Isildrich Greyvael Illistim

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Isildrich Greyvael Illistim was a prominent poet of the Greyvael family within House Illistim.

His famous poem "The Flight to Home" was responsible for giving Ta'Illistim the epithet "The Shining City". Its patriotism is perhaps singularly appealing to the Illistimi.

"The Flight to Home"

"The Flight to Home"
by Isildrich Greyvael Illistim

I roam through the great wide world,
Vast vistas to rolling seas.
Yet, none of them can bespell,
This wandering Illistimi.

Verdant are the sea-like plains,
Of my brothers, the Ardenai.
I enjoyed their winter games-
On those shorter, darker days.

The beauty of the columbine-
The gift of a white alyssum- 
Yet, I could not linger here-
And sought my Ta'Illistim.

Spring found me in Ta'Loenthra-
To see the festival of the Arts.
Where artists draw their flowers-
And the poets sing of hearts.

Of dainty Lady's Slippers- 
Her women will seek as gifts.
But that's not the poet I am-
And so I hurried from her cliffs.

In Fortified Ta'Vaalor,
The summer dragonstalk grew. 
The soldiers form their lines –
Wearing crimson and ecru.

Though mighty is the wyvern,
And dalliance calls for feverfew. 
I saw the Lake of Sorrows,
And bid the fortress my adieu.

I fly to you, my Shining City,
To ease this horrid, burning ache.
I long to see the dainty pansies, 
Floating serenely in your lakes.

You call to me, my Shining City,
Beyond thy sapphire gates.
That's where my feet will carry me-
And where my yearning abates.

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