Keeping Up with the Kestrels - 5117-11-29 - Octaven's Options and Rodnay's Musings (log)

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Eoantos 29-30, 5117

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Grand Magister Octaven reaches out to the Landing via communication orb and offers to ensure protection of the town if they will either aid her and the Hall of Mages, or at very least stand down from acting against them, in apprehending Dennet, his family, and his projects--including Rodnay.
  • Octaven denies being a rogue mage but says that Dennet has been one for years; however, she will not offer proof.
  • Most of the Landing gathered there is most contentious about Rodnay; Octaven says he can be returned after being "fully investigated and presented" (but many are dubious of this too).
  • After she breaks communication, Rodnay arrives and says a kind of "fog" is approaching that seems to be hindering his powers, something beyond the forests.
  • Rodnay says he can get an occasional peek at Dennet and that he's planning one last thing to cure Reannah, but he (Rodnay) can't learn more yet.
  • Rodnay does not know who Octaven is, but will not go with the Hall and says they will know suffering if they come for him.


Octaven's Approach

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep.

A thick flurry of snowflakes drifts down from the grey skies.

A sudden gust makes the snow dance and swirl around you.

The sky is full of billowing snowflakes.

The sky all around is white with falling snow.

Admist the falling snow, the slender form of a sleek white falcon can be seen soaring through the night.

Shinann just went northwest.

Nearby, some flakes of snow seem to stop falling in mid-air, then continue to fall.

A sleek white falcon circles over Wehnimer's Landing, before disappearing admist the falling curtain of snow.

Shinann just arrived.

Shinann says, "I just got a message. Grand Magister Octaven wants to speak with us. Join me."

Shinann says, "I am going to the Baths."

[travel time]

[Stone Baths, Entry]

The room opens up into a large antechamber surrounded by walls of pale limestone, brightened from silver moonlight streaming in through glass windows. A long navy blue rug stretches from a brass-trimmed door to a circular front desk where a female elven clerk smiles warmly. The sound of clanking glasses is heard coming from a brass archway and glowing candles illuminate a broad hallway.

Shinann says, "She just asked me to gather together everyone and take them to hear her."

Shinann says, "I picked here."

Shinann says, "Better than outside."

Hapenlok says, "Honestly, I'd never bring an honored guest here, given the person who once owned it and lived here."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Shinann says, "You can leave if you object."

Speaking to Shinann, Hapenlok says, "Nah, I'm bored."

Shinann's group just went through a brass archway.

Octaven's "Options"

[Stone Baths, Hearth]

The hearth room is dimly lit by brass lamps mounted along the dark mahogany walls. A trio of deep blue cushioned chairs faces a grey sandstone fireplace in the corner, while a slate-topped bar runs the length of an entire wall. A cluster of dark oak tables rests in the center of the room, not far from a brass archway. You also see a basket of sticks, a flight of stairs, a polished brass-banded bin and a pair of dark oak double doors.

A small opaque orb floats into the room.

The small opaque orb begins to hum.

A pale mist begins to seep out from the depths of the orb, creating a shifting haze around the item and some of the desk. Appearing within the orb is the image of a slender woman, with silver-blue hair that ends sharply at her shoulders. Violet eyes stare out from a narrow face, and a deep blue robe covers what you can see of her shoulders.

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "Good evening, I am Grand Magister Octaven of the Hall of Mages."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "It has no doubt come to your attention that we are coming to your region, with full intention of apprehending the rogue mage Dennet Kestrel and any members of his family or associates, along with all of his research, projects, and inventory."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "We seek no complications from Wehnimer's Landing and your people. We are not enemies, and we need not be."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "We will ensure the protection of your town and people, in exchange for your cooperation against the rogue mage and his army, or even your stepping aside."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "We will however apprehend the Kestrels, and their projects, research and inventory. This includes the specimen known to your town as Rodnay."

[prior to this point people were willing to at least hear her out; here everyone says she can't have Rodnay]

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "Unfortunately, he is counted among the Kestrel's inventory and projects, and I assure you the return of Rodnay will be our highest priority, but we must acquire all of the rogue mage's projects."

Speaking casually to a small opaque orb, Kayse asks, "Tell me. What does one rogue mage want with another?"

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "We are not rogue mages. Dennet Kestrel has been operating outside of the Hall's regulations for years."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "It is time he is brought to justice."

Speaking to a small opaque orb, Lornieh asks, "Do you have proof of this?"

Speaking diplomatically to a small opaque orb, Cruxophim reasons, "Cooperation would be easier with more information."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "We undoubtedly have proof, and none is required to be provided to your town. We come on Hall business, to extract a Hall criminal."

Speaking to a small opaque orb, Shinann asks, "I am sorry, did you just tell us to trust you but you will not share more with us?"

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "I am not requiring your trust."

Ysharra says, "Then why are you here? If you don't need anything from us."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "I am extending my offer, we will avoid harming your town or people, if you stand aside during the conflict, or if you aid us against the Kestrels."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "But know we mean to apprehend the Kestrels, and all of their work and inventory. Once fully investigated and presented, Rodnay can be returned to you if deemed so, as you claim he is a citizen."

Speaking to a small opaque orb, Lornieh asks, "You request our assistance or us to stand aside, yet offer no proof of accusations... therefore, why should we?"

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "Incorrect. We do not request anything."

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "I am informing you of your options."

Cryheart asks, "Grand Magister Octaven, are you acting on behalf of the Empire?"

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "We act on the will of the Hall of Mages, Sir Cryheart of the Silver Gryphons."

Cryheart asks, "So the Hall of Mages has no allegiance to the Emperor or the Empire?"

From the mist, a woman's voice says, "I have made myself clear. When the time comes, the choice is yours."

The mist begins to evaporate, and the small opaque orb breaks apart like ash.

Rodnay and the Fog

[discussion and then...]

Kayse slowly says, "Rodnay is coming to us to discuss this."

Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, a blue-skinned boy appears standing among you.

Rodnay cocks his head.

Rodnay quietly says, "Hello."

Rodnay quietly says, "I...I could not see you."

Rodnay frowns at Kayse.

Speaking curiously to Rodnay, Kayse asks, "Can you usually?"

Rodnay nods.

Speaking fondly to Rodnay, Cruxophim inquires, "Recovering well, I hope?"

Rodnay quietly says, "I cannot touch beyond the forests."

Speaking absently to Rodnay, Kayse says, "I do not know why that is. I had my mind open to you."

Rodnay quietly says, "It is as if..."

Rodnay rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Rodnay quietly says, "A fog."

Rodnay quietly says, "But it's growing closer."

Speaking to Rodnay, Shinann asks, "Can you feel those in the Outpost? Or is it further away than that?"

Rodnay quietly says, "I can sense those in the Outpost, yes."

Shinann nods at Rodnay.

Shinann says, "So, not the pylons."

Rodnay quietly says, "And.."

Rodnay squints.

Rodnay quietly says, "Occassionally, a peek at Dennet."

Rodnay quietly says, "Dennet is planning something."

Rodnay quietly says, "Something for Reannah, to provide the last step to truly cure her."

Rodnay quietly says, "I cannot learn more yet. I am sorry."

Rodnay frowns.

Goldstr exclaims, "Dennet take any blood from any a da Landing sides Rodnay? If so den Octaven may wants dem too!"

Rodnay quietly says, "I do not know this Octaven you speak of."

Rodnay quietly says, "If she is Hall, I will not go with her."

Subarashi says, "They'll try to take you. And if the fog you feel is their doing, they might be prepared to try."

Subarashi nods once at Rodnay.

Rodnay nods.

Rodnay quietly says, "I will be ready."

Speaking warmly to Rodnay, Kayse says, "Are you feeling stronger? You do look better."

Rodnay nods at Kayse.

Rodnay quietly says, "I will not go with them."

Rodnay quietly says, "If they come, they will know suffering."

Speaking gently to Rodnay, Cruxophim reminds, "You will not. We're on your side, Rodnay, as I hope you will be on ours."

Rodnay nods.

Speaking to Rodnay, Goldstr says, "I be by yer side if ye needs me friend."

Rodnay bows.

Rodnay quietly says, "Goodnight,my..."

Rodnay cocks his head.

Rodnay quietly says, "Friends."

Rodnay just went through a brass archway.