Icemule Trace Mayoral Election 5120

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Category: GemStone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements
Message #: 3639
Date: 06/29/2020 09:38 PM EDT
Subject: Icemule Town Council Election Results

It is with a heavy heart and not the usual spirit of jubilation that I must post this missive announcing the Icemule Trace Town Council election results. Clovertooth Hall has been damaged--thankfully, not critically--by this evening's freak fire, and we must entertain the possibility that this damage was caused by arson. Although I had hoped to post both mayoral and Town Council results, the tallies of the former race are now in doubt due to the fire damage and chaos.

Even so, it is my distinct pleasure to welcome five new members to the Icemule Town Council:

Arianiss Dayzed Jastalyn Kittai Kobane

I want to offer a personal thanks to all who put their name into the race, and would encourage you to remain civic-minded even if you did not win. You all did a wonderful job of making your cases, and this was an intensely close race, with a mere handful of votes separating most of the candidates.

Reiphe O'Mallory Icemule Trace Election Coordinator

This message was originally posted in Cities, Towns, and Outposts, Icemule Trace. To discuss the above, follow the link below.

Election Details

Voting for the Icemule Mayoral and Town Council Race has ended! Voting began on Friday June 26 at 2:37am ET and ended just after Midnight ET on Sunday June 28, 5120. Voting Booths were located in Icemule Trace in the meeting pavilion just outside Clovertooth Hall, allowing one character per account to VOTE, and available 24/7 to allow players the chance to log in and cast their vote.

To vote in this election, a character had to either be an Icemule Trace citizen, or be able to back a longstanding association with the town, one example being long-time members of the community who were shackled to shops elsewhere and thus ineligible for citizenship in Icemule Trace. Details were given as to how an eligible non-citizen could register to vote. To prevent abuse of the voting system, free-to-play accounts were barred from voting.

One mayor will be chosen. The candidates for Mayor are Talliver Dabbings, Ellerel Barrowfoot, Hazelnut Honeybrook, and Walesca Wineberry.

Five town council members will be chosen. The candidates for Town Council are Arianiss, Astari, Dayzed, Falvicar, Geojordak, Gespry, Jastalyn, Joskin, Kittai, Kobane, Nemt, Roelon, Teaberry

Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Town Council

Schedule of Events

Date and Time Candidate Event and Location
Mon, Jun 22 at 9:30pm ET All Mayoral Candidates "IMT Mayoral Debates" Icemule's 5120 mayoral debates will be held in front of Clovertooth Hall between candidates Walesca Winterberry, Talliver Dabbings, Hazelnut Honeybrook, and Ellerel Barrowfoot. The debates will be held in a town hall fashion and moderated by a representative of Clovertooth Hall. Candidates will take questions from Icemule Trace's residents. 22 Lumnea, 6:30PM Paradis Time (9:30pm ET).
Wed, Jun 24, at 9pm ET All Town Council Candidates "IMT Town Council Candidate Speeches" Individuals wishing to run for Town Council positions will have an open forum to present their platforms and take questions from the crowd. Each candidate's presentation will be limited to 10 minutes. Candidates must be a full or partial citizen of Icemule Trace. 24 Lumnea, 6:00PM Paradis Time (9pm ET).
Fri, Jun 26 at 2:37am ET All Voters "Voting Begins!" Polls will open early in the morning of the 26th and remain open until midnight, Paradis Time, on the 28th. Full and partial citizens of Icemule Trace will have the opportunity to vote for a mayoral candidate and for up to five Town Council members. 26 - 28 Lumnea. If unsure if you qualify to vote, see how an eligible non-citizen may register to vote. Unsure how to vote? Learn [to vote!]
Sat, Jun 27, at 3pm ET All Interested People "Promote the Vote!" Meet Terabor and other representatives of the Landing Defense Irregulars outside the Icemule Bank and learn about when/where/how/why to vote, get more information on the candidates, and enjoy our delicious fresh-baked warcat cookies!
Sun, Jun 28, just after Midnight ET All Voters "Voting Ends!" Voting Booths close. Players await the announcement of the election winner.
TBA All Interested People "New Mayor Announcement!" Sometime during the week after voting booths have closed, the winner of the election will be announced!

Support a Candidate

There are many ways to show support to a candidate, and help them in their campaign:

  • Attend events and debates
  • Learn more about the candidate and spread the word
  • Cheer or applaud the candidate at appropriate times
  • Make a campaign contribution
  • Vote for the candidate and encourage others to vote!

How to Vote

Voting Booths were established on Friday June 26 at 2:37am ET in Icemule Trace in the meeting pavilion just outside Clovertooth Hall, allowing one vote per account, and available 24/7 to allow players the chance to log in and cast their vote. Voting remained open until some time after Midnight by the Elven Time standard, 06/28/5120.

To vote, one entered the Meeting Pavilion (a blue and white pavilion) just outside Clovertooth Hall in Commerce Burrow, Sylvan Hollow (lich room id 2428). Once inside the pavilion, the following instructions applied:

  • VOTE - shows a list of voting options
  • VOTE MAYOR - shows a list of mayoral candidates from which to choose
  • VOTE MAYOR {CandidateName} - casts a vote on one mayoral candidate (for mayor you may vote for one name)
  • VOTE COUNCIL - shows a list of town council candidates from which to choose
  • VOTE COUNCIL {CandidateName} - casts a vote for one candidate (for town council you may vote for five names total, one at a time)
  • VOTE RESET - completely cancels ALL the votes you have made so far, and allows you to start over
  • VOTE INFO - shows a list of candidates for whom you have voted (check this before leaving the pavilion, to be sure your votes are for the right candidates)

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