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In 5108, Mayor Fizelgrauf Binnder retired, leaving the town of Icemule Trace in need of a new mayor. Citizens of Icemule Trace had the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice Eoantos 30, 5108 through Eorgaen 1, 5108.

Nihala Winterberry was elected mayor.


The candidates were all members of the founding families of Icemule Trace.

  • Igerone Furryback
  • Nihala Wineberry
  • Grimbo

Mayor of Icemule Trace Announces Retirement

Posted by GM Izzea 17 November 2008

After weeks of rumours and speculation, reports from Icemule suggest the Mayor has today announced his retirement. Local citizens reported a herald announced the news this afternoon.

A Representative from the Icemule Trace Town Council has confirmed that Mayor Binnder has decided to retire after many years of service to the town. Councillor O'Mallory passed on this message to citizens of Icemule Trace;

"Citizens and friends of Icemule, we thank Mayor Fizelgrauf Binnder for everything he has done for our town, and we are ready for a new era. Over the course of the next week we expect potential candidates to emerge and are planning to announce these candidates as soon as possible. Icemule Trace operates a democratic election system, and we encourage all citizens to cast their vote wisely, on election day."

The news comes after many months of criticism and increasing unrest within the town council. Early news indicates candidates from well known Icemule families emerging.

Election Time!

Posted by GM Izzea 29 November 2008

Citizens of Icemule Trace are invited to cast their vote in the Icemule Trace Mayoral Elections. Voting takes place over the next 48 hours.

Voting booths can be found in several locations around the town of Icemule Trace:

Town Center
South Gate
The Temple
Clovertooth Hall

The race is between two candidates, Councilor Igerone Furryback and Nihala Wineberry. The Results will be announced once all the votes have been counted and verified. Citizens can expect the newly elected Mayor to give a speech at that time.

Get Voting!

Candidate Summary

Posted by COSTELLOK 29 November 2008

Here's a summary of what I know so far about the two candidates. Other people should feel free to correct me on these or to add further information.

Background: Nihala Wineberry is the daughter of Dalt Wineberry, the owner of the weapon shop. Igerone Furryback is either the owner or related to the owner of the Furrier shop. Both of them come from old Icemule families.

Age: Igerone is quite elderly, and walks around with a cane. He seemed to grow somewhat tired at the end of the Q&A session last night, though he said it wouldn't be a problem. Nihala is significantly younger.

Position: I believe Igerone is currently a member of the Icemule town council. I am not sure if Nihala holds any other office than citizen.

Policies: Nihala's main proposal is to strengthen connections between Icemule and the surrounding towns. This includes both opening new trade routes (she mentioned already having entered into talks with Solhaven) and attempting to turn Icemule into a resort town to attract "the right sort of visitors" (she did not respond to questions last night about what made someone "the right sort"). She was aware that this may attract undesirable elements to Icemule, but stated that she felt that they would come eventually anyways, and that she hoped by attracting them now they would come to see the beauty of her town.

Nihala claimed that increased revenue from the resort would pay for the cost of improvements, and that the initial cost would be borne by a group of sponsors (the only sponsor she mentioned by name was her father Dalt).

Igerone opposes this plan, and claimed that Nihala had not sufficiently thought out her policies and the longer term consequences of them. More generally, Igerone stated that he is for tradition, and for keeping Icemule's role in the larger world the same as it was before (the slogan on his poster is "Were you happy yesterday? Be happy tomorrow. Vote for Igerone Furryback, and vote for TRADITION!"). He also claimed that the he would bring his competence and experience to bear on the post, and that his hard work so far on behalf of the town has shown his willingness to continue to work hard for it in the future.

Endorsements: The current mayor has endorsed Igerone Furryback as his replacement.

Other candidates: Initially there was a third candidate, Grimbo (I didn't catch his last name). In a visit to town square, Grimbo had claimed that both of the other candidates would bring (or continue to bring) corruption to the office of mayor, and that he was the only one who could be trusted in the post. Some of Grimbo's surrogates were more direct, and stated that Grimbo knew what was good for us, and that if we knew what was good for us we would vote for him.

In the Question Time last night, Igerone and Nihala both claimed they had evidence of Grimbo tampering with the election system. Both of them claimed that their families would leave town if Grimbo was elected. Furthermore, Igerone threatened to have Grimbo's finances audited if he continued to stay in the race. Grimbo then agreed to drop out of the race. Although the evidence was not publicly presented, Igerone promised to do so in the future.

Icemule Trace Election Results

Posted by GM Izzea 2 December 2008

Citizens of Icemule Trace,

At 6pm Elven time this evening, Councilor Reiphe O'Mallory announced that Nihala Wineberry was successful in her Mayoral election campaign. Councilor O'Mallory also announced that Miss Wineberry will be giving a speech during an evening meeting as soon as is possible. She is currently in talks with Mayor Binnder regarding the transfer of duties. He was also overheard suggesting that Miss Wineberry's victory was rather convincing.

We expect news of the event to be announced shortly.