse barrel and a crate of firewood.
a wood-burning stove
You see a neatly laid-out pile of wood and tinder awaiting only the application of flame to come to life. Nearby is a small basket with sticks of wood ready to be used to light the fire or to keep it burning.
a plaque
In the Common language, it reads:
In memorial to the Fellowship of Friendly Rogues.
a winterberry red ale
You take a drink from your red ale. You take in the aroma of winterberry, apples, and black cherries, with an underlying hint of toasted bread. It smells as good as it tastes!
You take a drink from your red ale. Tiny pinpricks of bittersweet winterberry linger over a smooth blend of lightly toasted bread flavors. Refreshing!