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Mnemonic [INTERDICT]
Duration 5 seconds per rank
Attack Magic - Damage  
Subtype Warding 
Target(s) Single 
Interval 16 seconds 
Damage Type mana

While Interdiction was once a spell usable by a Cleric in the Cleric Base spell circle, it is now available to creatures only.

Interdiction will cause a target's mana to trickle away.


Duration of this spell was based on the caster's knowledge of the Cleric Base Spell list, lasting 5 seconds per spell known in that list.


Unique among disabling spells, this spell strips the mana of the target at quick intervals (approximately every 16 seconds). The amount of mana drained was truncated, and based off the following:

  • Mana Drained = (Ranks of Cleric Base Spells) + (Endroll - 100) / 5

That is, every 5 points of successful warding yielded an additional 1 mana drained per pulse of the spell.


This spell is only effective against BCS critters and other players. However, its ability to rapidly remove mana makes it tremendously effective at neutralizing enemy spellcasters. Since it drains mana rather than preventing spellcasting, however, it allows the target one last spell - before blowing their nerves in what is usually a dramatic fashion.


Spell starting:

A Grimswarm troll cleric gestures at you!
  CS: +146 - TD: +96 + CvA: -6 + d100: +75 - -5 == +124
  Warding failed!
Misty crimson tendrils slowly surround you.
You sense a growing numbness as you feel your mana fading steadily away!

Spell ending:

Misty crimson tendrils fade from you. You can sense the flow of mana coursing through you once more.