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'''Jastatos 24-25, 5117'''
'''Jastatos 26-27, 5117'''
'''by [[Leafiara]] Autumnwind of the [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]]'''
'''by [[Leafiara]] Autumnwind of the [[::The_TownCrier|TownCrier]]'''
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[[Category: TownCrier]]
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[[Category: Logs]]

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Jastatos 26-27, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Dennet, having heard from Raelee that Rodnay knows about the Talon, takes several adventurers to a secret underground chamber beneath the Outpost to speak with them
  • Dennet assures that he won't let Quinshon have the Talon (and later in the discussion says he'll kill Quinshon to keep it from him if need be)
  • During Cyph's transference, the fire elemental within him remained trapped in the bane coffin
  • Dennet now intends to travel to the Bleaklands and use the Talon there to transfer the elemental's power into the plinite and merge it with pylons to give Reannah an "endless source of stability" and "keep her ailment at bay"
  • Dennet advises not to let Rodnay go to the Swale, saying it will draw too many eyes from the Hall toward the Landing
  • Kayse says Dennet can have their help for his information about the Talon; Dennet initially says Rodnay should only need to know that the Talon will be used in the Bleaklands and that Quinshon won't have it, but then relents because he "cannot afford" for Rodnay to "pry" in the Swale
  • Dennet gives a history lecture on (at least as he says) all the information about the Talon that Rodnay would have acquired if he went to the Swale, and says he will permit those gathered there to tell Rodnay


Dennet says, "There is a risk in every step of this plan."
Dennet says, "But there is certainty in doing nothing."
Dennet says, "And it ends with her death."
Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra asks, "That's good enough for me. When do we go?"
Speaking vexedly to Ysharra, Raelee says, "Ask him."
Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "I don't trust him."
Speaking vexedly to Ysharra, Raelee says, "... any answer you get from me is one I am parroting from him."
Dennet says, "...I can hear you."


Dennet's Assurances

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night.

Dennet fades into visibility.

Dennet pushes the hood of his deep blue robes back over his shoulders.

Dennet says, "Grand Evening."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "Enjoying the snow?"

Dennet shrugs at Ysharra.

Dennet says, "I am not partial to it."

Dennet says, "My wife loves it."

Dennet whispers something to Raelee.

Dennet says, "I want to thank you for gathering."

Dennet says, "I wouldn't dare keep you long tonight, especially with the winds of winter at hand."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "It'll get later, darker and colder."

Dennet says, "Fitting."

Dennet nods at Ysharra.

Rhayveign whispers something to Dennet.

Dennet nods at Rhayveign.

Dennet grins at Rhayveign.

Speaking politely to Dennet, Cruxophim greets, "Grand Magister."

Dennet says, "Mayor."

Dennet nods at Cruxophim.

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet says, "It seems some...things have transpired."

Dennet says, "I apologize for not getting your letter sooner."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Dennet says, "I was also given another letter."

Dennet says, "My thanks, of course."

Dennet says, "I believe we should take this conversation elsewhere."

Dennet says, "Please, stand still."

Dennet says, "There will only be a moment or two of...well you get used to it."

Dennet gestures, the pale archais tattoos along his forearms flashing bright.

The ground slowly opens and swallows Ysharra and she vanishes below!

[repeat for dozens of others]

The ground slowly opens beneath you, and the very earth shifts as it lowers you into darkness. Moments later you find yourself elsewhere.

[Outpost, Plinite Cavern]

The earthen walls are uneven and jagged, marred by hundreds of tiny circular fissures. Bursting forth from many of these small crevices are clusters of glowing plinite, each formation providing a myriad of colors from blue, to yellow, to red and green. The luminescent lights from the plinite shards cast a vibrant yet hypnotic pattern along the smooth stone ground. You also see a long rhimar-inlaid chest and some huge black mein golems.

Thrassus fades into view, appearing very disoriented.

Cryheart fades into view, appearing very disoriented.

Speaking exasperatedly to Dennet, Raelee says, "You cannot be serious."

Dennet nods at Raelee.

Dennet asks, "You disapprove Magister?"

Speaking frustratedly to Dennet, Raelee says, "Every... sanctuary. One by one."

Dennet says, "I will not keep them there."

Dennet begins chuckling at Raelee!

Dennet reaches out and touches his obsidian ring.

Dennet says, "We may speak freely here."

Dennet says, "No wandering minds can pry."

Speaking amusedly to Dennet, Cruxophim guesses, "You are concerned about Rodnay, perhaps?"

Speaking abruptly to Dennet, Kayse asks, "Are we talking about Rodnay or Quinshon?"

Dennet says, "We are talking of both."

Dennet asks, "I understand you know of the Talon then, yes?"

Speaking wryly to Dennet, Kayse asks, "I thought you trusted Quinshon?"

Dennet grins at Kayse.

Dennet asks, "The blue boy seeks to be a reaper of minds to learn of it?"

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra says, "You have something that keeps him from reaping yours."

Dennet nods at Ysharra.

Dennet says, "I do."

Dennet asks, "Had the boy not considered asking me? Or you all asking me?"

Speaking interestedly to Dennet, Cruxophim notes, "Curious, that is a symbol of the Ithzir, no? Recovered from the crashed pyramid?"

Dennet grins at Cruxophim.

Dennet says, "If you are worried about Quinshon, he will not acquire the Talon."

Speaking to Dennet, Lornieh asks, "What makes you so sure?"

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "How can you be sure?"

Dennet says, "Because I shall keep it from him."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "Why would you bring him here at all?"

Speaking absently to Dennet, Cruxophim wonders, "What is your relation to him, anyways? That always seemed rather vague."

Speaking to Dennet, Lornieh asks, "And what have you to say about the talon possibly making your wife ill?"

Dennet says, "His services may be of use, and they have been."

Dennet glances at Lornieh.

Dennet says, "But we are nearing the end."

Dennet says, "Which is part of my request this night."

Dennet's Plan: Risking Loss vs. Guaranteeing Loss

Dennet says, "I need to return to the Bleaklands."

Dennet says, "Speculation, and I do not appreciate it."

Dennet nods at Lornieh.

Speaking to Dennet, Lornieh says, "It's not speculation Grand Magister.... we were informed as such."

Dennet asks, "Informed?"

Dennet peers quizzically at Lornieh.

Lornieh nods at Dennet.

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet says, "With the transference of Cyph..."

Dennet says, "The blue elemental remains."

Leafiara hurriedly asks, "But... trapped inside the coffin, yes?"

Dennet says, "Encased in a coffin."

Dennet nods.

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet paces back and forth.

Dennet says, "I will need assistance in the Bleaklands because I intend to use the Talon to transfer the power of the blue elemental into the cache of plinite retrieved. Upon that being successful, based on past experiment of Pylasar, with some calculated modifications, I will be merging the new conditioned plinite with pylons being established beneath the outpost."

Dennet says, "In theory, it should provide perhaps an endless source of stability and health for my wife and keep her ailment at bay."

Cryheart asks, "In theory?"

Dennet says, "Everything is in theory."

Dennet nods at Cryheart.

Speaking diplomatically to Dennet, Cruxophim wonders, "Such would be entirely voluntary, of course, but do you speculate that Pylasar might be of assistance in this endeavor? I can send him a missive, if so."

Speaking patiently to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "You'd stake her life on a theory? ....when we used the plinite on our pylons, they wound up exploding into elementals after a limited amount of time."

Dennet says, "I do not need Pylasar."

Dennet says, "Infact, we do not wish him."

Dennet says, "He certainly can only add complications."

Dennet says, "I am quite aware of his process to convert the pylons using plinite."

Dennet says, "And I have a seriess of modifations that I will do."

Dennet says, "They will not explode."

Dennet nods at Hapenlok.

Speaking to Dennet, Madmountan asks, "Do you have an opinion about Rodnay's plans to enter the Swale and steal information about the Talon from people's minds?" [note: Dennet does answer this in a bit]

Dennet says, "Pylasar lacked the extensive knowledge I possess of wards."

Dennet says, "There is a risk in every step of this plan."

Dennet says, "There is risk in dissembling the elemental and imbuing its power into the plinite."

Dennet says, "There is risk in modifying the pylons with the new plinite."

Dennet says, "There is risk in activating the pylons and creating an ongoing radius of which my wife would essentially be not allowed to walk beyond."

Dennet says, "But there is certainty in doing nothing."

Dennet says, "And it ends with her death."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra asks, "That's good enough for me. When do we go?"

Speaking vexedly to Ysharra, Raelee says, "Ask him."

Speaking to Raelee, Ysharra says, "I don't trust him."

Speaking vexedly to Ysharra, Raelee says, "... any answer you get from me is one I am parroting from him."

Dennet says, "...I can hear you."

Dennet winks at Ysharra.

Ysharra grins crookedly at Dennet.

Dennet glances at Madmountan.

Madmountan glances at Dennet.

Dennet says, "Rodnay is foolish if he wishes to return to the Hall."

Dennet says, "He was just freed."

Dennet says, "I would do what you can to suggest he abandon his plan."

Dennet grins at Ysharra.

Dennet says, "If Rodnay travels to the Swale he invites further danger."

Dennet says, "And further eyes."

Bargaining For Information

Speaking simply to Dennet, Kayse says, "Fine, but if we're going to help you, I think you could give us your transparency regarding the talon. Our help for information."

Dennet glances at Kayse.

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "Well, to be fair, I did threaten to kill everyone involved. It didn't work."

Dennet says, "We get it, you're scary."

Dennet nods at Hapenlok.

Speaking pointedly to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "Only to my enemies."

Speaking unconvincingly to Hapenlok, Cruxophim mutters, "Yes, only your enemies."

Speaking to Dennet, Hapenlok says, "And the Mayor. occasionally."

Dennet says, "The Talon is a powerful artifact, one we will use in the Bleaklands."

Dennet says, "Quinshon will never acquire it."

Dennet asks, "That is all Rodnay should need to know, yes?"

Xorus ironically asks, "Why does he want the Talon?"

Speaking firmly to Dennet, Kayse asks, "Why does Quinshon want it?"

Dennet shrugs at Xorus.

Dennet shrugs at Kayse.

Dennet begins to try to say something, but then pauses.

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet reaches out and touches his obsidian ring.

Dennet shakes his head.

Dennet says, "Very well...."

Dennet swears long, loud and well.

Dennet says, "I cannot afford for that blue brat to go prying in the Swale."

Evia says, "Why do you say Quinshon will never acquire it? How can you be sure."

Dennet says, "Because I will end Quinshon when the time comes if needed."

Dennet says, "I have calculated for every thing Evia."

Dennet says, "Everything."

Leafiara nonchalantly says, "Such violent thoughts... that seems a bit much."

Speaking to Dennet, Ysharra asks, "No offense. If that were true then why is half your family in the shape it's in?"

Dennet says, "And likely not needed."

Dennet nods to Leafiara.

Dennet grins at Ysharra.

Dennet sighs.

Dennet stands in front of a long rhimar-inlaid chest.

Dennet says, "Scoot over."

Dennet sits next to Raelee on the chest of plinite.

Dennet says, "I shall tell of you the Talon."

(Raelee reluctantly shifts over slightly.)

Xorus pointedly asks, "Is the Talon the cause of the emergence of the Chaos Lord three decades ago?"

Dennet says, "What I know of the Talon, and all of which Rodnay would have acquired from those five."

Dennet says, "Your fault, really."

Dennet says, "Free the boy, you begged."

Dennet chuckles.

Dennet says, "He'll come for your secrets next."

Speaking to Dennet, Marijka says, "You'll pardon me if I've become too caught up in wondering specifically what our part is to play in this act to have fallen into the current quagmire of ethical considerations. You seem to be asking for our assistance. In your mind, we travel to the Bleaklands and... what? Slay for interlopers? Stand meekly and await to be taken as uninformed sacrifices to your power? Or do we stay behind and ensure Rodnay's non-involvement? Plans must be disseminated before they can be effective."

Dennet says, "We shall touch on that in a moment."

Dennet nods at Marijka.

Dennet looks over at Xorus and shakes his head.

Dennet shrugs.

Speaking to Dennet, Goldstr asks, "Da Teihir an Naumorai took blood fron Rodnay, Wha ue done to him?"

Dennet glances at Goldstr.

Dennet says, "It's like an academy room full of children..."

Dennet chuckles.

A Brief(ish) History of the Talon

Dennet slowly empties his lungs.

Dennet says, "Some history will help explain it..."

Dennet clears his throat.

Dennet says, "In 4290, Archmage Hergios stands as the final opposition against the rising Turamzzyrian Empire, after Toullaire's allies of Gor'nustre and Kedshold have fallen. Facing assured defeat, Hergios finally concedes Toullaire to Empress Selantha."

Dennet asks, "Do you understand these places and people?"

Dennet says, "I know you do."

Dennet nods at Xorus.

Xorus says, "I was relatively young at the time, but yes."

Dennet says, "Despite his surrender, Selantha has the archmage's manor burned to the ground, many claiming Hergios was trapped inside to be burnt alive. Other rumors indicated Hergios lived on, still proving to be a powerful, secretative force in Toullaire."

Dennet says, "But little has been known about an ancient artifact Hergios had stuffed away in the basement of his manor. At that time, it appeared to be no more than a giant rock crystal, with even Hergios unaware of what powers it held."

Dennet says, "Some scholars would speculate that the rock was a fragment of a Siphon Stone, or perhaps something similiar, that had been said to have first been created during the Age of Chaos. It was a crystalline device that was intended to absorb power and energy from great magical targets, perhaps even deployed against Ur'Daemons by the Drakes, or vice versa. The truth is likely never to be learned."

Dennet asks, "Following yes?"

Dennet says, "However, when Selantha's fires lit Hergios Manor, destroying all the Archmage had known and loved, the wild burning destruction activated the once dormant rock. The fires that ruined the manor were siphoned into the stone, creating far more power than could have been imagined. It would be years later that the Arcanum, an academy of more liberal mages in Toullaire would discover the object and name it the Crescent of Fire, aptly describing its jagged half-circle shape and its fiery glow and power within."

Dennet says, "It is said that while the mages of Toullaire barely tapped into to the amplified power within the Crescent, they had managed to fashion it to become both a powerful utilities and defensive relic for their great city. For a time, as some rumors indicate, the Crescent was used to provide eternal fires for blacksmith's forges and bubbling cauldrons, where mages explore a variety of rituals in forging blood-infused weapons."

Speaking to Dennet, Marijka asks, "Is there any connection between these stones and the Mandis Crystals?"

Dennet shrugs at Marijka.

Dennet says, "Once, a few historians recorded a battle where orcish hordes had suffered waves of fiery assault from the Crescent as they tried to strike Toullaire, never even reaching the city."

Dennet says, "A useful tool."

Dennet grins.

Dennet says, "In 4547, Hyla Kestrel of the Hall of Mages waged a campaign against the Arcanum and Toullaire, warning that they practiced dangerous and forbidden magic, and while no action was taken at the time, the Arcanum did begin to lose members and influence. At that time, an Archmage of the Arcanum had decided to lock the Crescent away, hoping to show some measure of transparency when trying to avoid the wrath of the Sun Throne."

Dennet says, "Transparency..."

Dennet says, "For all it got them."

Dennet smirks.

Dennet says, "In 4565, a magical catastrophe laid waste to all of Toullaire, reducing the city and its people to ash and dust and created what is now known as the Wizardwaste, or Ba'Lathon in the old tongue of the Kannalan Empire."

Dennet asks, "You know of this place, correct?"

Dennet says, "While no one knows exactly what happened to cause the destruction of Toullaire, whether it was their dangerous magic coming back to haunt them, or even the Hall of Mages and Kestrels trying to ruin their competition for good, none can be certain."

Dennet says, "But in the wake of the creation of the Wizardwaste, the potent and chaotic magic that was unleashed in the area had also successfully been siphoned into the Crescent."

Dennet says, "Over the decades, some would even say at night, as one approaches the death cloud of the Wizardwaste, they could at times make out a glowing amethyst crescent-shaped light in the dust and ash. Some had gone on to describe the light as more of a talon shape than crescent, and thus the new name, Talon of Toullaire was born."

Dennet says, "..and there you have it."

Dennet says, "The collective information of not five, but six minds."

Dennet's Purposes For the Talon

Speaking to Dennet, Goldstr exclaims, "An now ye has it!"

Dennet says, "Yes, I possess the Talon."

Evia asks, "Well then, how did it get to you?"

Dennet says, "In the Wizardwaste."

Dennet says, "Well, near it."

Dennet says, "I am a collector, of sorts."

Dennet says, "It was another item to research and explore."

Dennet says, "And..."

Dennet glances at Lornieh.

Dennet frowns.

Dennet says, "Yes Lornieh..."

Dennet says, "The Talon is believed to be the cause of my wife's illness."

Lornieh nods slowly at Dennet.

Lornieh says, "Thank you for the honesty, Grand Magister."

Dennet says, "I am sure the irony is not lost to anyone."

Dennet says, "My love for my work has potentially doomed the love of my life."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann says, "Yet, you keep it."

Dennet says, "Which is why I will see her spared."

Evia says, "Why would....why would you have it then, if it sickened her."

Dennet says, "Because I need it, for now."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "For what?"

Dennet says, "And continued proximity will not make it worse."

Dennet says, "I will use the Talon to siphon the power from the elemental and imbue it into the plinite."

Dennet says, "Its power is quite..."

Dennet rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dennet says, "Weak, I suppose is the word."

Dennet says, "I tested it partially in the Bleaklands, which best matched the conditions of the Wizardwaste."

Dennet says, "The artifact thrives in such a setting."

Dennet says, "Here, it is dampened."

Dennet says, "Could it be more? Certainly."

Dennet says, "But I do not wish to learn that."

Speaking to Dennet, Madmountan asks, "I suppose you experimented with whether you could use the Talon to siphon energy from the Reach?"

Dennet looks over at Madmountan and shakes his head.

Dennet says, "I can only speculate the nature and power of the fire that burned Hergios Manor."

Dennet says, "I suspect no normal pitchforks and torches were used against an Archmage."

Dennet says, "The Crescent was once fiery red, and now it is amethyst."

Speaking to Dennet, Shinann asks, "So, why would you use it in conjunction with the fire elemental?"

Dennet says, "Because I believe I can use the Talon to break down the power of the elemental and imbue it into the plinite acquired."

Lornieh says, "I know you'd do anything to save Reannah... most of us wish nothing more than to see her cured.... but such a dangerous plan."

Dennet says, "It is dangerous."

Speaking thoughtfully to Dennet, Cruxophim speculates, "Is this of a similar process to the one used to recorporealize your son?"

Dennet says, "We will also be in the Bleaklands."

Dennet says, "No where near your walls."

Dennet says, "No."

Dennet looks over at Cruxophim and shakes his head.

Speaking to Dennet, Lornieh says, "That is true... but you almost let in something very bad near our walls from the Bleaklands before."

Hapenlok says, "Yet, the last time we went there, the Bleaklands came here anyway."

Lornieh nods in agreement at Hapenlok.

Dennet says, "Touche."

Speaking to Dennet, Evia asks, "I have to wonder...have you any idea why only your wife was struck ill by it? And not yourself or others?"

Dennet says, "I have not scheduled a time yet for the operation."

Dennet says, "But I would imagine by early next month."

Dennet says, "It could be argued the Talon had effects on others."

Dennet nods at Evia.

Dennet says, "The hour is late."

Dennet says, "I will permit you to share this information with Rodnay."

Dennet says, "And perhaps you can reason with him."

Dennet asks, "No good can come of possibly bringing more Hall attention here, would you agree?"

Speaking to Dennet, Chaoswynd says, "I am curious about one more thing, before you go. If you don't mind an additional question, that is."

Dennet peers quizzically at Chaoswynd.

Speaking to Dennet, Kayse says, "There's nothing more you can give us? A brief history lesson might not satisfy his--curiosity."

Speaking to Dennet, Chaoswynd asks, "In a worst case scenario, should you possibly lose control over the Talon during this procedure, how much of a risk do you believe it would pose to the surrounding area from the absorbed elemental energy?"

Dennet says, "I do not know."

Dennet nods at Chaoswynd.

Dennet shrugs at Kayse.

Dennet says, "That is all the information I have to provide."

Leafiara cautiously asks, "Will you need anyone to stay behind that night? To guard the portal in case anything tries to get through to come back here?"

Dennet says, "I am sure that would be wise."

Dennet nods to Leafiara.

Dennet says, "We shall speak again before we finalize our plan for the Bleaklands."

Dennet says, "Good evening to you all."

Dennet bows.

Dennet gestures.

The ground slowly opens and swallows Chaoswynd and he vanishes below! [cue others] The ground slowly opens beneath you, and the very earth shifts as it lowers you into darkness. Moments later you find yourself elsewhere. [end night]