Joskin (prime)

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Joskin Stonecreeks
Race Halfling
Culture Paradis
Hometown Icemule Trace
Class Wizard
Profession Fire Mage and Tarts
Religion Believes in you!
Affiliation(s) White Haven, Voln
In-a-Word Friend
Disposition Cheerful
Demeanor Friendly
Primary Trait Hugging
Flaw Naive
Greatest Strength Fire magic
Greatest Weakness Weight
Habits Hugging, bouncing, snacking
Hobbies All of the above
Soft Spots Friendly people, tarts
Likes Tarts, hugs, bright colors
Dislikes Mean people
Fears Bakeries closing
Loyalties Icemule
Best Friend You!
Spouse None
Loved One Mother
Children None

Joskin Stonecreeks is a candidate who is running for a Town Council position in the 5120 Icemule Trace Mayoral Race.


Flames dance around Joskin wreathing him in a torrent of violent energy.
You see Joskin Stonecreeks the Firestormer.
He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
He is shorter than average. He appears to be in his golden years. He has almond-shaped ale-brown eyes and nut brown skin. He has loose, floppy chin-length dark brown hair the color of rich fudge and with a smattering of crumbs and jam embedded in it. He has a plump face and a button nose. He has several laugh lines radiating outward from his mouth. He has a braided black beard.
He is wearing a shimmering rainbow cloak, a faded gold ring, a fiery red suede tote embroidered with a freshly-baked tart, a tooled leather cigar case, a large gold ring, a dragonfire opal hatpin, a rune-etched fire opal earcuff, a skillfully carved tart locket, a tiny ebon crystalline flower, a celestial tart symbol, a pair of sapphire-chained white peacock cloak pins, a White Haven bear head pin, an opaline snowball pin, a cheerful mule adornment, a vest made of bright jester's motley, a coral-bound marble badge, some fine wool casting gloves with kaleidoscopic sigils, a miniature crystal wand pin, a dreamstone spider pin, a shimmering autumn-hued leaf, an engraved fire opal stickpin, a circular platinum pin inlaid with a multicolored sea glass mosaic, a jam-encrusted varicolored sling slung over his shoulder, some glittering golden leathers, a brass-studded leather bracer dyed a myriad of bright colors, a jam-spattered tart satchel, a multicolored pouch, some brightly colored patchwork silk pantaloons, and a ghezyte chelioboros anklet.

Joskin's Speech

This speech was given on the evening of 06/24/5120 in Icemule Trace.

Reiphe says, "Therefore, I present Joskin Stonecreeks."
Joskin tenses up, beads of sweat glistening on his brow.
Joskin skips happily towards a weathered spruce podium.
Joskin slowly empties his lungs.
Joskin cheerfully proclaims, "Hullo everyone! It's great to see so many people here! Thanks for coming! And I'm super happy to see Mr. Fizelgrauf!"
Joskin beams!
You hear a hoarse whoop from the back of the pavilion.
(Joskin looks over the crowd, putting his hand over his eyes in order to see better.)
Joskin jubilantly exclaims, "First, I want to say how excited I am to see so many people interested in the town and its future. It's really great to see!"
Joskin nods enthusiastically!
Joskin recites, "I know many of you were here two years ago when I ran for mayor. I think I'm the only one of us to run for Council now, so I want to talk about why I'm doing it."
Joskin thoughtfully declares, "I think the things that I talked about two years ago are still true now."
(Joskin pauses a moment to let what he just said sit.)
Joskin confidently declares, "When I ran for mayor, I said we shouldn't be afraid. We had a super big problem with Daukhera saying she was the queen and attacking us all the time. It was really hard and sad. And I wanted us to explore new ways of promoting our culture and encouraging tourism."
Joskin proudly adds, "Most of all, I said that Icemule is the friendliest city in Elanthia and we would keep it that way!"
(Joskin lets his words stand for themselves, going silent for a few seconds.)
Joskin declares, "All of that is still true! We should not be afraid. We might be threatened by something strange, and we have dangerous areas outside the city, but we should not be afraid. We have citizens who volunteer to defend the town. We have militias. I have all the confidence any threat can be ultimately defeated."
Joskin carefully declares, "We are not helpless. We are not unsafe. I didn't like hearing so much of the debate talk about defense. We have defense. Do they think we don't? I think we do. I have been there to defend the town. So have many of you. I haven't seen all the mayor candidates there. It felt like they were trying to make us feel unsafe to get votes. I didn't like that."
(Joskin subconsciously shuffles his feet after what he just said.)
Joskin proclaims, "I want an Icemule for us and by us. We should have festivals and attractions that only we can do! I want us to have a contest where we invite the land's greatest bakers to create the world's best tart. And I think we would win!"
Joskin adds, "I want us to keep our spirit of friendliness and independence. There's nowhere in Elanthia like Icemule. We should keep it that way."
Joskin exclaims, "We don't ignore threats, but we don't let them control us. We take what we do well and we show it off to everyone. So many people have visited here and decided to stay because of our spirit!"
(Joskin hesitates. His face briefly tilts toward the group. He takes a deep breath before continuing.)
Joskin sadly says, "Not only am I the only one from the last mayor election running for Council- I'm the only one still here."
Joskin frowns.
Joskin mournfully says, "There were five of us. Four of us lost. The other three left. They went somewhere else to live. Even Tawa left. It made me really sad. And they didn't go on a trip or a visit somewhere- they left. They're not here."
Joskin says, "I'm still here. This is home. I love Icemule. I'm not doing this because I want attention or perks or anything like that! I'm doing it because I think I can help. If you think I can, I hope you vote for me. Even if you don't, I'll be here. I'll be at my home."
Joskin concludes, "Thank you for listening. I have some old pins if you want them!"
Joskin slowly empties his lungs.