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==See Also==
==See Also==
*[[Kick critical table (UCS)]]
*[[Kick Mastery]]
*[[Kick Mastery]]

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This verb is not yet implemented and may currently be under development. Information presented in this article is subject to change.

The KICK (verb) is one of four unarmed combat attack commands. Kick attacks are the slowest but potentially the most damaging of the four attack types. Kick attacks cannot be executed while prone and have little chance to gain the next combat tier. Kick attacks have a base roundtime of 5 seconds.

USAGE: KICK {player|creature}
       KICK {player|creature} {body location}

Example: kick orc right leg


You attempt to kick a triton combatant!
You have decent positioning against a triton combatant.
UAF: 418 vs UDF: 266 = 1.571 * MM: 69 + d100: 48 = 156
 ... and hit for 31 points of damage!
 Well-aimed side kick gives the triton combatant a limp!
 The triton combatant is knocked to its knees!
Roundtime: 5 sec.

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