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Jaynon Murchadha
Race Human
Culture Honneland
Class Paladin
Religion Aspirant of Niima
Affiliation(s) The Militia
In-a-Word Resurgent
Disposition Stoic
Demeanor Protective
Primary Trait Enduring
Flaw Repressed, Imperceptive, Gullible
Greatest Strength Physical Fitness
Greatest Weakness Lacks Guile, Cunning and Subtly.
Habits Blushing like a maiden
Hobbies Mimicry, Terrible Jokes, Prayer
Likes Liberty, Charity, Camaraderie, Luxury and Fine Living.
Dislikes Political Scheming, Bullying, Slavery, Zealousy, Menial labour.
Fears Phobia of Bugs and Spiders
Loyalties His wife Tanai and his true children Sahalee and Eamon. And his adopted ward Kaija.

Old Records: Order of Voln Record 24th of Jastatos in the year 5118

Associated Records

Wife- Tanai Murchadha

Mother- Olivia Holster