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During RtCF 2013 Run 2, in an effort to improve humanity's grasp of armor and weapon abilities, the good people of the GREEDY MOFOS AIM Blast chat room gathered together and collaborated to form The Charts of Clarity.

By consulting these charts and meditating upon their received wisdom, players can better understand what kinds of items will be eligible for further enhancements.

Once entreated to the endlessly pasted clipboard of Metadi, they have now been revealed to the world in an act of selfless charity.


Slot Enhancements Include
1. Base Enchant
2. Primary Slot Weighting, Flares, Defender, Zelnorn, Kroderine, Permablessing
3. Combat Script Blink, Splitter, Fusion, Disarm Returning
Both Primary and Combat Coraesine, Scripted Flares
4. Bane Slot Undead Bane, Giantbane
5. Inherent Metal Adamantine
6. Player Forged Quality Perfect, Superior
7. Enhancive


Slot Enhancements Include
1. Base Enchant
2. Primary Slot Padding, Flares, TD, Zelnorn, Kroderine
3. Script Slot Ithzir, Voln, Fusion, Dhyne (Fluff)
4. Resistances1 Permanent, Warrior, Ranger (No Metal), Vulnerabilities2
5. Spikes Spikes
6. Enhancive
7. Ensorcell

1. Allows all but no overlap

2. If a cap is being applied, vulnerabilities subtract from it.