Ilsola Tuulikki

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Ilsola Tuulikki
Storyline Those Aren't Tears
The Nazhor Chronicles
Gender female
Race human
Status dead
Alias/Title Town Administrator

Town Administrator Ilsola Tuulikki was the titular head of the Mist Harbor government. Her assistant was named Merrielle. She died in early Fashanos, 5121, during the Inevitable storyline. It was confirmed by the cleric Arianiss that her soul safely transitioned into the Pale.


As seen on Eorgaen/December 6, 5118:

You see Ilsola Tuulikki the Town Administrator.
She appears to be a Human from Torre.
She is average height.  She appears to be very young.  She has kohl-outlined, silver flecked violet eyes and pale skin.  She has shoulder length, thick chestnut hair piled upon her head in elaborate twists and braids that are held in place by a delicate gold-chained ferroniere dangling a russet and cream moth saewehna.  She has a broad face, a pointed nose and carmine-tinged pouting lips.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a gauzy emerald green robe fashioned of delicate feathers, a beribboned silk bodice layered with tiny feathers over an ultra fine-weave silk tunic edged in rosy hues, an ankle-length layered silk skirt in varied shades of indigo, and a pair of silk slippers.

As seen on Fashanos/February 7, 5121:

Katillios' voice becomes slightly strained, and she simply announces, "A message," before stepping to one side.  The Warlord draws a heavy sack from behind him and reaches in with a grin.  He withdraws a severed head and mockingly turns it to face the Docks.  The head is instantly recognizable as that of Ilsola, and after a moment he tosses it overboard.  He reaches into the sack again and again, withdrawing other body parts, holding each one up for inspection, and carelessly discarding them.  When he has finished, he tosses the bag into the water as well, then gives a careless wave.  At his signal, the ship begins a laborious turn, orienting itself once more with the newly-formed gap in Charl's Teeth.

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