Jab critical table (UCS)

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Jab critical table (UCS):

This table lists the critical messaging and status effects associated with the Unarmed Combat System's Jab attacks. There are no fatal criticals associated with Jab attacks and only a handful of L3 injuries.

Attack Type AG Cloth Leather Scale Chain Plate RT Damage Type
Jab DF .100 .075 .060 .050 .035 2 Jab


  • A - Amputation (limb loss)
  • F - Fatal critical
  • Fv - Favors limb
  • K w/ksp - Knockdown (Kk kneeling),(Kp prone),(Ks sitting)
  • R - Injury level (rank 1, 2 or 3)
  • RT - induced roundtime with number of seconds
  • S - Stun w/number of rounds
  • Sil - Silence
  • Slo - Slow effect
  • Slp - Sleep (unconscious state)
  • x - Unknown stun round


Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 No more than a love tap. None None
1 0 Fast slap only reddens the cheek. None None
2 0 Quick jab to the nose leaves eyes watering. None None
3 2 Glancing slap upside the head causes slight disorientation. None None
4 4 Minor strike to head puts the [target] momentarily off-balance. RT2 None
5 6 Fast jab flattens nose! S1 R1
6 8 Quick box to side of head makes ears ring! None R1
7 10 Feint to the gut leads into a nasty uppercut to the chin! S3 R1
8 12 Sharp jab to nose connects with a sharp *CRUNCH!* The [target] won't be stopping to smell the roses anytime soon! S3 R1
9 15 Blood gushes from its mouth as several teeth are knocked out S5 Sil R2
10 20 Forceful uppercut shatters jaw and teeth! Not all pain is gain! S6 Sil R2
11 25 Multiple rapid punches make a mess of the [target]'s head! S8 R3 Head
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Fingertips barely brush the throat. None None
1 0 Deft jab to neck. None None
2 0 Nice strike to the neck, but lacks power. None None
3 2 Light jab to throat makes the [target] swallow. RT2 None
4 4 Slashing strike leaves a shallow gash on the side of the [target]'s neck. S1 R1
5 6 Strong blow to throat makes the [target] gag! S1 Sil R1
6 8 Neck vertebrae pop in several places. S2 R1
7 10 Solid strike to the windpipe! S2 Sil R1
8 12 Flat of hand slices across throat, leaving the [target] gasping for breath. S3 Sil R1
9 15 Cartilage in the neck pops audibly. Breathing isn't so easy anymore! S4 Sil R2
10 20 Stiffened fingers slice hard at the [target]'s throat, tearing out a bloody chunk. S6 Sil R2
11 25 Elbow drives into the [target]'s throat in a devastating strike! S8 Sil R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Jab to eye, but unable to follow through. None None
1 0 Strike to right/left eye barely clips the brow. None None
2 0 Light strike to the eyebrow. That must sting! None None
3 2 Solid jab to right/left eye. S1 None
4 4 Slap across the eye causes disorientation. S2 None
5 6 Jab to right/left eye momentarily incapacitates the [target]! S3 R1
6 8 Swift jab to right/left eye causes immediate swelling. S4 R1
7 10 Fist smashes into right/left eye, temporarily blinding the [target]. That'll leave a mark! S4 RT5 R1
8 12 Well-executed jab to the [target]'s right/left eye! S5 R2 eye R1 head
9 15 Strong strike opens a bleeding cut across the right/left eye socket! S6 R2 eye R2 head
10 20 Vicious strike to right/left eye, removing it neatly! Who needs a dagger when a finger will do? S8 R3 eye R2 head
11 25 Jab to foe's eye blinds it! S10 R3 eye R2 head
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Weak jab to chest doesn't faze it. None None
1 0 Jab to chest. THUMP! None None
2 0 Hasty strike to chest doesn't do much harm. None None
3 3 Quick one-two jab causes slight bruising on chest. None None
4 6 Strong push to chest unbalances foe. RT2 None
5 9 Flurry of jabs to the ribs leaves the [target] winded! RT5 R1
6 12 Several rapid blows to the [target]'s chest! It's like a drum beat! S2 R1
7 15 Stiffened fingers connect with solar plexus, causing a painful jolt! S2 Slo R1
8 18 Repeated strikes to the chest drive the [targer] further off-balance! S4 R1
9 22 Fast, jarring blow to the chest audibly cracks several ribs. S6 R2
10 26 Powerful jab to the chest strips flesh off the ribcage! S6 Ks R2
11 30 Amazing jab to chest shatters several ribs. The [target] starts to breath shallowly. S7 Kp R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Ineffective swat to the belly. None None
1 0 Quick strike to the side takes the [target] by surprise! None None
2 0 Stiffened fingers poke into belly button. None None
3 3 Edge of hand scores a shallow cut across the abdomen! None None
4 6 Light punch to stomach makes the [target] gasp. RT2 None
5 9 Sinking jab to gut causes the [target] to exhale sharply. RT5 R1
6 12 Solid fist to the stomach makes the [target] wince. S2 R1
7 15 Hard blow to abdomen does bad things to the [target]'s digestive system! S3 R1
8 18 Strong strike to abdomen makes the [target] gasp for air S3 RT10 R1
9 22 Hard chop across the stomach causes internal bleeding! S4 R2
10 26 Nasty blow to the abdomen causes the [target] to double over in agony! S4 Ks Slo R2
11 30 Multiple strong strikes to the abdomen fold the [target] over like a bad card hand! S5 Kp R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Lackluster jab to the mid-back. None None
1 0 Quick jabs patter across the [target]'s back like rain... and are about as effective. None None
2 0 Fancy twisting jab to side confuses foe! None None
3 3 Solid shot to the back None None
4 6 Double jab to upper and lower back momentarily unbalances it. RT2 None
5 9 Flesh torn from the shoulder blade! None R1
6 12 Blow to kidney! S2 R1
7 15 Hard strike to the back forces the [target] into a sharp bend. Several muscles torn! S2 R1
8 18 Fast strike jars the spine. S3 R1
9 22 Several shots to the back break some vertebrae! S4 R2
10 26 Hard shot to back makes the [target] stagger! S4 Ks RT10 R2
11 30 Punishing strike to the spine partially severs spinal cord! S4 Slo R3
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Poor form! Barely brushed the right/left arm. None None
1 0 Hits right/left elbow, but lacks force. None None
2 0 Sudden sideways jab to right/left arm gets through the [target]'s defenses! None None
3 1 Fast slap to right/left arm knocks it out of position! Fv None
4 2 Solid blow to upper right/left arm. None R1
5 3 Solid jab leaves bruises on right/left forearm. None R1
6 5 Right/Left arm knocked aside in a twisting lunge! RT2 R1
7 7 Quick chop to elbow numbs right/left arm! no stun Fv R1
8 10 Hard overhand strike to right/left shoulder penetrates skin and reaches muscle! S2 Fv R1
9 13 Lightning fast jab to the right/left arm, which goes limp. S3 Fv RT5 R2
10 16 Strong strike to right/left elbow shatters the joint! S4 Fv R2
11 19 Amazing jab to right/left forearm shatters radius bone! S6 Fv R2
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Slow jab barely brushes the palm! Maybe it was only an awkward handshake? None None
1 0 Slap on the wrist! Hope it learned its lesson! None None
2 0 Quick jab to right/left hand only twists a finger. None None
3 1 Contact with right/left hand leaves the [target] with bloody knuckles! None None
4 2 Fast jab bruises right/left palm. None None
5 3 Curling strike knocks right/left hand aside! Fv None
6 4 Quick strike leaves a gouge on the [target]'s right/left hand! None R1
7 5 Strong jab breaks a few fingers on the right/left hand! S1 Fv R1
8 8 Heavy chop shatters bones in right/left wrist! S2 Fv R1
9 11 Twisting jab dislocates right/left wrist! S3 Fv R2
10 14 Scraping blow to right/left hand exposes several bones to air! S4 Fv R2
11 17 Fantastic strike to right/left hand reduces it to pulp! S5 Fv R2
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Rank Damage Message Status Effects Wounds
0 0 Fast but ineffective blow to right/left hip. None None
1 0 Feeble strike to leg. The [target] probably scratches himself harder than that! None None
2 0 Low jab glances off the right/left thigh. None None
3 1 Downward-swinging jab lands a swift blow against the right/left ankle! None None
4 2 Quick blow to right/left knee makes the [target] wince! Fv None
5 3 Fast strike to inner thigh knocks the [target] off-balance! S1 Ks R1
6 5 Damaging upper leg strike. S2 R1
7 7 Powerful jab to right/left leg staggers the [target]! S2 Fv R1
8 10 Hard jab to upper right/left leg fractures the tibia! S3 Kp R2
9 13 Right/Left foot smashed by quickly descending fist! S4 Kp R2
10 16 Right/Left knee smashed into pieces! S5 Kp Fv R2
11 19 Fantastic blow to right/left leg cracks femur and pushes it out through the skin! S6 Kp Fv R2
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