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Katiesa Thule
Race Human
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Profession Cleric
Religion Faithbringer of Ronan
Affiliation(s) House Arcane
Demeanor Mostly friendly
Greatest Strength Having high expectations
Greatest Weakness Having high expectations
Hobbies Storytelling, sailing
Likes Coffee, warriors of Ronan, anapestic tetrameter
Dislikes Being told what to think, overly crowded rooms, Wex (but that problem has been taken care of)
Best Friend Regwen

Katiesa Thule is a mostly human cleric and adherent of the Lord of Dreams. Generally, she prefers to be called Katie. Born and raised in Wehnimer's Landing, she is the only child of Damangherik Thule (former cleric of Lorminstra) and Jakaesa Jynel (ranger of Imaera). If she could sing, she might have been a bard. Alas, she can not. Still, she is passionate about telling stories and tales that are based upon events in, or are simply firmly set in, the western side of Elanthia. Although she has had success in past storytelling contests, she no longer wishes to compete, preferring exhibitions and storytelling evenings where all tales, storytellers, and listeners may be winners.

Selected Stories

"My Mother's Pink Shield" - a tale of one girl and a dusty rose shield in Phoenatos 5096 (during the first Griffin Sword War)

"Lucia Dawn" - a tale of one girl and the fall of Mestanir

"The Dreamer" - a tale of one girl and the message on the Aspis Gate (first told in 5098)

"His Mum's Orb" - a fluff tale of one young man, two girls, and a magical orb

"The Dreamwalker's Sister" - a tale of one girl and the early history of the Red Dreamer

"Zombie Love" - a fluff tale of one girl and an unfortunate excursion to Potter's Field (first told in 5098)

"One Does Not Simply Walk Into the Rift" - a tale of two girls and the Rift

"Rebirth" - a tale of many girls and temples of Oleani

"The Rat, the Carrot, the Wench, and the Blue" - a tale of one rat and the Spring of 5122

Favorite Songs

"Sunset" by Dreamweaver (in her words, "a celebration of love, of lovers")

"The Dark Knight" as performed by Luxelle Machtes

"The Storm Comes" by Tanri Yarmuda


A perfectly functional runestaff, a leather-bound bleached orase crook.

"Nightborne" - a silver-chased slender eonake badelaire: Tapering to a keen point, the badelaire's unusually slender damascened blade is forged of opalescent eonake, silver-whorled as if starlight fed the blade's delight. The leather-wrapped hilt, sized for a smaller hand, is guarded by curved quillions wrought in an intricately formed joining of twin crescent moons. An engraved word is framed within a trio of inward-falling dreamstone droplets set in the pommel's base.

A gleaming argent-hued rolaren katar - Usually paired with her badelaire; within the katar dwells the spirit of an argent-sparked black stallion.

"Shooting Star"- a void black rolaren kris patterned with stars along the blade; found in the Reim plaza during a group hunt, improved, and serves as her back up off-hand weapon. Thin and slightly tapered at the tip, the rolaren blade of this kris is mostly colored a rich shade of void black. Tiny pinpoints of white are scattered in random patterns across the dark metal, making the matte surface appear like a starry sky. Intertwined steel wire forms the elegant crossguard, while the hilt has been carved from dappled silver wood. A rough sphere of moonstone has been set into the pommel, the surface of the gem etched with tiny stars.

Hairsticks. Hairsticks? Maaaybe.

Twin hand crossbows, one with a tiny bunny spirit because bunnies are frightening.